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Journal Lisias's Journal: Mod Points 4


I got 15 (YES, FIFTEEN) moderation points today.

Christmas gift? Greek gift? =P

Or just a bug?

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Mod Points

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  • it might be a bug. i modded one person once i got the 15 and it went down to 14, after that i modded two more but the points did not go down..

  • /. awards two different levels of mod points. When you start getting them, you get 5 at a time (every 24-48 hours), but if you moderate consistently (every day or two) after a while you'll get 15 instead of 5.

    Interestingly, if you drop off for a while and then come back, when you qualify for mod points again you'll get the full 15, and generally all you seemingly have to do to get them back is meta-moderate a couple days in a row, promote and demote a few submissions and read a few stories.

  • Metamoderating helps you get 15 mod points as well.

  • []
    "To that end, I am pleased to note that a release will be coming out today to address an issue we've found in the dispersal of moderation points. More than one or two readers have asked if there was something broken, or if they had somehow lost "moderation privilege", and I do believe that starting tomorrow, that issue should be resolved (thanks to the hard work of my friend/colleague vroom.)"

    So more mod points may be a fixed bug, not a new one

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