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Journal Lisias's Journal: How to ask for metamoderation? 9

Is there any way I can suggest a post to be metamoderated?

Sometimes the moderation is just plain wrong - and I really would like to tag it to be further evaluated in order to, perhaps, remove the moderation rights from the guy if he/she is too much prone to do that sort of ideological patrolling.

I'm not asking to know who did it - this would lead to a lot of abusive actions against the good moderators. I just want to flag it to be reviewed by the metamoderators.


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How to ask for metamoderation?

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  • And something slashdot don't seem to be bothered about :(
  • I suppose any kind of moderation system can be prone to abuse at times. But I have been a victim of this as well... often I have noticed that after a rather heated "discussion" with someone here -- and especially if they are on the losing end of the argument -- they got vindictive, and I suddenly found that my posts were being down-modded willy-nilly for a while.

    I agree that this is abuse of the system. But I am not sure what is to be done about it. Still, it seems to me that there is room for a system o
  • But maybe it would be feasible to grade users based on how often their mods of particular posts differ greatly from those of others. Or at least set a flag once it passes a certain threshold.

    There is an argument to be made that such a system would be grading conformity. But I'm not really talking about that... just putting a red flag on some of the worst offenders.
    • by Lisias ( 447563 )

      I understood where you want to go, but not sure if this is the best way.

      I think this could punishes the out-of-the-box thinker - some smarter guy could see a joke where most of us just see "interesting". And this is valid, in my humble opinion.

      And this same guy could see a trolling where some other guys modded insightful by lack of information or perhaps attention (there's some times that I think I did that...).

      But once one guy is mod trolling (I learnt this on the post above!), you will see a pattern on hi

      • "I think this could punishes the out-of-the-box thinker - some smarter guy could see a joke where most of us just see "interesting". And this is valid, in my humble opinion."

        I made that point myself. I am not sure I got my idea across adequately.

        What I meant was: if someone shows radically different behavior on a regular basis, they should not be automatically punished for it, but if they build up enough "points" in this regard, it would set a flag that suggests maybe it is time for a human, real "meta" modder to have a good look at it. That was all.

  • Slashdot used to have metamod, where a user would be asked to look at a random selection of moderated posts, and to rate whether their moderations were Fair or Unfair (or Funny or Unfunny in the case of Funny mods). People whose mods were found to be regularly unfair received mod points less often (supposedly).

    Now they have "metamod" where users are shown a selection of posts that may or may not have been moderated, and rather than rating the moderation they're asked to rate whether the post itself was goo

    • by Lisias ( 447563 )

      Now that you said it, it's true.

      I never say the old and faithful meta moderation for a very long time.

      I just assumed that my score was too low to being allowed to beta moderating...

      • by Lisias ( 447563 )

        My God, my English, sometimes, just goes down the tube. X-(

        Where I wrote "I never saw the blablabalbalal", please read instead:

        "It's been a long time since I saw the old and faithful meta moderation".

        The way I think in my mother-tongue sometimes doesn't makes any kind of sense on English. =P

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