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Comment Re:Been there, done that, (Score 1) 229

So this should be called ActiveY? Active, why?

Because the passive ones are us. =P

Each 10 years some company tries a stunt like that. Five years later, after a lot of pain and tears, we manage to survive the mess. And then another company do it again.

It's amusing how we, The People, manage to allow it again and again.

Comment Re:Why don't H1Bs simply build companies at home? (Score 1) 477

Something tells me these H1B visa holders are neither entrepreneurial nor brilliant.

I worked with a very talented Indian professional once. He said that the best professionals on this country just don't leave the country. He can earn exactly the same amount of money that the best Europeans and Americans ones, and spend it on a incredibly cheaper one. There's no bad place if you are rich enough, and a middle class salary from USA or Europe makes you rich in India.

So, yeah. You appear to be right. The ones that stays home appear to be the better ones, so the ones that emigrate should be the less qualified (or competent) ones.

Comment Re:Raspberry Pi (Score 5, Interesting) 501

Oh dear god no! Please! I'd rather use a Mac!

Not so fast. These little bastards can be amazingly useful. If you can manage to use a Gnu/Linux box, you can use a Raspberry PI 3 as a (very) capable Graphic terminal for your cloud appliances without worries.

I'm using a bunch of crap, I mean, Raspberry Pi Models B (that one with 512Mb) in a little cluster for miscellaneous tasks, and the damned things work fine. I built a web radio for my home with two of them, and they still have a lot of juice to spare.

Banana Pi and Orange Pi are also capable machines, but lack the support Raspberry Pi has. But other than that, there's some interesting applications for a small computer (smaller than a 3.5" sata HD") with sata ports.

Comment Re:Desktop Windows has more users than X11/Linux (Score 1) 403

Or, as my dad used to say ... "A poor workman always blames his tools"

My grandpa used to say "Use the right tool to the job : don't blame the pipe wrench for destroying the nut if you are too cheap to buy a proper nut wrench.". He was a mechanic.

Doing serious, professional programming using a Raspberry Pi when you are better served by a i5 with 8G RAM is just... childish.

Comment Re:Hatchet jobs aside (Score 1) 410

(better late than never)

But they replaced the board with a bunch of people that are well known proponents of privacy and not exactly friends of the federal government...

*IF* the cons are the government, cleaning up the board of directors with people that did not already had said "no" to their proposals is better than sticking up with people that did. At least there's a hope for change - and, believe me, this stunt was cheap for the government, they can repeat this ad nauseaum.

But perhaps the feds are not guilty this time, who knows?

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