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Comment Re:It always seems kinda racist to me ... (Score 2) 269

I'm well aware of the history. As is any sane person, obviously.

See, you're doing it wrong. And you're missing entirely why. If you (and many others) keep pointing to history instead of looking forward and keep pointing to racial differences while being well intentioned you're actually keeping them alive. Much more so than actual racists, who are intellectually easier to ignore.

If we, as people, have the discipline to raise 1 or 2 generations of people who aren't told how truely remarkable it is when a black person does something, they won't see it as remarkable and just view it as normal. google 'morgan freeman black history'. He says it best; stop talking about it. Stop talking about how black history is somehow separate from white history. It is American history.

Now, having said that, I agree this strategy will cause some historical people (like this woman) to get less credit than they deserve, because only an idiot would argue it was just as hard for her than it was a white male.

But as long as we keep getting stuck in that mud, we're not getting anywhere.

Comment Re:Is this a good idea? (Score 1) 186

I would think the biggest weakness from the get go is that they have the tech to come here, not the other way around. They know it and you know it. I would discourage to make yourself 'look bigger, meaner or scarier than you actually are' lest you wish the resolve the first contact situation with minus 1 planet.

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