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Comment Re:Genious Marketing (Score 1) 131

Microsoft is evil, but don't ever use Apple as an example of a less evil company. Next to Apple, Microsoft's evil seems like they are small annoyances. Apple will place you in a torture rack and charge you for the privilege. Because the torture rack is really beautiful, has rounded corners, and an easy-to-use interface.

Why weren't you modded up as "+n Funny" ?

Clearly you missed all the legal cases against Microsoft, mounted by governments around the world. You managed not to see or hear all the evidence of illegal activity and the subsequent convictions.

If you want to describe a corporation as "evil" then at least look at their legal record and judge accordingly. Apple are a minnow compared to the whale of Microsoft in the world of corporate shenanigans and skullduggery. Both are insignificant compared to other corporations.

(Then there's the whole issue of how a corporation is neutral, as it makes absolutely no decisions and takes no actions. The people who work there, however, are another matter. And lastly, if you're getting upset about Apple or Microsoft, you're not ready to look at the world of big energy corporations. You'll need sedatives for that.)

Comment KISS (Score 1) 260

Since these topics don't directly relate to the subject I've been asked to address, I've ended up with a section titled 'While I have you...' I'm going to have the mandatory attention of every employee and I thought it would be a great opportunity to give advice on [whatever]. As it's an opportunity that one seldom gets, I certainly want to utilize it fullly.

Resist the temptation. It's always a bad idea. That's why you seldom get the opportunity.

Comment Re:Good News For Once (Score 5, Informative) 195

To clarify a bit, the "Conseil Constitutionnel" in France is supposed to check that new laws respect the principles of the French Constitution, which is supposed to respect the principles of the "Men and Citizens's Right Declaration" from 1789.
From now Internet in France is recongnized as a fundamental right, associated to the right to communicate freely.

Comment Re:Difficult sell in the developing world (Score 2, Interesting) 172

Well my employer is a native of Cameroon and we are planning to open an office there at the end of the year because there is a lot to do in this country: build intranets and IT infrastructures, transmit knowledge to techs etc.

Of course we will support existing Windows installations but for our internal IT and for most of our solutions we'll use Linux and FOSS software, mainly because of the opportunity to start things in a different way.

We also think that because migrating things, re-training people etc will be less often needed, the adoption of these solutions will be easier than it is in more developped countries where Microsoft dominates machines and minds.

About perception, I see a similitude between FOSS and developping countries in the sense that both of them are trying to gain a place in a world/market which has been conquered by others.

PS: outside the technical field my English is a bit approximative, thanks for your comprehension.

Linux Business

Linux On Netbooks — a Complicated Story 833

An anonymous reader writes "Keir Thomas has responded to the recent raft of news stories pointing out that Linux's share of the netbook market isn't as rosy as it used to be. Thomas thinks the problem boils down to a combination of unfamiliar software and unfamiliar hardware, which can 'push users over the edge.' This accounts for the allegedly high return rates of Linux netbooks. In contrast, although far from superior, Windows provides a more familiar environment, making the hardware issues (irritatingly small keyboard, screen etc.) seem less insurmountable; users are less likely to walk away. 'Once again Microsoft's monopoly means Windows is swallowing up another market.'"

Comment Re:But IS Windows 7 faster? (Score 1) 440

It's fair enough that some heavy calculation takes longer time if you have some other heavy job or service running, but the initial latency from any user request until you get some sort of reaction should be as low as possible. And XP is much better in this regard than Windows 7 or Vista (and also faster than all Linux distros I've been running).

Have you tried archlinux ? This distro is optimised for i686 and x64 architectures and thus is as reactive as a
fresh and clean XP install on the same hardware (R60 Thinkpad). The good thing about it is that unless XP it
stays reactive over time without requiring as much maintenance.
I also recently migrated my / and /home to ext4 and noticed improvements with the speed of disk operations:
booting, doing updatedb/makewhatis/etc, accessing package manager database etc.
I tried Mandriva, Fedora, Debian, Slackware and finally I'm happy with Arch especially because of it's snappy
feeling on a KDE environnement

Comment Re:What kernel bugs? (Score 1) 617

Windows application and/or driver installation requires the application/package

This is precisely the point where Linux package system is far easier and secure to use than Windows one.

No Linux distro I have tried has EVER followed as simple an installation process. Fedora, Mandriva, Ubuntu, DSL- Each had its own quirks, almost all of which required shell commands. (In fact, I believe all required it.)

When you tried those distros maybe you missed pirut, synaptics etc, the GUI frontends to rpm, apt, etc ?

The Continuing War Against Microsoft's "Facts" Campaign 316

davidmwilliams writes "I've been rallying against Microsoft's so-called 'Get the Facts' site for the last fortnight in my blog. Rather than give any legitimate comparison facing off Windows Server vs similarly spec'd Linux options, the Microsoft spin doctors opt for bunkum and hogwash with sensational headlines that don't have any substance underneath. Here's the state of play, including an update on my request to Microsoft PR to do something about the blatant lack of integrity displayed. I also go over the latest case study put up by Microsoft: they promise to show why people are choosing Windows Server 2008 over Linux using the City of Uppsala as an example."

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