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Comment Re:Does it pass the Simon Phoenix test? (Score 1) 77

The key here is that if a disembodied eyeball or corpse can be used, it creates an incentive to kill or mutilate someone with sufficiently important info on their phone. So even while that person is alive and well, this phone adds to their worries.

Even if you don't use the feature, an attacker might assume you do. Even if your phone doesn't have the feature, an attacker might try it anyway. Thanks, Samsung (et al).

Comment Re:In other words, Moore's law will continue (Score 1) 133

SRAM cells are typically 6T (6 transistor) designs, so if your CPU has 16MB of cache, that's 96M transistors right there and then just in the storage array.

That would be 768M transistors, if anybody actually used 6T SRAM for a 16MB cache. (Do they? I see that CPU transistor counts are up over 2e9 now. Whew!)

16 MB * 8 b/B * 6 T/b = 768 MT

Comment Re:companies always say the same thing (Score 1) 94

It's not even too late to mitigate the breach, or at least it wasn't when they were busy composing that mealy-mouthed non-apology. They could have taken the entire site offline, deleted all user accounts, and sanitized all user account info from the comment database. Then go back online and require all users to start over with new accounts. But they clearly don't take user privacy that seriously.

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