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Comment More Useful Daylight in Summer (Score 4, Insightful) 228

All that matters is we get some extra daylight after work during the warm time of year so we can enjoy it. Is it a little darker in the morning that first month? Small price to pay. To alleviate the supposed "stress" of the one hour change, do it on Sat. instead of Sun. But honestly, are people dropping dead flying across a one hour time zone change?

Comment Re:Hopefully better than their hard drives. (Score 2) 78

RAID != backup Please try to remember that kids. It has its place but don't be fool enough to think RAID will save you. RAID is perfectly happy to copy corrupt data until the bad drive is marked as failed. RAID is really only useful when a drive goes immediately from ON and working properly to OFF and dead.

Comment Re:Who buys DVDs anymore? They're not even HD (Score 1) 316

Take a look at the catalogue of things you can rent on dvd. Its not the netflix of say, 2005, where the dvd library was quite large and it was easy to get both newer releases as well as old stuff - meaning anything from say 5 to 10 years prior to the 1930s. Now the list is pretty much confined to 5 years or so, mostly direct to dvd and tv shows.

Comment AICP is good too (Score 2) 215

I have 7.1.1 running on a circa 2013 phone. AICP seems to be a pretty active group and do weekly builds for quite a lot of older phones. Prior to that I tried Ressurection but punted after bootloop issues, AICP installed first try. So I can't really say if its the "best" but it certainly seems to function well and that's more important to me than having a gadzilling bells and whistles.

Comment Re:Who buys DVDs anymore? They're not even HD (Score 4, Insightful) 316

The owning economy as opposed to the sharing/renting economy. And as past analysis have shown, the Netflix movie catalog is shit.

Even so, at one time you could at least rent a DVD from netflix of an "old" movie. No more. And nowhere else either, streaming or physical. In effect, a huge percentage of the movie catalogue is no longer available.

Comment Re:phone bug exploit fire (Score 1) 142

this is actually a legit concern. A bad actor (likely at the state level) exploits a zero day with a fake wifi access point in the boarding area that loads malware on passenger phones. Malware causes a race condition that results in phones rapidly overheating/catching fire while in flight. Flight crew then needs to deal with many near simultaneous phones on fire - whether on person, in seat backs or in overhead bins. Would think odds of one spreading would be fairly good.

Comment Attention Deficit (Score 1) 624

Among the many other reasons noted, not mentioned is the seeming inability of the public to read more than one or two paragraphs. Perhaps three if you slip a photo of a kitten in between.

Serious/legit journalism generally requires at least a few hundred words to report on anything beyond the most trivial. And those reports often may use "big" words or terms specific to some topic. The need to concentrate for a few minutes on one thing and actually comprehend it is lost to the previous millenium.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm just cheap. (Score 1) 315

I have a 2nd tier from one of the popular name brands purchased in late 2015. It cost $600. Until this most recent win 10 update, it has functioned perfectly fine. I replaced the battery once. It is perfectly acceptable for consuming media, photo editing and some video editing. If you are doing high end work professionally then you probably need better but that better is almost certainly paid for by your corporate employer and then depreciated.

But for personal use I really have a hard time understanding spending much in excess of $5-700 for browsing, watching videos and the like. When ever friends ask advice on what to buy, the first question is "what are you going to do?" In some cases, I recommend even cheaper and tell them to replace in two years if necessary. I am of the mindset that it is rarely worth paying for more than your needs if the asset is one that depreciates rapidly.

Comment Dead Firemen (Score 1) 231

When one or two firemen are electrocuted fighting a blaze this stuff will be gone - or the flipside, no insurance company will cover your home as the fire department will not go up on the roof. Heck, that may happen even with more traditional panels sooner than later.

With earlier model panels, it was sufficient to have a cutoff near ground level as they were not efficient enough to still be a major risk. Apparently not any more. Firefighters are also nervous about going up on a roof that is overweighted.

I am not a fireman but have spoken to quite a few in an effort to make policy for my HOA after we were legally mandated to allow solar installations. Too little thought is put into the many ramifications of solar panels, especially in attached homes.

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