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Comment Re:Calling this a study is giving it a lot of cred (Score 1) 476

That isn't what is typically done in these studies. Rather than using a valid method (statistical correlates of names with race) they instead use forced choice ratios.

They ask a sample of 100 people is __name__ black or white?

Then based on the forced choice percentages they assign a 'race' to the name.

They tend to also use extremely common 'white' names and extremely uncommon 'black' names (The studies that have used common black names such as Ebony; show that the common black name ends up with better response rates than the less common white names).

Comment Re:BS study (Score 1) 112

Also many of the competitions are for money for amounts that in the US are quite small, but for a hacker in a foreign country are a significant sum - so there simply isn't motive for top US programmers to compete.

If they want a realistic sample - put a substantial sum of money in contention and such that it isn't 'winner take all' (ie payout the top 20 or so slots).

Comment BS study (Score 1) 112

Complete beginners in the US are far more likely to try hackerrank; whereas on average more experienced coders from other nations are likely to compete.

Also in the US graduating from a good school is adequate for employment prospects, so many good programmers don't use hackerrank and other competitive programming platforms.

Comment Re:This is called the Shock Doctrine (Score 2) 660

Are you seriously suggesting that if we repealed drug laws, use of dangerous drugs like crack and heroin would not increase?

I'm not the person you were asking, but yes, based on the experience of other nations - that is exactly what happens. The dangerous drug usage goes down because people get help for their addiction without risking jail. Also people switch to less serious drugs.

Comment Re:The incredibly funny part is coming... (Score 3, Funny) 457

Apple files suit in federal court under the DMCA, claiming Cellebrite has created a circumvention device; and since they, themselves were not law enforcement agents, and they did it on contract, rather than doing it as independent security research, the DMCA safe harbor procedures don't apply.

And then Apple releases an iOS update.

Method got classified by FBI, which defeats Apple being able to do so.

Comment Re:"impossible" (Score 0) 457

So, the government misrepresented in its original filing that, "Apple must be compelled to provide the backdoor to unlock the phone, because we have no other means of doing so".

Actually it is believed that the firm invented the method during the trial, so the government did not misrepresent the facts in the filing.

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