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Comment Re:This is called the Shock Doctrine (Score 2) 660

Are you seriously suggesting that if we repealed drug laws, use of dangerous drugs like crack and heroin would not increase?

I'm not the person you were asking, but yes, based on the experience of other nations - that is exactly what happens. The dangerous drug usage goes down because people get help for their addiction without risking jail. Also people switch to less serious drugs.

Comment Re:The incredibly funny part is coming... (Score 3, Funny) 457

Apple files suit in federal court under the DMCA, claiming Cellebrite has created a circumvention device; and since they, themselves were not law enforcement agents, and they did it on contract, rather than doing it as independent security research, the DMCA safe harbor procedures don't apply.

And then Apple releases an iOS update.

Method got classified by FBI, which defeats Apple being able to do so.

Comment Re:"impossible" (Score 0) 457

So, the government misrepresented in its original filing that, "Apple must be compelled to provide the backdoor to unlock the phone, because we have no other means of doing so".

Actually it is believed that the firm invented the method during the trial, so the government did not misrepresent the facts in the filing.

Comment Re:What about Magic the Gathering? (Score 1) 338

It would be pretty easy to have an AI that can win at MTG (or variants such as Hearthstone).

1) get lists of example decks that are used. Do millions of self play with each deck. Also do random decks. Find which combinations of cards work well together.

2) From this you can then begin predicting from seen/played cards what will be in villains deck and to design custom decks.

3) Also you can cluster decks by how they play (Zerg/fast decks, slow decks, etc.)

4) Then based on the deck group pick your optimal counter strategy based on what deck you are playing.

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