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Comment Re:Follow the money (Score 1) 325

Of course there are exceptions, but in aggregate, faster internet = more disposable income.

Thought I agree with the article that most web pages are needlessly bloated. I'm not a web developer, but I've seen a few demos of web sites where the customer comes to the developer's shop and is shown a demo of the new site. The page is hosted locally and many elements are cached on the developer's computer, so of course it's much faster than the average home user is going to experience. The customer rarely understands any of this.

Comment Re:Good reason to avoid proprietary ham software (Score 1) 177

I got into ham radio mostly because I like playing with and modifying hardware and it's nearly impossible to do anything useful to computer hardware because it's too advanced. It's still possible to build a useful radio or build one from a kit.

Raspberry PI's and Arduinos are really helpful to those of us that aren't EE's.

Totally agree about the (incompatible) state of digital voice modes.

I am a bit perplexed as to why Open Source software isn't bigger in ham radio, though it does have a presence. I like the ARRL but I think they have too cozy a relationship with the Big Three radio manufactures. The ARRL should be lobbying the manufactures for compatible digital voice modes and promoting Open Source more. I dislike the "Maker" name but think it will bring more software people into ham radio.

Thanks for taking the time to post on /.

73's K7LMD

Submission + - Comapny disables software of buyer who posted "bad" review

Brymouse writes: Ham Radio Deluxe, a $99 radio control and logging program popular in the amateur radio community, disabled the software of a user after he posted a potentially bad review (was 3/5 stars, now 1/5). Further this user was directed to install the update which disabled the application by HRD's own support.

The original thread was then deleted from "news" site as HRD is a major advertiser and complained about copyright violations from the user posting a PDF of his support ticket. Reddit picked it up here and more research was done showing a pattern of blacklisting bad reviews.

This was picked up by Jason Scott, of the internet archive, on twitter and Ham Radio Deluxe threatened him with libel for posting it.

As of yesterday HRD says an offical statement will be "coming soon". The Strieisand Effect continues with undeleting the threads and HRD still trying to claim copyright on their customers support ticket.

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