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Comment Re:Social Responsiblity (Score 1) 469

This redistribution takes place via taxes, which are enforced at the barrel of a gun by the government.

I keep getting this bad argument from anti-tax types. You are not forced by the barrel of a gun to stay in the country - therefore, you're not really forced to pay taxes. However, you choose to participate in your society, and that society requires upkeep. Society belongs to everyone. If you refuse to pay for your share of society's upkeep, then you are stealing from me. I am in all my rights to force you at gun point to stop STEALING from me.

Anti-tax types are the ones who haven't really thought anything through. If society somehow magically maintains itself (over the course of decades and centuries), then yes, taxation would be "force". But society doesn't. The reason why society even exists is the maintenance of some kind of stability - there is no free lunch. Tax is no longer a force, but the necessary other half of the equation. Refusing to pay taxes becomes stealing, whether you like it or not.

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