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Comment Re:"Use 4 spaces per indentation level." (Score 1) 181

How do you write a shell one-liner in Xonsh

At this point it looks like either you don't, or you mangle your Python to be purely functional programming. I'm hoping they will enhance the parser to support some simple convention like curly braces. Not Pythonic, but the whole concept is by definition not purely Pythonic

Comment Re:Not a Raspberry pi competitor. (Score 4, Insightful) 120

I don't know of a $45 Amazon tablet that can be a standalone off the shelf x86 Ubuntu system with performance comparable to a netbook which can host VMs running Ubuntu Snappy Core for IoT applications. Since the JaguarBoard also has I2C, COM and GPIO ports, it can in some cases be a replacement for an RPi, depending on the number of units to be deployed in production, and the profit margin and TCO of the target solution.

Comment Re:Impartial referees (Score 1) 100

I agree with GP, and I would also keep user names/ids and reputation scores hidden so people are less inclined to farm their scores or band together to level up. I may be able to indirectly see the effects of my reputation, but I can't be sure, and it won't be easy for me to demonstrate it to other people.

BTW I think Google Search is in effect a pretty good reputation engine, it's just not apparent.

Also, for me, the Slashdot system of moderation and metamoderation works well with the set of custom filtering rules it provides me. The 20ish% of posts I see are usually what I would want to.

Comment Re:Netflix works on linux (Score 1) 268

A $60 appliance will get you Hulu+, Amazon, & Netflix. So you don't really have to fixate over whether or not desktop Linux supports Netflix.
It's not 2005 anymore.

I want to use my single 50in monitor as a Linux desktop while I am utilizing an online video streaming service to watch video in a window (which I can make fullscreen if I like). I do not want to buy and use an HDMI capture box.

Comment Re:True (Score 1) 302

Meanwhile, the typical Linux distro now has dconf, network manager, polkit, systemd, and worst of all dbus. Some more capability has come about, but it has become pretty inscrutable to the admins with a bourne shell scripting level of understanding. More advanced programmers appreciate some of the additional structure, but shell commands to script some capabilities are no longer easy (complex dbus-send commands, non-obvious configuration location and no longer human readable content) or impossible.

And the alternative to the inscrutable command-line interface and configuration files is an inscrutable GUI, which may or may not work properly, and is dependent on a massive desktop environment, and may be completely redesigned at any point.

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