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Comment Couldn't reach Google, either. (Score 4, Interesting) 31

I was in the middle of debugging a problem caused by Comcast switching from non-static IPv6 addresses to static IPv6 addresses (causing me to get a new set of IPv6 addresses and breaking my in-home DNS because my Airport Extreme was looking for my DNS servers at the old address), so I noticed the Netflix outage, but I also noticed that I was unable to reach at the same time. I didn't bother to use traceroute to track down the problem because it went away by the time I finished disabling the AAAA records for all my domains....

Then I read this story, and sure enough, Google showed a huge spike in outage reports at exactly the same time as Netflix. Unless Netflix uses the Google cloud for hosting (AFAIK, they use AWS, not Google), I'd imagine that this outage involved some sort of Akamai DNS problem or network routing problem or something else not specific to Netflix.

Comment Re:Excellent News (Score 1) 48

It would be interesting to know if the somewhat narrow 'window' of feasibility helped encourage them to stop fighting.

Actual 'Arduino' products sell at a considerable premium compared to just the relevant Atmel microcontroller with bootloader(for the minimalists) or the assorted mostly adequate clones(especially if you don't need 'shield' compatibility, the standard anonymous Chinese ebay special gets you a USB connector and handles the fiddly soldering for barely more than the price of the components); which is apparently a premium that enough people are willing to pay, either out of a desire to support the project or because the absolute cost of just buying all the official components so that things will Just Work is pretty small; but not really room enough for two confusingly similar and mutually antagonistic vendors.

Aside from merely dividing the available marketshare, having the ongoing feud spoils both the 'support the project' and the 'make life simpler by just buying everything from the official vendor' incentives; at which point you have to be pretty motivated to try to figure out who the 'real' Arduino is; rather than either just buying one of the upmarket clones from Sparkfun or Adafruit or the like(if you are relatively cost-insensitive and don't want to deal with any uncertainties) or grabbing a pack of ten of whatever washes up on ebay(if price is the main factor).

I really have no idea who was in the right on this particular feud; but that is likely part of the problem: if there is a clear winner and a clear loser(as with Xorg vs. xfree86) that is one thing; but if not, the people who are willing to pay more for a helpful and sane vendor have good reason to flee to one of the higher end clones, and anyone who wants to 'support the project' has to wade through an ugly and confusing mess to even figure out which purchase that implies.

Comment Re:Civil rights vs cultural consequences (Score 1) 242

I suggest that the anti-vaxxers be subjected to mandatory disease exposure. That oughta change their minds right quick. Or at least get 'em out of the gene pool.

Tho you gotta wonder if they're educable at all, considering that minor epidemics of whooping cough and the return of polio haven't smartened 'em up any.

Comment Re: Worst of both worlds (Score 1) 143

Exactly. It is highly disingenuous to compare modern drones to the hobbiest model and miniature aircraft of the past. The hobbiests tended to be pretty sensitive to other peoples' feelings and to general notions of aviation safety. Part of it was, I suppose that the cost of such aircraft was fairly high, but it was also part of the gentlemen's agreement that went along with entering the hobby. Now when any beer-swilling asshole with a spare $200 can go and buy a drone with video camera on it, it simply isn't the same hobby at all.

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 143

The problem is that there aren't convenient "air" borders between states, so this, like, say, radio frequencies, are an obvious place where the Federal government has a role. Perhaps you should review why it is exactly the Articles of Confederation were ultimately seen as near worthless and the Constitution that is in place tody was written.

Comment Re:Gun Registry (Score 1) 143

No liberty is absolute. Speech, for instance can be limited, either civilly (if you sign an NDA and then violate it), or criminally (revealing state secrets, or treason as some call it, is an example of how speech can be limited under criminal statute). The Founding Fathers intended liberties to expansive, but not absolute. In such a way, limiting some forms of gun ownership is no different than, say, laws against shouting "fire!" in a crowded theater.

Comment Re:Toys (Score -1) 143

When you violate my privacy because you're either a sicko or a moron, then I expect my government to do something to make sure you find a more appropriate use for your toys.

The real solution is, of course, to require each drone to have a unique signature that can allow it to be traced to its owner, so when the owner gets this bright idea that he should be able to hover over someone's house and take video of their wife or daughter sunbathing in the back yard, he can be tracked down and dealt with suitably.

Comment Re:The nature of the Trump-fans is pretty obvious (Score 1) 301

They are authoritarian followers, that fight anybody that disagrees with them with violence.

Authoritarians who want Trump to rule with an iron fist, or anarchists who want him to bring it all crashing down? And then there's likely to be the occasional idiot who actually takes anti-Hillary propaganda seriously.

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