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Comment Re:I Almost Never Agree (Score 1) 46

But this IRS scam is so stupid and transparent that anyone who feel for it has to be so stupid that they really are a menace to society.

If you were talking about people our age, you'd be right. The problem is that these people largely prey on the elderly, many of whom are much less street-smart than folks decades younger. They're from a generation born when these sorts of scams were relatively rare, so if somebody called saying they were from the IRS, they probably were from the IRS—particularly if they have lots of your personal information. It isn't easy to teach college-age folks how to reliably recognize social engineering, much less the elderly. This goes double if they have any sort of mild dementia.

These people prey on the helpless. That makes them utterly inhuman in my book.

For[t] Lauderdale easily has over 1,000 phone rooms going on any given day.

Is it any wonder why they're all in Florida (snowbird central)?

These companies never sell in their own states.

That might have been true in the old days, before they discovered VoIP-based caller ID spoofing. These days, they can sell anywhere from anywhere. All they need is a mailbox somewhere.

Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain DGW - Dinosaurs WARMED! (Score 1) 63

Why is it that the feeblest minds always have the urge to invent words? Anyway.

You might have noticed that back then the continents were in a different position. Also that the dinosaurs didn't really care (or couldn't really influence) if large parts of those continents changed and became inhospitable. You might have noticed that a lot of them died out during the couple million years they "ruled" the earth. Not all of them due to the meteor, by the way.

Some of them because continents change and so do climates. It's not really hard to tell, but it's no big deal if 50% of a population of dinosaurs die out. There was plenty more to keep the species going.

Thinking about it... it's pretty much the same for humans today. So, why worry?

Comment Re:hello? dock? (Score 5, Insightful) 134

Get a dock if you want to use lots of (legacy) ports on a compact laptop!

Uh... if I wanted a 'compact laptop' I'd buy a macbook air.

I wanted a pro laptop; I want a gigabit ethernet port. That is not a "legacy" port. I want regular USB. I want HDMI. These are not legacy ports either. These are what the other devices you will encounter on the road have. From the TV in the hotel to the flash drive a coworker will hand you. I don't want to have reach into a bag of dongles to find an adapter for every goddamned thing.

I'm fine with it being a bit heavier, and a bit thicker if it gives me more ports and more battery. Again, I wanted a pro laptop ... if I wanted a compact laptop that focused on minimalism... I'd have bought a macbook air.

I want more RAM, I want more SSD. This laptop might be a fine device... but its just a fancy macbook air. I'm in the market for a pro laptop.

Anyone that's somehow finding it possible to be hurting for an additional $25 after buying a $2,000+ computer can just get on ali or amazon or ebay and pick up two cables for $6 shipped or something like that.

Its not the money for the cables, its having to buy them at all. Its that I spent $2000+ for a computer with all the functionality I wanted built in. I wasn't trying to save money; I was trying to buy a pro laptop. Charge me another $200 and build-in the fucking ports. Not having to carry around a bag of shit is worth it to me.

Get a dock! Problem solved, and solved well.

A dock is something you leave on your desk. I need the ports to follow me around so I can use them where I go.

So your solution is Buy a laptop for $2000+ Then buy another slightly smaller laptop sized dongle to fix all the shortcomings of the first laptop.

FFS that is not a problem solved well. You know what a problem solved well would be... build the fucking dock INTO the goddamned laptop, and call that a "pro" laptop.

Comment Re:Good riddance to MagSafe (Score 1) 134

I've had the cords themselves go, but the connector itself has always been fine.

magsafe is, or should I say *was*, one of the big selling points for the macbook pros for me.

I can't really see buying another one though. The new one is not merely underwhelming, its a straight up downgrade.

Comment Re:Say this aloud: "It's so massive..." (Score 1) 218

I meant, is it possible that this hypothetical giant pulling-us-out-of-alignment planet is actually a dead dwarf star (dead long enough to have effectively zero luminosity and be therefore invisible), and if so was it a binary or a captive?

Cuz seems to me it's got to be more massive than any of the known planets to have this much effect.

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