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Comment Re:It's worse than that (Score 1) 519

Are they being scared by frat-boy brogrammers (who aren't even real programmers)?

No, they are being scared of by other women and a press that insists the industry in rampant with sexism - even though that's really only the case in an isolated cluster in California (there you have a massive problem, but it's not like it affects most people).

I have to wonder how many women (just like so many brogrammers!) only picked programming or other STEM majors thinking it was 1) easy, 2) easy money, and 3) easy excitement,

From personal experience that number is zero, absolutely no women picked the field because of "easy money", since after all programming is really not that easy to begin with and it takes a while sometimes before you start earring a lot of money.

It's also evident from just a few classes exactly how much "excitement" there is; none. Unless you get excited about programming then hey, it IS exciting just in a different way... for some women (and men) that is the case and they are happy.

Comment Re:Taking CO2 out?? (Score 1) 323

Diesel is close enough in chemistry to Kerosene/JP-1 that these should work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

It was good enough for Apollo 8 on the Saturn V.

As of 2016, the Saturn V remains the tallest, heaviest, and most powerful (highest total impulse) rocket ever brought to operational status, and holds records for the heaviest payload launched and largest payload capacity to low Earth orbit (LEO) of 140,000 kg (310,000 lb)

Although once you have the technology to craft D2 out of air and feed stock changing the formulation of the output shouldn't be too difficult.

Comment Re:No justification of stock price (Score 1) 125

"No, the ONLY reason Tesla's stock remains high is because people are playing a game of "who's the greater fool" buying high in the hopes it will go higher."

I remember many people making these arguments about Apple when they were around $90 in the mid-noughties.

Since then AAPL split x14, so are now worth about 1800% of what they were then.

Comment Why not just keep using Esc then? (Score 1) 371

For anywhere Esc makes sense, it would obviously still be present, just not a "real" key (though that does not mean no feedback when pressed).

However I think it's absurd to say chording is not ergonomic, there is no twisting involved to use Shift with other keys to do selection, or to hit Ctrl-A to move to the start of the line. In fact if anything your hand benefits from mild occasional stretching.

Comment Should lead to more use of function row (Score 1) 371

XCode uses F-Keys,

Sure but all of those F-Keys will be back as clearer named keys on the touch bar. Which even better could change between editing source code vs. using IB vs CoreData modeling tool... nothing like a key to shift bounding boxes to match constraints!

I think that will lead to more use of the function row for me. I also use Xcode for most the day, and I have to say I have never used the F keys at all because I simply have never taken the time to understand what they are mapped to - I use a lot of other key-combos with Xcode, just not those keys.

Comment Right because Apple has no experience with touch.. (Score 1) 371

Only some vague, wispy area to touch which one hopes will do what they want but will, as time and experience has shown, fail at every given opportunity.

Actually what experience has shown is that Apple gets Touch right, every time.

For years Apple has the only laptop trackpad I could stand using.

For years now Apple has made touch the singular way people interact with mobile devices - one that work at every opportunity, not fail...

Apple has also been doing an excellent job of integrating haptic feedback with touch, on both the Apple Watch and newer trackpads along with the iPhone.

So all signs point to a haptic-feedback touch bar with great responsiveness and accuracy... certainly not the grim picture you paint.

I personally am really looking forward to having function keys I never used replaced by clean commands in most apps I certainly will use. It's like gaining an extra row of keys, not losing anything.

Comment No, Maximalism (Score 1) 371

What is the obsession with removing functionality?

What is the obsession with claiming something has been removed, when a million new things in a superset have replaced them...

They are taking away the top row on function keys (and Esc) and in return giving you an INFINITE NUMBER OF POSSIBLE KEYS. How is that less???

Many apps never need Esc so why would it matter if it is gone? Presumably when the desktop is up or any key that needs esc, it would present that opinion in the standard location.

None of this is being done because of aesthetic reasons, it's for improving control of software. Being older you should appreciate this!!

Comment Umm, actually Emacs is based around M-x... (Score 2) 371

I know you were joking but in Emacs the magic gateway to commands is M-x - which stands for meta-x. Yes Esc-x works, but you can also use Option-x in Aquamacs...

Sadly it seems like the terminal version of Emacs does rely only on Esc to get to M-x, Option-x inserts some special character. I hope they fix that default but it can be re-bound as needed.

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