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Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 256

major career training

College is not on the job training It never has been. It never will be. If you want career training they have those, they're coincidentally called trades.

College will not teach you C. College will teach you the theory behind C.

learned about writing software

Because if a CS curriculum spends any time on how to write software you're in the wrong place. The largest complaint I hear out of CS and Engineering students is they feel like they were sold something else. College is NOT a 4 year degree on how to write Python and C. (or what ever else you want to learn).

Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 2) 256

I found For Profit there is less hand holding in teaching on how to use the app but covering theory and concepts are hard.
For NFP the theory and concepts are easier but getting them on different tools and showing them when you need to break the rules gets harder.

Broken down it's the technicians vs the engineers.

The "For Profit" colleges filled a niche which was the fact that we forgot about the skilled trades in the US. Everything taught at ITT tech is a trade option in Germany. You don't need 4 years of theory you need a hands on approach to learning what you need to know to get the job done.

"Not for profit" colleges are how they've always been, theory based academia. If you don't want to learn the theory and learn stuff unelated ("well rounded student") then college isn't for you, try a trade.

Both are equally important jobs. But they're separate. You don't hire an electrician when you need an electrical engineer and you don't hire an electrical engineer when you need an electrician.

The same applies to computer based jobs. Despite what eveyone says on Slashdot a handfull of "code bootcamp" would do wonders in some organizations. If HR hands me another CS graduate that can tell me the *theory* behind Python's design and not actually write Python I'm going to raise hell again.

Comment Re:E.g. We can't use it if we can't cheat (Score 1) 80

The reality with financial transactions is some decisions are actually reversed or rolled back. What do you do when your ledger says a transaction occurred that actually didn't occur? I am not sure editing is right solution, but neither is simply putting in a second transaction crediting the money back as now you have 2 transactions that didn't occur in your ledger.

Comment Re: What's wrong with this? (Score 0) 173

What evidence of wrong doing?

Republicans have spent $500 million tax payer dollars investigating Hillary. If you think they had any actual eveidnece that could pass even a court of public opinion they would use it.

Hillary is a power hungry bitch, I use to think she was smart but I can't even think that anymore. But how stupid do you have to be to think that she can hide legal wrong doing with that kind of money against her?

Hillary is the single most vetted candidate ever troublicans have been examining everything she has and does. Other than being a bitch and unlikeable that haven't found any laws she broke.

Comment You have to (Score 1) 109

You have to keep passwords written somewhere because stupid sysadmins have such insane password rules and retention times that no-one could possibly remember them. In theory word documents are at lest better than post-its because they COULD have some access control.

The tighter you squeeze, sysadmins, the more systems will slip through your fingers.

Comment Re: So basically... (Score 2) 616

You have got to be joking. Swap in "Jews" for "Deplorables" and Hillary would be every bit a "hitler", if it were not so absurd comparing wanting to control immigration rather than letting it occur with no oversight, to mass slaughter of humans. Even if you tried to compare mass deportation, you can't even get close because you are comparing someone sent to Mexico with someone being packed on a train and sent to a gas chamber! Do you realize how foolish and un-believeable you sound? The fact that you and other liberals really believe that down in your heart is why you are turning so many independent voters against you. Trump says some reasonable things, you claim he's hitler and that's all she wrote for believing a word you say.

Comment Re:Do we have to let the winner out of the arena? (Score 4, Insightful) 49

Kind of boggles my mind that the google thinks they made $22 billion profit on $31 billion revenue from Android. Talk about magic money? Some kind of projection of the effects of Android's success on their stock prices? Already we're dealing with fantasy here.

Why does it boggle the mind? Most of the Android revenue is licensing. Google doesn't have a lot of cost when it comes to licensing.

However, my two primary reactions were sadness and amusement. The sadness is at the loss of the google's innocence. I used to think they were sincere about the "Don't be evil" thing, but now they are just another giant EVIL company and the corporate motto has become "All your attention are belong to us." I can't decide whether I was a gullible fool or if the transition was just inevitable under the rules of the American business game as encoded into law by the most cheaply bribed politicians.

Again, why? Sure Goggle has done some evil things but you're saying making money is inherently evil. How do you think Goggle can afford to be not evil as a company. Some money has to come in from somewhere.

Comment Re:I'm an immigrant (Score 1) 841

You can't leave the border wide open

Clearly you've not taken geography or civics or history. The US border with Mexico is 3,201 kilometers (1,989 mi) long with much of it over rugged terrain. The Canada US border is 8,891 kilometres (5,525 mi) long. The Atlantic coast is 2069 miles. The Gulf Coast is 1631 miles. The Pacific Coast is 7,623 miles. The Arctic coast is 12,383 miles. So how do you propose to "close" the border? My rough estimation is almost 30,000 miles of border to close. That's just geography.

So which countries maintain a closed border? Only the totalitarian ones like North Korea, East Germany, etc. The vast majority of countries have open borders because the logistics of closed borders is too much to handle. That's history and civics.

Comment That's a stupid plan (Score 1) 49

how often do home hard drives fail?

They only need to fail once for something you have no copy of...

Also I am pretty sure they fail 100% of the time your laptop is stolen and/or there's a fire in your house that melts your HD. Are you saying houses do not catch on fire? That laptops are never stolen?

Your plan is lunacy. Backups aren't about any one unlikely thing, they are about a world of unlikely possibilities weighed against the loss of many things (even if virtual) that are literally irreplaceable.

does the average user still need "cloud backup"

The "average user" needs those things more because they do not have as deep an understanding of what will and will not be lost if the device breaks or vanishes.

Comment Re:Two comments (Score 1) 113

The sturdy ol' whistling tea kettle from 1972 may be blackened but it still functions perfectly!

Because all the ones that failed from 1972 got thrown away. Survivorship bias.

While others are busy installing updates and removing viruses and cookies from the kettle,

Not if it was designed correctly.

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