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Comment It's fine to let companies set prices (Score 1) 153

What is not fine is to give a very long monopoly to only one company to make them... without competition the price will not naturally fall.

You have to allow some time let companies have some profits on research, but how long has the Epi-Pen been around? Long enough there should be more than one company making hem now.

Comment false statement (Score 1) 153

"is the only developed nation on Earth which allows pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices."

this statement is simply not true. Even in Australia they set their own prices and drugs not listed as being subsidised by government can truly have insane prices. The only thing we have is the government rejects drugs for the program subsidies if the pharma companies aren't reasonable in price. Being a government subsidised drug is far more beneficial than a limited market at high prices in most circumstances.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 3, Insightful) 492

Destruction of evidence is itself a crime. The difficulty is always in proving that's what happened - by definition you're missing a key piece of evidence.

I'm less concerned about the destruction of evidence and more concerned that even though we know she's committing criminal acts, people are still supporting her for President. What does that say about them? We see criminals get away with things all the time, but usually they don't have a cheering section, and even if they do they're not trying to vote for them as President of the United States. Trump may be all the things they say about him, but Hillary is a criminal NOW, so what is she going to be like as President? If something does happen, it would be a giant SHE TOLD YOU SO.

Comment Re:But is the pay gap real? (Score 0) 251

The pay gap comes down to personal decisions: https://dadatho.me/notebooks/p...

I left the workforce to stay at home with our son. I dropped down to making "80%" of my peers that didn't leave industry. Not because of my gender but because of a personal decision I made.

If you want to address the wage gap paying lip service to actual salaries isn't going to do anything.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 492

Because of who the 'security' was against and when it was applied.

The server was insecure to the Russians, Iranians, and any 16 year old that figured out how to get in.

The server's data was secure against being used against her.

Had she had a secure server but never wiped it but just kept the hard drives in her basement I doubt that the Russians or Iranians would have been able to get to it.

It's like wearing a condom while tight rope walking. You're protected against *one* thing that may happen during the tight rope walk but it's not what you need to be worrying about.

Comment Repeat after me (Score 1) 203


There's no other way. Verizon stopped rolling out fiber years ago. In fact they've sold off some of their FIOS business. Verizon is all about wireless, that's where the cash cow is. So it's no surprise that Google would follow suit. Each wants the low hanging fruit. The only way we are going to get fiber is if municipalities roll it out themselves.

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