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Journal Journal: Checklist (for my info) - Repost

A Website Design & Development Project Checklist (Repost)

Posted by: Eric Key in websites, web design, marketing on Nov 19, 2008

Another great post by Shaun is this one:

A (Nearly) Bulletproof Web Design & Development Project Checklist for clients and designers.

If you're aiming to agree a fixed price for the development of the website, as we do, ensure the project goes smoothly before you start, by communicating with your client at the outset.

They'll appreciate you for it, there will be less surprises, and you may be able to start making a profit from fixed cost website design jobs again;
Prices can change even for a fixed cost website
Web Design Costs are dependent on how many hours is spent working on a design and how many times the client asks for changes to it
Show the client your portfolio - that's the type of sites you build, do they like it?
Has the client supplied examples of the sort of site they are looking for?
Estimate a cost for a job, based on early discussion.
Ensure the client knows you can quote for a job only on the information you have available to you at the time
Confirm a job cost on reviewed client requirements
50% of job before start, 50% on completion
Ensure the client knows you are costing the job by hours and you do have other clients
Make sure all your costs are approved before starting a job (remember VAT)
Ask the client to send you an email notifying his acceptance of the project scope and cost
It's impossible to make a site that will look the same in all browsers;
Specify which Resolution / Screen Size the Website Should Be Designed to
Specify a fixed width or fluid layout
Inform the client which browser versions you support
Ensure the client is aware of website font restrictions or recommendations and web page download considerations
Ensure the client is aware websites look different than on paper
Content should be supplied by the client in a form easily used
Who is supplying the text?
Who is supplying the images?
Get the client to supply all text, photographs and content in electronic format
Make sure text supplied, if formatted, is in a web-ready format
The client should supply an example site-plan, in a bulleted list
The client needs to specify any specific functionality required at the outset
âMilestone' dates for the project should be agreed
Communicate missing any milestone date for supplying content / adding new content will have an impact on launch commitments and costs - both of you have businesses to run
Agree content delivery date
Agree Site Architecture Freeze Date
Agree Site Functionality Freeze Date
Agree Design Freeze date
Agree Launch Date
Changes to the brief should be communicated and costs agreed / timings considered in electronic form
No Favours - The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the bodies of well meaning web developers
Everything should be charged out, agreed and accountable
Websites can go down every now and then
Who hosts the current site?
Get Contact Details
Hosting is a recurring annual charge
Domain transfers sometimes go a bit Pete Tong
You are at the mercy of third parties
Who controls current domain(s)?
Domains need registered every year
Get Contact Details
Emails might go down for a period of perhaps 24-48 hours
Who controls current email(s)?
Get Contact Details
How many email accounts to you have/need
Launching a website can be about pressing buttons and.... waiting
Websites Get Hacked
All CMS needs kept up to date
In most cases hackers seek to deface the site
A hacked site can mean disaster in Google
A site that has been hacked can be rescued
Who's in charge of security / CMS updates
Agree maintenance fees
A Winning Website Is never âFinished'!
The client should keep his site up-to-date with news if he has a CMS
Training for the CMS should be costed if required
A website is subject to Laws of The Land and the client should investigate these
The UK Companies Act
UK Distance Selling Regulations
Website Accessibility Recommendations
Agree ongoing responsibilities
Who is responsible for the client's email, hosting and domain management
Do you âguarantee' a website is fit for purpose for say 1 year?
When will annual billing start and occur

I'm sure I've missed some things out, but I wanted a post on the site I could point my clients to, to educate them on some of the less talked about aspects of developing a website. I expect to modify this page every now and again.

Take responsibility, agree the scope of the project, recognise the requirements to meet the brief within allocated time-frame, and bill for your time.

I've learned this the hard way. Now I aim at all times to communicate with the client as much as possible to ensure any web development job doesn't get out of control.

Original Post: A Website Design & Development Project Checklist

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Journal Journal: Absolute Positioning in a CMS


So, my co-worker, people person in IT was contacted today about an issue in our CMS. They could not click any of the buttons or tabs in the CMS on just one Article. It worked everywhere else but the one article. My co-worker looked at it, but could not figure it out, so he passed it on to me.

So I logged in to look at it. Weird. Very very weird.

        On a hunch, I highlighted and drug my mouse across the page. Voila. Something was blocking the edit and tab buttons. Now I had to figure out what. Of course, IE8 doesn't have the same options / tools that FF has and the Workarea doesn't work with FF. Argghhh!

        Finally, got the Workarea into a full IE page and was able to pull up the tools, but once I found the Absolute Position with the top:0 left:0 location I couldn't remove it from that page and then edit it to fix it. So I had to go back to the normal CMS and F12 to get the tools. THEN I was able to search and destroy all the absolute positioning (it was in there 8 times). Then I checked it in. Sadly, since I couldn't publish it, the problem was not resolved, so once we received permission from the editor to publish, I had to do it again to get in, so a total of 6 times, I had to remove all the absolute positioning to make this work. Wow. I hope no one ever does that again. I can also, honestly say, that no one else would have figured it out as quickly as I did. Think anyone will notice? Nah. It wasn't Mother. LOL Once again, the KB, behind the scenes, saves the day and shall never be recognized for her good deeds and brilliant mind.
Welcome to the world of that Girl in IT.

Thanks for listening. ;)


Journal Journal: Long time.. LOL 1

Well, I still reign as conversion queen. I still get assigned all the conversions.. and guess what?
I still love it!! ;)

That's my update.. *grin*

Oh well, other than the pay freeze for the second year and the on-the-side stuff I've needed to do to make ends meet since the cost of food and everything else has gone up while my pay has remained the same (technically gone down because insurance costs have gone up too.. *sigh* And no more 401k match!! At least I have a job though!! And for that I thank the gods! )

Anyway, some fun stuff: two days ago, the mayor of Topeka Kansas proclaimed that for the Month of March, we will be Google Kansas.
I am trying to get as many people to mail me a post card to me in Google Kansas as I can!! :)

Wonder who else has thought of the idea. but either way, this is much fun!! ;)

I'll update after I get a few.
IF I get a few.. *grin*

Up to the post office now!!

Sent a submission to Slashdot, see if it gets approved..
I'm sure not. I've never been approved for any of my submissions.
Prally why I haven't been here in over a year...

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Journal Journal: Update ... More conversions!

Well, I haven't updated in a while. Mostly I've been running more conversions. Cappers, Farm Collector, Steam Traction and Gas Engine magazines have been converted into the Ektron CMS.

I also updated the Motorcycle Classics manufacturers page.

Otherwise, it's just little fixes here and there... small updates and additions and a few support calls to the Ektron support people. ;)

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Journal Journal: Conversion Queen shares her code

Well actually, a friend of the CEO of the company was trying to do a conversion from a company called iPost and they couldn't get their data to match. I was bragged upon and it was decided to share my code!!

Not sure how I should feel about that, but ya know, I think it feels good! :)

Okay. So. I'm weird!!

At least SOMETHING good happened on a Monday!

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Journal Journal: Conversion Queen 2

My boss called me the Conversion Queen.. and then promptly gave me 3 more conversions.. LOL

Ah well... kinda cool in a way. Good thing I love playing with Databases.. *grin*

I finished the Herb Companion conversion. It went fairly smoothly. Grit is supposed to be next, but they haven't gotten me the data to convert yet!

In between, I've been working on a contest page, forums, event registrations and various errors that have popped up.

It's now been over a year at this job and I still love it! Most days I actually don't dread going to work, like I did at my other jobs.. (I do hate mornings though, but once I get there... is all good!)

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Journal Journal: Motorcycle Classics Live

Actually it went live before Christmas. LOL
I guess I fell behind on this journal!

But now I am working on the MEL Tips conversion, Grit conversion and a Recipe Database conversion! :)

Life is good!!!

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Journal Journal: Utne's LIVE!!

Okay.. well, if you have been paying attention, you know that my personal project has been motorcycle classics.. however, somewhere along the way, my company decided to outsource this project... and the outsourced group SCREWED it up royally!!!

So, for the past week, I and everyone else on my team, had to drop our personal projects and fix Utne.

Well, our great effort (and over 80 hours prally each of us this past week), the Utne site is LIVE!

Yes, there are still a few issues, but nothing major.

A week late.. but all things considered.. all the time and effort put in to FIX everything, and I'm pretty damn proud. We all are... *grin*


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Journal Journal: MCC almost ready to go live!!

In fact, it's been moved to the Live Server (although currently you can only access it internally)
This is so exciting! :)

It's been a busy 4 months, but it's been fun!

On a side note, almost a year, and I'm STILL loving this job!!! :)

on a FURTHER side note, the KC Chief's and the KSU Wildcat's had a GREAT weekend in football!!
Whoo hoo!

back to work!

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Journal Journal: Existance of life != Water - Methane - Ozone 1

Why is it so important for certain chemicals to be present in order to discover "life"? I know Water is required for human existence, but why do scientists limit their searches for life on the foundation that all life must be carbon-based?

I mean, you always hear things such as:

"Scientists searching for signs of life beyond Earth are keen to learn about the presence of water on other planets -- both in and beyond our solar system -- because water is thought to be fundamental to the existence of life."

  Signs of water seen on planet outside solar system

The ideas of non-carbon-based life may push the realm of "science fiction" but even traveling to the moon was once "science fiction". It just bothers me that we may have witnessed life on another planet, but scientists were too dense to recognize it AS life.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Forums Converted and LIVE!!!! :)

My conversion worked!! Everything is up and running!!! (I ran my conversion at the end of February... it didn't go live until last Friday..... why you ask? Hell if I know!!!)

MEN Forums

It has been put into the new CMS system.. which means the look and feel of the new forums was not my choice nor in my control. (Yet, I'm still expected to fix it.. change it... adjust it... hard to do when I don't have access to the CODE)

My next project appears to be converting the MCC website (as my co-worker converted the MEN website). Fortunately, MCC is a bit smaller. I'm very excited.. but I can't start on it until all the kinks are worked out of the MEN CMS.

OH.. and did I mention that the CMS is still under "trial" period?!?!? Which means, if they don't fix some of the bugs.. we might go back to the old way.. (No Way In Hell!!)


I'm sure we won't go back.. but the "threat" might get the CMS creators working on the issues!!!

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Journal Journal: CMS almost in place!!

Sometime today or tomorrow!!! :)

My other conversions are "waiting on info"

But the new and improved site is almost LIVE!!!

Cept I still need to run my Forum Conversion on the old forums.. but they are waiting until the rest of the site is up and running, then the Forums will be implemented..

*fingers crossed*
I sure hope it goes smoothly!!!


User Journal

Journal Journal: Still waiting

Well, I finally got the specs on my new conversion assignment..
Now.. I am "patiently" waiting responses from the team who has created the program that we are converting to..

waiting and waiting and waiting..

Some customer service they have... I'm probably going to have to start emailing daily to see if SOMEONE will address my questions and issues..


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