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Submission + - Will a postcard make it to Google Kansas? (

Kris_B_04 writes: The mayor of Topeka Kansas has changed the city's name to Google, Kansas ââ the capital city of fiber optics for the month of March. The mayor did it "to convince Google to make Topeka a test site for an ultrafast Internet connection."
Now, the world has a hold of the idea.
Are we a laughing stock or ingenious?
And most importantly, will we be able to receive mail addressed to Google Kansas?


Submission + - Tomorrow is Computer Shutdown Day! Can YOU do it?

Kris_B_04 writes: Tomorrow (May 3) is Shutdown Day. Can you do it? Is it really possible to go 24 hours without technology anymore?

"Shutdown Day is a Global Internet Experiment whose purpose is to get people to think about how their lives have changed with the increasing use of the home computer, and whether or not any good things are being lost because of this.

"The idea of Shutdown Day project is simple — just shutdown your computer for one whole day of the year and involve yourself in some other activities: outdoors, nature, sports, fun stuff with friends and family — whatever, just to remind yourself that there still exists a world outside your monitor screen.

"Michael Taylor, the original partner in the idea of Shutdown Day, says 'I certainly could not and would not want to live without my computer. However, I am often drawn into spending hours chatting on MSN, simply because my friends are online instead of socialising face to face. I am often too busy to cook a proper dinner, because I want to see the latest news on or the latest YouTube video. I know parents who are so addicted to the computer that they spend little time with their children, and I also know children who do not spend time with their parents because they are always using the computer. We are not preaching to anyone to turn off their computers. We are just suggesting that people might like to take part in this experiment, and see what happens.'"

Submission + - Slashdotter Psychopaths (

Kris_B_04 writes: "Many potential psychopaths might not even realize they have the condition, nor has there traditionally been any easy way for others to recognize them."

I wonder how many /. people are psychopaths because of all the "FIRST POST" comments submitted.. *grin* After all, that is one of the questions on the quiz, Pseudo-Scientific Psychopath Detector, found in the article, The Unburdened Mind

The Courts

Submission + - Police Chief arrested for stealing beer from FD

Kris_B_04 writes: According to the Salina Journal,
"The police chief for the city of Wilson[Kansas] was arrested by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Wednesday for allegedly stealing beer from the Wilson Fire Department, according to court records."

And the question everyone wants to know, why is there beer at the Fire Department, but "He also declined to discuss why beer was being kept at the fire department office."

Submission + - Existance of life != Water - Methane - Ozone

Kris_B_04 writes: Why is it so important for certain chemicals to be present in order to discover "life"? I know Water is required for human existence, but why do scientists limit their searches for life on the foundation that all life must be carbon-based?

I mean, you always hear things such as:
"Scientists searching for signs of life beyond Earth are keen to learn about the presence of water on other planets — both in and beyond our solar system — because water is thought to be fundamental to the existence of life."
Signs of water seen on planet outside solar system

The ideas of non-carbon-based life may push the realm of "science fiction" but even traveling to the moon was once "science fiction". It just bothers me that we may have witnessed life on another planet, but scientists were too dense to recognize it AS life.

Submission + - Computer Code searching now on Google

Kris_B_04 writes: "Google launches search service for computer code

From the Article:
The Web search leader said late on Wednesday it is introducing Google Code Search, a site that simplifies how software developers search for programming code to improve existing software or create new programs.


Searchers can seek out specific programming terms or computer languages and dive deep into compressed code to locate specific features. Users also can narrow a search to find software code based on specific licensing requirements, which is a big deal in warding off future patent litigation. le/2006/10/05/AR2006100500053.html"

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