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Journal Kris_B_04's Journal: Absolute Positioning in a CMS


So, my co-worker, people person in IT was contacted today about an issue in our CMS. They could not click any of the buttons or tabs in the CMS on just one Article. It worked everywhere else but the one article. My co-worker looked at it, but could not figure it out, so he passed it on to me.

So I logged in to look at it. Weird. Very very weird.

        On a hunch, I highlighted and drug my mouse across the page. Voila. Something was blocking the edit and tab buttons. Now I had to figure out what. Of course, IE8 doesn't have the same options / tools that FF has and the Workarea doesn't work with FF. Argghhh!

        Finally, got the Workarea into a full IE page and was able to pull up the tools, but once I found the Absolute Position with the top:0 left:0 location I couldn't remove it from that page and then edit it to fix it. So I had to go back to the normal CMS and F12 to get the tools. THEN I was able to search and destroy all the absolute positioning (it was in there 8 times). Then I checked it in. Sadly, since I couldn't publish it, the problem was not resolved, so once we received permission from the editor to publish, I had to do it again to get in, so a total of 6 times, I had to remove all the absolute positioning to make this work. Wow. I hope no one ever does that again. I can also, honestly say, that no one else would have figured it out as quickly as I did. Think anyone will notice? Nah. It wasn't Mother. LOL Once again, the KB, behind the scenes, saves the day and shall never be recognized for her good deeds and brilliant mind.
Welcome to the world of that Girl in IT.

Thanks for listening. ;)

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Absolute Positioning in a CMS

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