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Comment Re:Can be safe, but safety engineering is hard (Score 1) 1148

From what I've read (and not on Wikipedia), without active cooling the core would melt down but that would simply result in a pool of molten-but-slowly-cooling material at the bottom of the reactor, with no more radioactivity released to the environment than now. The plant operators are trying various ways of cooling it down mainly in order to salvage precious materials so that the reactor can be restarted (after due inspections and cleanups, in some years).

Comment questions about how to store and manage the data (Score 1) 137

"the big numbers pose interesting questions about how the IT community will store and manage this firehose of data" - just like the construction community will house and manage the firehose of over 6 billion people, so to speak.

Everybody takes care of their own bit(s) & backups; there is no single entity dealing with managing 1.2ZB.

Questions not so interesting. Move on.

Comment Re:As a vi user... (Score 1) 939

I remapped that key that opens the context menu to Esc, so that I don't have to move my hand that much to get to the command mode. Hitting Esc with the right-hand ring finger is so much easier than Ctrl+[ or the actual Esc key.

Apparently, the new Lenovo (nee IBM) ThinkPad T400s has double-size Escape key. I wonder if I'll notice when I buy that.

I sometimes think about what other key would be better for Esc (I actually use the caps-lock) because sometimes I miss the easy context-menu key functionality...

Comment I don't think that far ahead (Score 1) 452

I played and loved Warcraft and Starcraft in college. Right now I'm going through Settlers II - nope, never played it before. With my simple machine, I prefer to look back at great games of yesteryear, rather than to anticipate the newest clone.

I'll get to MMOs when I get the disposable income and time; probably when the kids go to college. The first child is on the way, so we're probably looking at the second version of the next new, secret MMO. 8-)

Submission + - TorrentSpy Update on RIAA Bullying

SchadenFraulein writes: TorrentSpy has posted a notice on their homepage giving users an update on the lawsuit filed against them by the RIAA. The note starts, "This message is to inform you about recent efforts by the motion picture studios to shut down TorrentSpy. As you may know, in February 2006 the major movie studios and their Washington lobby, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), filed a lawsuit against TorrentSpy and other search engines." TorrentSpy goes on to share their battle to keep their log files private and re-assure users that they are not keeping personally-identifiable information. Its unclear why TorrentSpy has decided to post this update now, but if past history serves as any indicator, this does not bode well. Similar postings showed up days before SuprNova and LokiTorrent fell down in the never-ending RIAA hunt.

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