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Journal Journal: Why is Slashdot gettng worse

Well I have something real simple to say. We need a NON politically correct version of slashdot. Im sick and tired of getting modded through the floor and watching some of the conversations that go on. Dont get my wrong I like the Geek part of Slashdot. But slashdot isnt for All geeks anymore. Its for the Far left wing, tree hugging, PC, Academia brain washed, aint-american, anit-corperate, anit-everything, geek website. I love my country and for the most part believe things are going well. And when it comes to a situation where corperations are going to far, all anyone does is sit behind thier fuking monitor and bitch. Maybe they goto a party and get drunk and babble on about how the RIAA and MPAA are going to own america someday. I dont buy DVDs or Videos. I borrow. Im getting off topic. Slashdot has become the romping ground for the educations systems best brain washed geeks. Oh and I know my grammer and spelling are atrocious. No need to comment on that, oh im sorry some ppl only comment on the spelling and grammer of others and dont come up with a original thought to show they have an kind of intelligence.
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Journal Journal: New to the world 3

Well the trolls will be at me on this one. My question is that ive talked to plenty of ppl and ive formed an opinion about it but i was wondering about what you ppl thought. Im now single after 3 1/2 years. I wasnt very good at picking up girls to begin with but now i can flirt(bar/college party) and get to that point but cant kiss them or somehow "Seal the Deal", and what do you ppl think about hte Assholes get the girls nice guys console the girls. Ive talked to alot of girls and that saying seems to hold water. Its all the same i was just looking for some more opinoins. Opinoins from my slashdot friends will be taken with a bit more grain of salt. Oh and i work out alot quit smoking and am not an unatractive boring douche bag, its ashame you have to add that, but this slashdot, protection from the trolls to some degree.

Journal Journal: Crack the New Karma System 7

Everyone post what their Karma points were and what their Title is now.. I will calculate after enoungh People post.
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Journal Journal: Love advice Part 2

Your question is too general to give a reliable answer. Tell us more about you, and her. What attracted you both initially?

Well we have(were) together for 3 and a half years.Shes a school teacher and we both still believe we will spend the rest of our lives together. But i got comfortable i realize it was my fault i stopped going out and doing the things she wanted to do(Go clubbing and dancing). I F'ed up royally on my part. She said she needed a month to figure things out and after that she said that we should take one of my suggestions and do a communications blackout for 6 months knowing full and well that if she wanted to come back in that six months it was ok. Its been a week of hell. So do i go and be that guy she wanted me to be. Im afraid that no matter how much we care about each other that she meet some guy that will sweep her off her feet and she will forget about me. This was her first relationship BTW, I was her first Kis etc. Im 22 shes 24 and she wants to kinda play the field i guess. Ive been in relationships with other ppl and had sex with other ppl (b4 her). Do i need to accept that she needs to sow her oats or can i some how win her back?

Hows that fo some more info
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Journal Journal: Love Advice 1

As you guys can probably tell from my pas journal entrys i broke up with my longtime girlfirend. She ended it with the possiblity of getting back. Right now we are on a complete comunications black out. Im wondering we have the sam friends and such. I feel like i should act sad depressed and miss her, but is that how i should act if i want her back? Should i go out to clubs and get dressed up will the new and exciting me(which i want to do for myself anyway) get her back? Im just wondering if any of you guys have any ideas for me. Is the sensitive i miss you the route or is it the im moving on and going to have a good time?
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Journal Journal: Anonymous Cowards 1

I went to the doc and got some meds life is slightly better. And I appreciate all the feedback I get. It amazes me though how ppl will spend time to actually troll around in journals. And to post as an AC WTF? If you had some balls you would Reg a nick and use that but as the name says AC. When when these ACs finally make it to Junior High maybe they will pick up drinking or smoking and find something better to do with thier time.
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Journal Journal: Wow 1

Suck it up man, grow a spine even. So you got dumped and you suffer a mental illness. Stop wearing your frailties like a boy scout badge of merit. Stop trolling for sympathy by playing the "woe is me game" and take some pride in yourself.

Amazing within 10 minutes of writing my damn journal entry I had 3 posts. And to reply to the comment above. Im sorry did i offend you? WTF No where did i ask anyone for sympathy. Shit life sucks and it gets better and eventually it will.
But for the time being it looks like its only going to get worse. Oh and yes i appreciate all comments if find them very amusing. I have been though some rough shit im my life and someone from SlashDot Flaming my journal well ah not on the top of my lists of worst time in my life.
Flame on my fellow men if my misfortune makes you happy, all the best to you
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Journal Journal: My jornoul 7

Well since this is so convient i decieded to write in this Journal. My life Sucks as i know it tahts whats going on with me. You know 3 and a half years with someone is a long time. I know im still young (22) but all of my young adult life was spent with her. How the fuk am i to Last witout her. Not to mention im bi polar, which seems to be rearing its ugly head now. She was my support system. And all of my friends are not single.

If life sucks and you know it clap your hands!

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