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Journal KingKire64's Journal: Why is Slashdot gettng worse

Well I have something real simple to say. We need a NON politically correct version of slashdot. Im sick and tired of getting modded through the floor and watching some of the conversations that go on. Dont get my wrong I like the Geek part of Slashdot. But slashdot isnt for All geeks anymore. Its for the Far left wing, tree hugging, PC, Academia brain washed, aint-american, anit-corperate, anit-everything, geek website. I love my country and for the most part believe things are going well. And when it comes to a situation where corperations are going to far, all anyone does is sit behind thier fuking monitor and bitch. Maybe they goto a party and get drunk and babble on about how the RIAA and MPAA are going to own america someday. I dont buy DVDs or Videos. I borrow. Im getting off topic. Slashdot has become the romping ground for the educations systems best brain washed geeks. Oh and I know my grammer and spelling are atrocious. No need to comment on that, oh im sorry some ppl only comment on the spelling and grammer of others and dont come up with a original thought to show they have an kind of intelligence.
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Why is Slashdot gettng worse

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