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Journal KingKire64's Journal: Love advice Part 2

Your question is too general to give a reliable answer. Tell us more about you, and her. What attracted you both initially?

Well we have(were) together for 3 and a half years.Shes a school teacher and we both still believe we will spend the rest of our lives together. But i got comfortable i realize it was my fault i stopped going out and doing the things she wanted to do(Go clubbing and dancing). I F'ed up royally on my part. She said she needed a month to figure things out and after that she said that we should take one of my suggestions and do a communications blackout for 6 months knowing full and well that if she wanted to come back in that six months it was ok. Its been a week of hell. So do i go and be that guy she wanted me to be. Im afraid that no matter how much we care about each other that she meet some guy that will sweep her off her feet and she will forget about me. This was her first relationship BTW, I was her first Kis etc. Im 22 shes 24 and she wants to kinda play the field i guess. Ive been in relationships with other ppl and had sex with other ppl (b4 her). Do i need to accept that she needs to sow her oats or can i some how win her back?

Hows that fo some more info
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Love advice Part 2

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