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Comment Re:Product placement (Score 1, Interesting) 229

Therefore, no one cares what the end users and support staff think about it.

To the contrary, such a resounding failure shows that at least in some cases, end users' opinions do matter. I personally don't give a flying intercourse about National (ie, USian) Football (ie, handegg) League, nor of any other football (real or american) league, but plenty of people Microsoft would want to market Surface to do care.

Comment Re:No. Vendor. Lockin. (Score 1) 265

I am running native Fedora 24

Check if you're in enforcing mode.

19:22:06 > date
Thu Oct 20 19:22:29 AEDT 2016
19:22:29 > df /boot/efi
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/sda1 511720 8480 503240 2% /boot/efi

Contrary to what one would suspect, writing to the EFI partition is not a restricted operation. It can't be -- you could just put your disk into another machine and write anything there. Instead, if you write a kernel/bootloader not signed by a key signed by Microsoft, it simply won't boot.

Comment Re:That's, for better or worse, for a court to dec (Score 1) 218

Copyright law needs a top to bottom reform. Period.

Here's my proposal: sed '/^/d'

Seriously, copyright brings us exactly as much good as patents, and for the same reasons: a king of England got greedy and devised a way to gouge people for even more moolah while enacting censorship -- and then it got worse. The exact law differs (Statute of Anne that gave a monopoly and censorship duties to the Company of Stationers vs random "letters patent" monopolies) but their aim was the same.

Creative writing/art/etc was doing well before anyone thought of copyright.

Comment Re:No. Vendor. Lockin. (Score 1) 265

Well, try running a kernel or bootloader not signed by Microsoft on new Restricted^WSecure Boot systems. The requirement for the user's ability to disable Restricted Boot on x86 has recently mysteriously disappeared, wanna guess what's coming next?

Another thing: Windows bootloaders are signed with a key named "Microsoft Windows Production PCA". There's a different signing key, "Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA" that OEMs merely "should consider" including. Guess which one keys of distributions who begged to have their keys signed are signed with?

And once you boot one of such kernels in Secure Boot mode[1], you can't insert unsigned modules, kexec unsigned kernels or access (even as root) a number of facilities that could let you gain control over your own machine.

[1]. These kernels work normally when booted without Secure Boot.

Comment here's a workaround then (Score 2) 56

apt-get install bucklespring (there's a Mac build, dunno how do you install there -- or if you even still can install anything not from the App Store)

The author of this program has sampled the sound of every key on a real Model M, so you can install this and pretend you have a keyboard for grown-ups. On the downside, everyone in your building can learn what you type without requiring a VoIP link.

Comment Re:A UBI can actually foster more jobs (Score 1) 894

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

UBI is a modern version of Communism and as all such schemes it will end up in destruction, misery, murder and poverty.

The countries that are 'half way there' are also either getting out of it or they are going towards self destruction, all forms of collectivism end up in economic destruction, some take longer some get there quicker.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

The only thing that has no basis in reality is the idea that UBI will lead to prosperity instead of economic destruction. I explain that UBI is a modern version of Communism and as with all forms of collectivism this one too, will eat itself and the people will end up miserable, oppressed, some will be dead and everybody will be poor.

Comment Re:Ellen Pao (Score 1) 626

Who pays the debts? USA pays the debts? First of all there is no law requiring that USA pays all debts. Secondly USA does not pay any debts, it prints money and buys Treasuries off of the market through the Fed, it does not pay debts, it returns paper that is being devalued with each newly printed (or electronically created) note. Returning paper that is devalued is the opposite of 'paying debts'. USA should pay debts though but it is impossible because USA debts are completely unpayable by the USA economy and can never be paid. Thus USA debts will be defaulted as they were *multiple times*, one very obvious time was when Nixon defaulted on the gold payable by the Fed for US dollars held by foreign governments. This happened in 1971. If you don't understand that USA doesn't pay debts at all that's not my problem, that's your public government education fault.

Defaulting on the unpayable debts in an honest fashion through restructuring and some form of a reduced payment program would be preferable for the USA economy to the collapse based on inflation (money printing) that US government is choosing to go with.

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