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Comment solid advise (Score 1) 275

Whenever I'm out of my mind enough to look at the world as an outsider, I would advise any aliens to take off and nuke the site from orbit. Though they certainly have some way to just kill off the human species and let evolution try again. Come back in a million years (surely you've managed age) and check if earth intelligence v2.0 is better.

We definitely want to find them first, so we can check if we can conquer, enslave and economically exploit them. If not, to buy us time to improve our military until we can. We didn't claw our way to the top of the food chain for no reason, right?

Comment Re:Wow, spend $3billion? (Score 1) 161

Zuck seems to think that just because he's brilliant with computers (and making money with computers), he's brilliant at other things.

That's not his fault, it's an american culture deficit. In the USA, success equals smart equals good. People read all these "do these 10 things successful people do" without stopping one second to think that there's zero evidence for a causal relation. Or in simpler terms: Yes, maybe twenty successful people do X, but so do thousands or millions of unsuccessful people.

But yes, throwing money at a problem seems to be a typical response these days. Don't even look at what the problem actually is, just throw money at it. It has something religious.

Comment Re:Which RAID level? (Score 1) 467

btrfs has a real RAID 1 mode for a single disk, although to prevent accidental use it's named differently: "DUP". Every block is stored in two different places on the disk, with obvious results for data safety and performance. In fact, it's the default for metadata on hdd (but not ssd as those tend to die in ways that loses the entire disk rather than just some sectors).

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 1) 429

Organized crime gets their guns legally.

Nope, in a recent study of guns used in attacks on police officers, out of 160 cases only one involved a legally purchased gun (ie, with background checks and all the paperwork). All the rest were either sold on the street or stolen.

Comment Re:Get out of your city more often (Score 2) 274

Here in Europe, private ownership of cars could go the way of the Dodo bird and many people would welcome it.

The main differences:

One - our cities are older and streets smaller, the insanity that is hundreds of thousands of people each driving in a huge metal box that is mostly empty becomes visible very fast under such conditions. Parking in most European cities is a nightmare.

Two - we actually have working public transport.

I would be more than happy to use self-driving taxis in the city, and keep my car only for long-distance trips where train is not a good choice for some reason (remote village, castle, animal park, whatever in the countryside, etc.)

Maybe americans love their cars so much - but half of them also liked slavery and anyway it was abolished.

Comment Re:They disarmed him? (Score 1) 129

He was fired for endangering his colleagues and innocent bystanders. If you risk your own life to make a live arrest of an armed and dangerous perp who's clearly not going to submit, that's your decision, but he could easily have caused the deaths of others. And it wasn't the only offense he was fired for -- this was his third strike.

Comment Re:The whole problem was the unneeded secrecy (Score -1) 127

Trade secrets is the correct way of protecting knowledge, afaic all copyright and patent laws need to be repealed and for a company to make money it has to show results while protecting its knowledge and processes. I don't see anything wrong with treating a product as a black box that takes inputs and produces outputs, I only care that it does what it says it does by comparing the outputs to the expected results.

Of course this theranos thing (this is the second time in my life I am hearing about it, the first time was also on /. ) is a fraud and would be identified as a fraud based on the black box testing criteria.

Early investors should be more careful than trusting that a 19 y.o. girl with no 30 years of experience in the field will deliver 'ground breaking results'. I think in most cases this expectation will end up in a failure.

Millions of dollars are gambled on a promise because the market is set up for this type of a gamble by the Fedrleral reserve bank, by the dismal economy of the USA and by the government implicit and often explicit promise to bail out failure.

So the real problem here is the loss of efficiency in the overall economy, not that the product was never delivered, it was always a pie in the sky, just like never falling housing or bond markets.

Comment Re:What's undignified about rats? (Score 1) 429

I'd say confining a cat to four walls is animal abuse. Cats are intelligent creatures, and sitting caged with nothing to do but a rubber toy and a minute of petting per day would make them dull. You don't want a member of the Master Race^WSpecies to have the wits of a factory farm cow, do you? And fences mean dogs are confined in, coyotes are confined out while cats consider the fences to be mere decoration.

And the proper term for "small-animal-murder-machine" is "natural predator". Sure, a suburban ecosystem is not exactly natural or even self-sustaining, but with humans sitting on 80% of land area, that's the new norm.

Comment translation (Score 2) 53

revealing the different models of IMSI catchers the force owned would make the devices more vulnerable to hacking.

In other words: There is at least one audit report giving them very bad marks on security and they don't have the time, budget or expertise to fix the problem. Basically, they should be treated as if they are already hacked by an unknown party or two.

You are not afraid of disclosing basic information unless you cover up known vulnerabilities.

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