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Comment Re:It's about time Google did something about popu (Score 2) 79

It's about time Google did something about those full screen popups which pop up every time you go to some webpage

You mean, like that shit from consent.google.com with the parent page whitened out with blocked scroll even if the consent thingy is prevented by a request policy?

Comment Re:I'm shocked (Score 1) 183

You sound like a democrite rather than a liberal. Hitlary's gang is about as liberal as repugnicants, both pro- and anti-Drumpf, are conserving anything.

She's also actually more racist than Trump, and that's quite an accomplishment. And far more a bigot -- on the other hand, Trump is far, far more an idiot.

Comment Re:Does not replace mount (Score 5, Interesting) 538

We really don't want systemd to do its "dependency logic" for mounts. Case in point: have a btrfs RAID, physically remove one of its disks and mount with -o degraded. A basic operation that doesn't involve an init daemon and is impossible to get wrong, right? Not on systemd. If your RAID happens to be in fstab (ie, any real case other than when running from rescue media), systemd will helpfully instantly unmount it again. There's no known workaround for this bug other than commenting out the mount in fstab (or upgrading to sysvinit...).

I don't get how one could possibly screw this up. So systemd runs a daemon statting all your mountpoints just so it can unmount them if it believes some dependency isn't met?!?

Other cases where it messes with filesystems are not better. Where rsyslog goes to great lengths to ensure logs survive a system crash, sometimes even in annoying ways (like disk spinup on laptops) and uses append-only plain text logs that are readable even when heavily corrupted, systemd not only makes corruption and total data loss nearly guaranteed, but even goes out of its way to disable data consistency features (checksums, protection from torn writes, transactions) because "performance" and spams you with warnings if you manually turn them back.

Comment Re:QWERTY (Score 1) 58

HELL YEAH! Bring in a new N900 and I'll jump at it even if the specs would suck. In fact, I still use a N900 as iToys and Android are fit for a fart app and maybe a Fecesbook status update or two, but nothing more.

N900's keymap was brain-dead (most symbols required a pull-up menu) but, as Maemo used regular sane X, it's nothing you can't fix. Once you have full ASCII available, you are set for long hacking sessions without even bothering to fire up the big computer. Yes, I do use my phone nearly exclusively for its text terminal, like a proper Unix greybeard should. And there's no need to ssh out, it can run gcc, postgres, perl or whatever you want just fine (although with 256RAM it sucks so you want ssh unless you're stuck on a family gathering in a bumfuck village with no network access).

Comment Re:Some memory is shared, sometimes uses $1 of RAM (Score 1) 49

That 512MB RAM costs peanuts for a single virtual machine, yeah. But what if you run hundreds or more? Wasting 10% memory suddenly means you need 10% more hardware for the same number of customers if their VMs tend to have small CPU and I/O needs outside load spikes and thus need mostly RAM for adequate performance.

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