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Comment Re: This is silly (Score 1) 322

None. ALSA is strictly better for any single source of local audio: PulseAudio is physically unable of working when ALSA doesn't.

PulseAudio provides a clicky-clicky way to connect certain bluetooth headphones, and may provide software mixing for some sound cards that are otherwise limited to one sound at a time, but those are fringe uses. On the other hand, ALSA is way more powerful wrt channel routing: try for example reordering+remixing 5.1 surround: ALSA gives you an user-unfriendly 6x6 matrix which you can reconfigure for any possible way you may think of, while with Pulse all you can do is upmix/downmix stereo to 5.1 and that's it.

Comment Re:Firefox 52 works fine with ALSA (Score 5, Informative) 322

--enable-alsa will go away in Firefox 54. And the build system of Firefox is insane, so you can't expect a regular user to recompile.

With PulseAudio being criminally broken (case in point: doesn't work on the box I sit my butt at right at the moment), the effect is that Firefox has no sound.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISLAM (Score 1) 289

No, all of Islam is a problem, not merely the fundamentalists. While at a given moment only a "small" minority of several hundred million are fundies, anyone else, even someone whose parents and grandparents were civilized people who didn't give a damn about religion and visited churches/mosques only for weddings and funerals, may have a mental crisis, hear a sermon, follow a fashion (the recent revival of Islam is just that, a fashion) or the like, and start reading the Koran.

And since, unlike the Bible, the Koran presents an unambiguous message, that person will think "if the God commands to murder unbelievers, perhaps I should do so".

It's not that the Bible doesn't contain juicy passages. Are you approaching a town of another tribe? You're supposed to give them an ultimatum. If they refuse, you need to murder them all. If they surrender, you murder only the elderly and infirm, make the men your slaves and take the women as wives. Except for a few tribes which happened to be neighbours of Israel at that time -- you need to murder them all without even offering them to surrender.

But whenever the Bible says A, in another book it will say B, then in yet another both C and D. Thus, it is relatively easy to persuade a rational person that the demands of their holy book are only a parable and it's "only the spirit that counts".

The result? The majority of muslims believe their savage medieval law is given by god and needs to be forced upon everyone -- while I don't exactly hear about many christians or jews demanding adulterers or those who question their parents should be stoned to death.

Comment Re:The real problem is ISLAM (Score 3, Interesting) 289

People assume that Islam is just a kind of Christianity with a different brand and a few ceremonies swapped. It's not. The Bible is a big honking pile of contradictions, making cherry-picking not only permitted but the only possible way to worship it. You also need a lot of doublethink, but if you got conditioned to it as a child, you take it for granted and accept as normal.

The Koran, on the other hand, is consistent. Instead of being made of a bunch of different books from over a thousand years written by different authors of different religions (Yahvism of 800BC was a tribal polytheism, Christianity as created in early 2nd century AD based mostly on Platonism (with little heed to an illiterate itinerant preacher Yehoshuah) flavoured with myths from all around have nothing in common), Islam is the work of one man. (Not counting nameless scribes, no one ever credits them.) That man was not Muhammad but Uthman who sifted through tales about the former, took what he liked and banned at the pain of death anything else. And Uthman's work was pretty thorough for standards of the time: the biggest contradiction in Islam is permissiveness of alcohol, with everything else being either a literary device ("how long is a day of Allah?") or a mythological quirk (is Iblis an angel or a djinn?).

And with this consistent message, that tells you to murder the infidels at all cost, there's no wonder a portion of worshippers actually believe their holy book. It takes far more dishonesty to cherry-pick from Koran than it is from the Bible.

That some orange clown goes about it wrong (banning people because of their nationality at birth!?!) doesn't make Islam any more compatible with the civilized world.

Comment Re:Is this a why-is-open-source-more-secure thread (Score 2) 52

Some of those researchers are paid per paper. Others are sponsored by their companies and/or governments -- those 6500 core-years Google used for SHA1 collision weren't exactly free. Thus, there's a non-negligible number of paid people doing this work.

And no, I don't do security (beyond the "common"-sense).

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