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Comment Re:Easy back-up solution (Score 1) 135

As if we had a network of store-and-forward servers that can disperse email-like messages over the world, scalable as every server serves only local clients. Such messages could then be archived or expired based on a configurable policy. It might be less usable during a September, but since the Eternal one has ended, we can somehow wait these five days :p

Comment Re:Which RAID level? (Score 1) 470

btrfs has a real RAID 1 mode for a single disk, although to prevent accidental use it's named differently: "DUP". Every block is stored in two different places on the disk, with obvious results for data safety and performance. In fact, it's the default for metadata on hdd (but not ssd as those tend to die in ways that loses the entire disk rather than just some sectors).

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 1) 429

Organized crime gets their guns legally.

Nope, in a recent study of guns used in attacks on police officers, out of 160 cases only one involved a legally purchased gun (ie, with background checks and all the paperwork). All the rest were either sold on the street or stolen.

Comment Re:They disarmed him? (Score 1) 129

He was fired for endangering his colleagues and innocent bystanders. If you risk your own life to make a live arrest of an armed and dangerous perp who's clearly not going to submit, that's your decision, but he could easily have caused the deaths of others. And it wasn't the only offense he was fired for -- this was his third strike.

Comment Re:What's undignified about rats? (Score 1) 429

I'd say confining a cat to four walls is animal abuse. Cats are intelligent creatures, and sitting caged with nothing to do but a rubber toy and a minute of petting per day would make them dull. You don't want a member of the Master Race^WSpecies to have the wits of a factory farm cow, do you? And fences mean dogs are confined in, coyotes are confined out while cats consider the fences to be mere decoration.

And the proper term for "small-animal-murder-machine" is "natural predator". Sure, a suburban ecosystem is not exactly natural or even self-sustaining, but with humans sitting on 80% of land area, that's the new norm.

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 0) 429

Ban guns, and an organized criminal will have them anyway, while Tyrone in the US needing a fix or Seba in Poland needing the next flask will use a knife. Ban knives and he will use a baseball bat. Ban baseball and he'll use a brick. You'll be dead or in hospital just the same, your phone and wallet in his pocket and your girl raped. With guns, you would be able to defend yourself, but where brawn matters you're no match for an angry steroid user with no sense of self-preservation.

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