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Comment Re:Block wildcard (Score 1) 96

Piracy sites -- they deserve special protection, as they're very likely to be disappeared against their owner's wishes.

Image boards -- a glimpse into ephemeral content is worth keeping, even if you miss most of it.

Domain parking -- I agree with you, they're 100% spam. But they're the primary reason such deletion must not be retroactive.

Comment Re:Good job guys! (Score 5, Insightful) 132

Maybe in 10 or 15 years Firefox will be production ready. So instead of crashing several times daily, it might only crash several times weekly.

Are you sure you're using the same Firefox as me? It crashes less than once a year, and that's on Debian unstable, with 33 extensions and hardly ever below 100 tabs. Firefox does have its flaws, such as dropping sound support, massive memory use and using lots of CPU even when idle, but crashiness isn't one of them.

If you experience crashes "several times daily", you'd better check your hardware. Or perhaps you're running some bogus DRM scheme.

Comment Re:Remarkably Convenient (Score 1) 69

It's a car ride on "public" transportation. I have zero fucks to give about the driver's integrity. I care about getting from A to B quickly and the driver's driving ability and safety record.

Like, say, the driver lying up front to you how long the trip is and how long will it cost? Or the price suddenly rising by a factor of three the moment you arrive at the destination? Or them always "not having the change"?

Uber fixes all of this. Their execs might be strangling fluffy bunnies in all of their free time for all I care, if they can get us rid of the vermin that current cab mafia are, they're still good.

Comment Re:Remarkably Convenient (Score 1) 69

There's not been any shortage of cabs in NYC and people weren't reluctant to pay for it.

I take it you haven't walked within ten meters of a cab in the last, say, 40 years, I guess? Cabbies have Microsoft marketroid levels of integrity.

It's either a coincidence, or a bogus finding.

You mean, an unbiased story slipping through the anti-Uber organized shit flinging fest we have in the media recently?

Comment Re:Remember guys, nuclear was killed in the boardr (Score 1, Insightful) 146

Those "renewables" of yours are just a very, very inefficient way of scraping nuclear energy; it just happens that the reactor is 8 light minutes away. And the harvesting causes massive deaths of wildlife (constantly) or even humans (accidents). Compare how many more powers of magnitude of fatalities a single incident at Banqiao had than all deaths due to nuclear power together.

Now think what would happen if even a fraction of money put into the renewables drive went into fusion research...

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