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Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 178

Tivo is in a mad rush to somehow become a distant second place with no direct competitor.

I got DirectTV over a decade ago to feed a DirecTivo. On not being able to replace them as they wore out, one tuner at at time, I bought a newer tiro (Romio[?]) and switched to cable. (When asked why I was cancelling, I told him point blank, "Your DVRs suck." They are at least an entire generation behind in what they offer).

I quickly became underwhelmed by the new Tivo.

Where once it was easy to set a wishlist for all Series Premiers, now you have to search by that for text, which until a few weeks ago, had a staggering failure rate (picked up a couple a season).

With the older Tivos, you could tap the record button to record anything upcoming in the listing, and tap twice to get a season pass. Now, to record a single program is a couple of clicks, and a season pass several.

I'll definitely be looking for other options when this one wears out.


Comment Same for small plane crashes (Score 1) 236

The media are all over small plane crashes much the same way, giving a highly distorted view of just how safe aviation is. Aviation organizations like AOPA have started to get on the media's case about this.

If they reported car crashes with the same enthusiasm the "news" would be nothing but car crashes.


Comment Re: Election of 1968 (Score 1) 302

If that's your point, then I wholly agree with you. I thought that saying, "It's a disgrace to humanity as a whole," was you distancing yourself from from this monstrosity as if corruption was an American invention or as if the US has even exhibited corruption in its most perfect form.

This particular election (and nearly every other election in the US, at least in my lifetime) is a "shame on us" moment, but contemporary US politics don't represent the worst display of corruption in history or even in the modern world. I have no tolerance for it here, but don't make the mistake of pointing to our shit-show while letting your own fester, even if it isn't quite as bad at the moment.

Comment Re: Election of 1968 (Score 1) 302

It's almost as if the worst of your country represent you.

You must be new here (Earth). The top tiers of every government in every country are the worst of us, because the worst of us are attracted to the power and wealth that can be extracted from such positions and have no qualms about doing whatever it takes to get these positions. Where do you live where your politicians are angels (or even decent people)? Looking back through history, how many kings, emperors, presidents, and prime ministers can you name who were not monsters in one way or another?

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 2) 80

As a macbook pro user let me say that I will probably not like what Apple shows.
1. I want an m.2 slot for SSDs. They are getting bigger and cheaper and I want the option to upgrade my SSD as they improve.
2. I want memory slots just like my MacBook Pro has. I want the option of adding ram to my notebook like I did with with my MacBook Pro.
3. I want more than one USB ports. A Pro should also have Thunderbolt ports.
4. Keep the audio jack. You do not need to drop it.

Comment Re:I thought this was obvious? (Score 1) 149

That 3% was all over the lace when I went into their store to activate phones a couple of weeks ago.

I want today that I also initialed it but it may just be that I read things before signing.

And it's not even automatic throttling at that point, but rather lower priority on the available bandwidth: if there's enough bandwidth you still get LTE.

Im also looked at MetroPCs, which was quite clear that their data was lower priority on the network than Tmobile accounts.


Comment Re:because everyone carries a bag of 100 gift card (Score 1) 204

"If you click the link at the bottom of my post that's labeled 'Parent', you can actually READ the thread that you're replying to without jumping to the assumption that other people are idiots," is what I'd say if you weren't the exact person that I was replying to.

Seriously, did you forget the thread of the conversation? I was replying to your statement:

Then you should be able to provide evidence (receipt) that you bought those branded gift cards from a website instead of telling the police you bought it off from someone else?

In this case, the guy blabbed too much about his stupid scheme, but the AC upthread shouldn't have to provide any evidence at all if the police have no evidence that his hypothetical cards were involved in a crime.

Comment Judgement gives no protections! (Score 4, Insightful) 56

Privacy International said the judgment did not specify whether the unlawfully obtained, sensitive personal data would be deleted.

And, more importantly, it doesn't say who, how, or when the individuals responsible for the initial collection and later usage of those data will be prosecuted and/or fined for their actions.

So basically this is, "yup, we have your data and you know about it. Tough shit."


Comment Re:Same ole tactic, different day (Score 1) 435

I'm not old enough to remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident, but this really is starting to feel like the lead-up to the War in Iraq, down to the vague and unsubstantiated "evidence" being unquestioningly parroted by the media. Who in their right minds wants to start a war with Russia, especially over something as inconsequential as this?

Comment Re:Same ole tactic, different day (Score 1) 435

As if a Russian or a Frenchman acting on the Russian's behalf couldn't register a domain in France?

*That's* the best you can come up with?

If you're the one claiming that it's the Russians, then you're the one who has to come up with better evidence; everybody else just needs to poke holes in your argument.

He's pointing out that there's no obvious connections to Russia here. That's more than you've come up with.

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