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Comment Re:easy (Score 1) 372

This is the right answer!

I've always cycled to work, sometimes as far as 25km each way. It's a great way to stay in shape, it's fun (even when the weather's bad), and you get to see and hear lots of interesting things you'd miss sitting in a car or on a bus. Also, it can often be faster than driving or taking public transport, especially if the roads where you are tend to get congested at rush hour.

Comment Re:US Law Everywhere (Score 1) 79

Last time I checked, a maximum of a two-year custodial sentence is not a life sentence.

Just look at cases where an English judge asks a defendant 20-30 times for a key, and each refusal is three more years in the slammer.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

But your unnecessary hyperbole aside, I entirely agree that RIPA is utter rubbish, and I wish it would go die in a fire.

Comment Re:And this is why (Score 5, Informative) 946

I thought Oracle v. Google said APIs weren't copyrightable. As such, GPL-only APIs make no sense because the API can't be copyrighted to begin with.

You're wrong.

It is fine for someone to go and make a new, compatible implementation of the DMA-BUF API, with the same calling conventions etc., and license it however they wish. That is what the Oracle vs Google judgement said.

It is not okay to link your code into the GPL version of the DMA-BUF API unless your code is also GPL'd. That is something different.

Comment Re:Breakup (Score 1) 531

The NASA study mentioned in the summary, which makes very worthwhile reading, recommends using a C-type asteroid rather than an M-type asteroid, explicitly because C-type asteroids explode and burn up very high in the atmosphere. And M-type asteroids of the size discussed hit the Earth multiple times every year anyway.

Comment Re:A bad idea that "sounds good". (Score 1) 531

And when the mission makes a mistake and an asteroid goes plummiting into a major city it will cause trillions of dollars in damage and massive loss of life and potentially create a cloud of dust that will cause an ice age.

Objects bigger than the size they're proposing to catch enter Earth's atmosphere several times every year. I think you've been watching too many movies. Did yo think the LHC was going to make a black hole and destroy the Earth, too?

Comment Re:Highway lights??? (Score 1) 348

You want to save electricity? Ban clothes dryers, electric heaters, dishwashers and electric kettles. At least you'd cost less lives than this insanity.

Actually, dishwashers usually use less energy and less water than washing up by hand, if you run them with a full load. And it's quite common in the UK to have electric hobs in the kitchen; boiling water in an electric kettle is always more energy efficient than boiling it in a conventional kettle on an electric hob.

Furthermore, the examples you provide are unambiguously uses of the energy to do something useful. Using huge amounts of power to light a completely deserted stretch of road at 3 am in the morning is unambiguously not useful.

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