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Comment Incident Manager (Score 4, Interesting) 299

I was working as a Major Incident Manager for a very large consulting company working on a huge government project. The management in the consultancy company were generally terrible, on my first day my colleagues took me out for a drink - they pointed out a bunch of people across the room and mentioned that it was the configuration management team who had all just been fired because management weren't happy with the way the process was going...just as my first example.

Another time I had someone from second line support come to my desk and point out that some of the monitoring was showing red, I immediately directed one guy to check from an end-user perspective to see the actual impact for users, another guy to pull the logs, and a third to dig deeper into the monitoring - they all scurried away to start assessing the situation. In the mean-time I leaned over the partition to my boss who was sat next to me, and mentioned the issue - she stuck her head up like a meercat, looked around, and said (quoting word for word), "I can't hear any shouting, I can't see people running around, I can't see people panicing, I don't feel this is being managed properly!". She then asked me if I'd informed her boss yet - I told her we were still evaluating the situation (again, apparently unacceptable), so she immediately snatched up her phone and called him saying the monitoring was red and we were in a crisis. Just as she finished her call the guy from the end-user perspective came back to my desk and reported that the issue was completely transparent to end-users. I passed this news to my boss who threw her hands up and said, "But I've called X! Now it's nothing?!". Yes. Quite.

A third story would be from the time her replacement (she was eventually demoted then fired) pulled me to one side and started screaming and swearing in my face because he didn't feel I was motivating technical staff to fix issues quickly enough because I wasn't in their faces screaming and swearing at them until any issue was fixed (yes - this is exactly what he meant). I'm sure any techies here will be happy to agree that this is not an appropriate motivational technique to get the best from your staff...but there you go.

I could go on - but instead I'll just summarise to mention that in the 12 months I worked there everyone in my team quit or was fired and replaced twice over except for me and one other guy...when my contract finished I wasn't sad to leave.

-- Pete.

Comment Re:Illegal Speech (Score 1) 554

Speaking of not being able to read; The DOJ did not say the videos were illegal. The DOJ ordered UC Berkeley to make them compliant with ADA standards.

The university decided to remove the media because it was not worth the trouble and cost of fighting a lawsuit over compliance, and the cost of compliance was too high.

There was - is - absolutely nothing wrong with the videos themselves. The word "illegal" does not apply to any part of this situation. Big fuckin' difference.

Comment Re:Google Glass (Score 1) 119

Electric cars are a rich person's toy. Is the price difference less than a lifetime's worth of gas yet?

Last I checked - admittedly over five years ago - the premium cost of an electric vehicle (cost above a comparable gasoline vehicle in the same size and class) was paid for by fuel savings if you went with a least option. That is, the monthly lease cost for an EV minus the fuel cost savings was favorable to the monthly cost of leasing a comparable gasoline car.

Whether or not it's economical, however, depends on the cost of gas and how much you drive. When (not if) the price of gas goes back up to where it was circa 2012 then the economics will very much be in favor of EVs again.

Have they solved the range/long charge time problem?

These seem to be problems for people who go out of their way to make them problems.

Comment Re:Lots of Sunshine there (Score 5, Insightful) 201

Except you can't scale solar production up or down to handle fluctuations in demand.

You can scale it down, absolutely.

Or produce solar at night.

You don't need nearly as much power at night, and if they go with solar thermal you get quite a bit of storage "for free."

Or control the weather.

It's Arizona. They basically have two types of weather; Sunny and Night.

Comment Re:Fastest growing share is easy when you start at (Score 1) 382

My math says 1250 A @ 480V to fully charge 100kWh pack in 10 minutes

722 Amps since, at 480V, it's probably going to be three phase.

However, in the scenario you're suggesting, it would be more prudent to do battery swapping.

Comment Re:Non-answers (Score 1) 477

I run a fairly successful forum for tech issues. Indeed, the biggest challenge is getting newcomers to ask better questions. Even small improvements lead to greatly improved results for everyone. Questions demonstrating a sincere effort, even from the most clueless newbie, really bring out people's best, most helpful spirit.

Perhaps I've just been lucky so far to have a relative absence of trolls. There have been a few problem cases. So far, I've found simply speaking from a position of authority like "That's not how we do things here", together with many forum regulars chiming in constructively with strong support has been incredibly effective.

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