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Comment Re: EU is not Democracy (Score 1) 116

In the US, something like that would probably be considered a "true threat", and that's one of the well-known and uncontroversial exceptions to the First Amendment's protections for freedom of speech.

Sorry, but no. It has to be a "credible threat", naming a specific action, a subjective and objective intent, as well as some indication that the person actually has the means and opportunity to carry it out. The "if we ever meet" part of the statement is a clear indication that the threat is not actually a credible one. There's a good discussion of the issues over at the PopeHat.

Comment Re:EU is not Democracy (Score 2) 116

"freedom of speech" is not the only freedom in the world. It has to be balanced against all other freedoms.

Nope. No, it doesn't. It needs to be absolute, or it's useless. There are no freedoms that speech impinges upon. At all, ever, in any way.

but even in the US "freedom of speech" ist not universal above everything else. Just try crying "FIRE" in a crowded theatre and then claiming freedom of speech.

You're simply wrong. It is universal. It doesn't need to be "above" anything, because it's not possible to impinge on other rights with it. It is perfectly legal and acceptable to yell "FIRE" in a crowded theatre. It's free speech. You, like everyone else, misquote the SCOTUS opinion that stated it, in an dissent from the majority opinion. The full quote is "Falsely yelling 'fire' in a crowded theatre and causing a riot." The operative parts are NOT that someone said there was a fire - it was that they (1) Lied about there being a fire, and (2) caused a riot. We have laws against fraud and inciting a riot for reasons, and those things can cause harm to others. Even the "falsely" part is not enough to take someone's free right to speech away, because they may be performing satire, protesting the lack of adequate fire exits available in a theatre, or simply making a joke for the crowd. All protected speech. Even if it caused a panic the intent must be proven.

In these cases the problem is *really* hate. Hate in "you f*cking b*tch! I hate everything you say and if we ever meet i will rape you and hang you on your own intestines" (withouth the * of course). Should posts like these *really* be protected with nothing the person attacked can do? EU law says otherwise, but twitter&co rather do nothing - some say because a good hate-filled "discussion" gives more page views and therefore more ad revenue.

You can always come up with extreme, indefensible statements bordering on credible threats to point to and say "this should be banned" and lots of people will agree with you. But where is the line? It's very subjective, and the line can be moved this way and that on a subjective basis without anyone really noticing. Until it affects them. And that's why the right to free speech must be absolute. Because as that line gets moved, and the censors' conscious and unconscious biases creep into the censorship decisions, soon there are simply ideas and voices and opinions that are important and relevant that will never get heard. That way leads inevitably to tyranny.

Comment Kubuntu and (almost) any laptop on sale (Score 1) 256

For the past 10 + years, I have been using Linux exclusively as my desktop environment, and all on laptops. I use Kubuntu 14.04 at present, and have been on the LTS versions for many years.

I only buy laptops that are on sale, whatever is in the flyers the week I need to replace a laptop.

From a 'what works' point of view, most of the laptops I have used have fully worked with Linux. That includes Wifi and sound, the most pesky components. Years ago, one Dell laptop had an issue with Wifi and I had to download something or other to make it work. The last few releases did not need anything special for it to work.

I am writing this from a 2009 Toshiba that works well with Kubuntu 14.04. An older Toshiba (maybe 2006 or 2007) still works fine with the same Kubuntu version.

From a reliability point of view, avoid HP laptops. I had one where the screen hinge decided not to work, and broke, so it is now a special purpose server. Another HP was overheating and we got it exchanged under extended warranty and 3 strikes (sent for repair 3 times for the same issue).

Comment Re:Or Facebook could just pay taxes (Score 0) 58

I am 100% against all forms of taxation, have been 100% against all forms of taxation. I am not against charity though and this is charity.

I wonder why you don't see that this type of charity is much better than any form of taxation for the purposes outlined in the story? So if FB had to pay more taxes than it managed to pay (legally, but I don't care, I think everybody needs to hide 100% of their money from all forms of taxation legally or illegally, whatever) why would it be better for your position? Why would it be better to take money from a company and use it for all the things that government uses it instead of using it specifically to attempt some form of charity that government pretends it's doing?

Let's say FB had to pay 10Million USD in income taxes (I don't know the numbers, could be many times that) so why wouldn't it be better to have that money go directly to the cause they are supporting instead of funnelling it through any form of government at all?

Is it because you cannot stand the idea that there is no oppression by the mob involved there?

Comment Re:This is why.... (Score 2) 203

I say lock up everybody who pays taxes to the government instead of avoiding and evading all taxes. The people paying taxes are directly responsible for the government oppression being perpetrated against individuals, groups, all the war and economic crimes. Governments are the culprit marauders, destroying individual rights and all must be judged and executed AFAIC.

Comment Re:There is a sizable market left out there (Score 1) 128

I still have a nokia phone -- my sixth in a row. Still with buttons. Best voice quality, small, light, not too-thin-to-hold. It's not my computer. It's my phone.

So, for all of those people who can't actually work on a phone -- because our work is bigger than a phone, in the same way that a general contractor can't use a swiss army knife to build your house -- a great phone with buttons beats out a big phone with a touch screen every day.

I'm happy to spend another $300+ on a nice durable quality phone with buttons, and a headset jack. Internet, I can take or leave.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 2) 351

OMG, I don't have to make anybody do absolutely anything! Free market is literally one single property: absence of government regulations, nothing else.

There is nothing else in the entire concept of free market, all that it is - it's absence of government regulations. WTF do you think it is?

I don't need anybody to do X or Y or Z, the only thing that is required is that people do whatever the fuck they want and there is no government to regulate them, whether in their personal or in their business lives.

Under those conditions the businesses that cater best to the public desires win and that's what 'free market regulations' are - the winnings go to those, who can satisfy the people's desires the best.

As to private police force, I am 100% 100,000,000,000,000% on the side of the private property owner protecting his private property with any form of private force from the attack by a mob. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I am not imagining myself as anything that I am not, I know exactly where I stand and my position never changed on this matter over a number of decades regardless of my personal situation in life.

Comment Re:At least Trump may actually do some good (Score 1) 351

Direct proportionate capitation taxes, excise, import, duty taxes are Constitutional and were implemented from the beginning of the USA.

Income, payroll, dividend, capital gains, property taxes, death (any type of income and wealth taxes) are unconstitutional and are collected illegally.

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