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Comment Re:Technical OR legislative? (Score 1) 274

I don't know where you live, but here in the US, some people were trying to push through anti-encryption legislation that technically outlawed lossy compression, like JPEG, as well.

So, we better hop onto the technological solution train Right Now, otherwise we're going to get people passing crappy laws on things that they don't understand because "well someone has to do something!" and we're all going to suffer for it.

Comment Oh Boy! (Score 1) 199

Well, you know, the new rules and regulations we added ended up having all kinds of unintended consequences (that people warned about repeatedly, my goodness, who would have thought), so let's add yet another system on top of the existing pile of crap. Soon it will be just like a Microsoft product! Can't wait! Nothing says "Freedom" like more interference!

Comment Re:When everything you do (Score 1) 541

That's the thing.

I see a lot of criticism thrown towards systemd, and it does violate the "single responsibility done well" philosophy. I've also seen criticisms of the bugs, how it isn't ready for production systems, how troubleshooting is very difficult, how the maintainers are not receptive to suggestions/bugs/fixes, etc., etc. I think these are very valid concerns.

And yet, many distributions are moving to it.

Unless there is some kind of Super Secret Linux Conspiracy, you know, like some kind of George Soros of the Linux world, then the only other explanation is that systemd is offering some kind of improved utility that the initd system lacks.

We're not the kind of people that would replace such a critical piece of core functionality on a whim. If it is broken the entire system is going to be in a very sorry state.

So what does systemd offer that is worth that kind of risk?

Comment Re:WE need unions also why train your h1-b replamn (Score 4, Insightful) 472

Unions do all kinds of wonderful things.

They make it incredibly difficult to fire under performing workers, for example. That lazy guy who never finishes anything on time? Yeah, can't fire him. Can't even discipline him.

Unions take your dues - which will not be small - and will use them to prop up politicians. Politicians that you may not like.

Unions may raise your wages, sure, but that will also raise the cost of your company doing business. That means your company will need to charge more, meaning more work for the non-union shops because they're less expensive.

Unions will make sure that you are promoted based on years of experience, not skill or knowledge. So that moron who doesn't know the difference between an integer and a float, but has been here 20 years? He's getting paid more than you and always will.

Speaking of, are you particularly valuable as an employee? That's nice. You may be super smart, very talented, incredibly fast at what you do, but too bad. You're getting union scale pay.

No, we don't need unions. Is your company crappy? Leave. Find a job somewhere else. That company will have to learn to treat their workers better or they'll be stuck with a perpetual revolving door, with no work getting done.

It worked at my company. We weren't being treated well. A ton of people quit. Company wised up, started treated existing employees better, increased pay and benefits. No union needed - just a free market.

Comment Re:Obvious causes in no particular order: (Score 1) 643

What rape hysteria?

Might I remind you of articles like this one, or how, especially on college campuses, someone accused of rape is guilty before being proven innocent. Worse, they're often still guilty, even after the evidence is in their favor. Colleges will throw out people accused of rape even if the crime is not proven in the court of law.

All it takes is someone with an accusation and you're automatically the bad person.

Then you get into real ridiculous territory about what defines rape. It doesn't even need to include physical contact. There have been rape cases brought against people because they asked about having sex more than once.

That's not rape. It may be annoying, and in extreme cases it could be harassment, but it isn't rape.

So yes, there is a "rape hysteria" going on, because the SJWs especially on college campuses are getting way out of control.

Comment Never Thought Amazon Would Work (Score 4, Interesting) 67

When Amazon was just starting out, I thought, "Why would someone want to buy books online? It's so much better to go to a book store, you can see the books, thumb through them, see what you're getting before you put any money down, etc."

When YouTube launched I thought, "Who the hell wants to watch stupid cat videos?"

When Twitter launched I thought, "140 characters? That'll never take off..."

I'm reeeeeeally bad at predicting things, obviously... (o:

Comment Re: Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the U (Score 0) 238

Modding a post at "-1, Troll" is the lazy way of saying, "I disagree with you, but I'm too lazy / uninformed / ineffective to write a post as to why, so have this negative moderation instead."

When your views are not popular you're going to get this kind of crap. Happens to me a lot.

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