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Comment Re: Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the U (Score 0) 238

Modding a post at "-1, Troll" is the lazy way of saying, "I disagree with you, but I'm too lazy / uninformed / ineffective to write a post as to why, so have this negative moderation instead."

When your views are not popular you're going to get this kind of crap. Happens to me a lot.

Comment Re:Wow, the UK is even more screwed up than the US (Score 3, Informative) 238

I also don't understand why losing a national referendum would require a new Prime Minister.

Seems you're a week or two behind the news.

The UK needs a new prime minister because the previous prime minister has voluntarily stepped down. David Cameron was against the exit from the EU. He decided that since the country's majority ran contrary to his stance, it was a good idea to vacate his position and let someone else lead.

Comment Re:Amazon too big for its own good (Score 1) 129

I actually don't mind the bribes to have delayed shipping. Most of the stuff I order I really don't need soon, so waiting a few extra days for some credit on a future purchase is a good deal to me.

Though, I am starting to question the value of the Prime membership. Do they still have free shipping on larger orders? I don't really use the movie service and the free music streaming doesn't usually have much I'm interested in, so...

Comment Re:rust community (Score 3, Insightful) 167

You're kidding me, right?

Please tell me that you're joking.

If this is true, I really have zero desire to learn the language. Anything swamped by the disaster of political correctness is, quite frankly, just not worth the trouble. If I'm going to use standard computer science terminology and get whined at because the same word means something not-warm-and-fuzzy in a totally different context, then I'm out.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1) 1592

The EU allows for free movement between countries, and is also forcing countries to take in some of these migrants. Imagine your local city council forcing you to take in random people off the street, give them one of your bedrooms, feed them, and pay for their medical care. A complete violation of your personal sovereignty.

That is just one of the things this referendum was about.

If you cannot understand why that is dangerous and why it makes people unhappy, then I cannot help you.

Comment Re:appeal (Score 0) 309

If this case make it to the current SCOTUS, it will probably end up a 4-4 split, with the conservative side saying, "If you want the data, get a god damned warrant," and the progressive side saying, "Give us all your data, you have nothing to hide, right?"

Activist courts suck. Half our court doesn't even read the laws they're sworn to uphold anymore.

Comment Re: Oh, the irony! (Score 1) 207

Our current hatred of the US stems from the fact that while countries like Russia and China are EXPECTED to pull shit like this, the US that I grew up in is not.

If you want to know who is responsible for the USA turning to these kinds of activities, I recommend that you look in the mirror. It is you, and I, and everyone else who votes - or doesn't. The people we choose to put into office are the ones who have the power to stop or expand these activities. The American people, however, keep going to Big Brother because it keeps promising that it will keep us safe. And the children, too. Think of the children.

Don't blame Bush, or Obama, or either of the two dumpster fires that are going to be elected into office this coming November. Those people only get into office because we put them there. People who are too scared to take personal responsibility. People who want a nanny state because it's easy. People who have no sense of history and what a unique opportunity they have been given - and how they're pissing it all away.

We keep focusing on the symptoms when we should be looking at the disease.

Comment Re:For those who think there qre no stupid questio (Score 2) 1144

You could remove all guns and mass killings will still occur.

Mix some bleach and ammonia and throw it around. Put together an explosive. Drive a car over the sidewalk. Poison the water supply. Release weaponized viral agents into a high population area.

The problem here isn't firearms, or cars, or machetes. The problem is an ideology that encourages and glorifies murder of people who don't agree with you.

Submission + - Antigens Used to Combat Cancer ( 1

KermodeBear writes: Scientists at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, have successfully conducted three human trials of a "universal cancer vaccine," which they developed as a safety test before going onto larger clinical trials.

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