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Comment Re:Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss? (Score 2) 192

Same here, although that may be because I don't-- can't-- bundle, because I have Comcast Business internet. I'm planning on dumping the TV account and buying the Elite tier on Vue. I would still have access to the few shows I really watch (some require Elite), but save $60 a month. I would only be giving up the ability to save shows indefinitely on their cloud DVR, and CBS, which I could get with an antenna (I already own a good one). Oh, and History, which would suck but I can get Sling if I'm not happy with watching the shows on the web site, yet still pay $40 less than with Comcast.

Comment My experienece (Score 1) 192

We were paying $180/month with Comcast for 25Mbps internet, 2 basic cable boxes, and HD, no movie channels

We adding 40Mbps DSL to our CenturyLink Landline for $25/month. Amazon Pirme - $100/year
Netflix 4K $11.99/month
Sling TV (Espn, Espn 2) $20/month
OTA $0
Tivo - $120/year (we had this with Comcast as well.)

Comment Re:I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 244

You are right. Trump is accused of being unethical in business practices and probably guilty of several tax statues and possibly rape or sexual assault.

Clinton in the meantime has been accused of breaking federal criminal law, and despite the evidence will never see a trial because of prosecutorial discretion from other members of her political party. She has also defended an adulterer, perjurer, and also possible rapist/sexual assaulter...

Comment Re: I'm trying to look at this objectively (Score 1) 244

Well considering a court will never get to decide whether or not Hillary broke federal law or just had "poor judgment" in your words or "extremely careless" in Comey's words. Deciding not to prosecute isn't the same as not having broken the law. It doesn't take a lawyer to know that people don't destroy phones and use bleach bit to keep wedding emails out of the public eye.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 307

Hell, when I was about 12yrs, I went into a high end audio shop at the time, and heard my first pair of Klipschorns hooked to a McIntosh tube amp...and was hooked.

When I was 12, I was doing well enough just to hit "record" on the boombox when BBC Radio 1 started playing something I wanted to keep.

(Two years later: substitute "AFN Kaiserslautern" for "BBC Radio 1," but since they were both on AM, audio quality on either of them would've been dismal by modern standards.)

Comment Re:Liberals and their insults (Score 1) 134

Eight successful years as Secretary of State.

Chris Stevens was not available for comment.

What has Trump ever done that benefited the American people?

Created who knows how many jobs, which puts money in the hands of those who earned it. People like Trump sign the fronts of checks. People like Hillary have only ever signed the backs of checks.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 164

In California, it's almost $50 a month for a 380W server.

Your server most likely isn't pulling 380W 24/7 unless it's running on an ancient power hog like a Pentium 4 and/or has a shit-ton more disks than usual. Mine uses an AMD A4-3300 and has four hard drives (a Seagate Barracuda LP, two WD Greens, and one 5400-rpm WD Blue...10.5 TB total) for media storage. I haven't measured it lately, but I would be surprised if it pulled as much as 100W at idle (CPU idle, drives still spinning). Even at full tilt, the CPU's only going to add another 60-65W at most.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 164

That ties up your phone while it's playing video, though. I bring a Chromecast with me, pre-configured for the travel router I also bring. Plug it in, connect the router to the local WiFi, fire up Plex, get access to everything I have at home. A 5-port USB charger runs everything off of one outlet (though the Chromecast can often steal power from the TV) and can still charge my phone and tablet.

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