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Comment Re:The car wasn't pulled (Score 5, Insightful) 130

I was going to post something similar. I hate comparisons like these. The 'ants' are pulling against the rolling resistance of the car, not the car laying on its side, as would be the case with the tower equivalent weights. Unless you had some gigantic roller bearings to slide them across.

Submission + - There is money to be made from Elon Musk's Mars colony (

MarkWhittington writes: The Motley Fool, a financial services company that provide investment advice on a number of multimedia platforms, states that Elon Musk’s SpaceX is likely to beat NASA to Mars. The firm points out the various shortcomings of NASA’s Journey to Mars program, not the least of which that it lacks funding and a plan. Besides, the space agency has become so bureaucratic that the sun will turn into a red giant before it can put astronaut boots on the Martian soil.

The investment advisors suggest that Musk does not have sufficient funds in his private fortune to get his Mars colony off the ground. He will have to have outside investors, which likely means taking SpaceX public. Thus, there may be some money to be made out of Musk’s Mars colony.

Comment A new study on statistics (Score 4, Interesting) 345

I doub't it would have much effect. You cannot stop human nature. Besides the view that sex is "bad, dirty, evil..ect", I'm going to throw a broad sweeping generalization that most men in a household take care of the tech stuff anyways, and will answer the question with a "no" and go on about their business, or answer "yes" and set the limits to off.

Comment Problem with the question? (Score 0) 446

Asking the "Do you support more use of drone aircraft to attack suspected terrorists?" against what was probably a large group of 15-22 year old males, is probably why the results are misleading. It's a loaded question. Of course they would respond with "yes". A better question would have been "Do you support taking military action, which may result in untold civilian murder, against alleged terrorists?, and if so, what is your banks routing number?" The results would surely have been more swayed towards no. An even better question would have been "In the event of a government sponsord asassination, which results in X deaths, who is to be held responsible for those X deaths, and if no evidence of malice is found on behalf of (X-Y) victims, what should the punishment of the government be?" There are way too many hidden variables in this type of question to take any valid results away from a poll like this.

Comment They do not propose "Perpetual Motion" (Score 5, Informative) 153

If one reads the article, in the last paragraph the statement occurs: "Time crystals may sound dangerously close to a perpetual motion machine, but it is worth emphasizing one key difference: while time crystals would indeed move periodically in an eternal loop, rotation occurs in the ground state, with no work being carried out nor any usable energy being extracted from the system." They aren't proposing "mechanical perpetual motion" like we are probably all thinking at first glance. The crystal isn't doing anything abnormal. No energy is to be gained from the system, so at least mechanically, nothing is happening.

Submission + - What Happened to Winter?

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "This year the temperature in Minneapolis didn't fall to zero degrees until January 12, the daytime high in Rapid City, South Dakota hit a record-setting 71 on January 5, and just a couple of days before New Year's, visitors to Park City, Utah, skied on man-made snow and dined al fresco — without their parkas — as Eryn Brown reports that a combination of factors has trapped winter's cold air over Canada and Alaska, making for unseasonably warm weather in the Lower 48 and creating disappointment for outdoor enthusiasts who revelled in last year’s snow. "The talk across the whole country has been, 'Where has winter been?'" says Dale Eck, who runs the global forecast center at the Weather Channel in Atlanta. The culprit is a mercurial weather pattern called the Arctic oscillation. André Viau, a climatologist at the University of Ottawa, describes the polar jet stream as similar to a ribbon that snakes across the continent, at the intersection of the colder air in the north and the warmer air that’s farther south. When the Artic oscillation is weak, or negative, the ribbon buckles, allowing colder Arctic air to penetrate farther south. This season, however, the oscillation has been almost exclusively positive. Strong polar winds have pulled the ribbon of the jet stream so taut, “it’s been almost straight,” says Viau, preventing Arctic air from escaping southward. Last week, the strength of the oscillation finally relaxed, moving first to neutral and then to negative, allowing dense Arctic air to flow south and bring the first bone-chilling temperatures of the winter south. But even with the recent dip, it’s possible this winter will go on record as one of our warmest says Canadian climatologist David Phillips. "Memories of this winter will be quite something: short and mild.”"

Submission + - Spark, First Linux Tablet Running KDE Plasma Activ (

dartttt writes: Aaron J. Seigo, from KDE Plasma Active development team has revealed a tablet which could be the first device to come with Plasma Active pre-installed. Named 'Spark', the tablet features an open Linux stack on unlocked hardware and comes with open content and services market.

Plasma Active is a joint project by the KDE community, basysKom and open-slx. The goals for this open source project are to deliver a fast embedded UX platform with minimal memory requirements, provide customizable and modular to support different form factors and design an interface that adapts as users change Activities.

Plasma Active is intended for all types of tablets, smartphones and touch computing devices such as settop boxes, smart TVs, home automation or in-vehicle infotainment.

Submission + - New Via quad previewed (

hairyfeet writes: "HardOCP has a preview of the new Via Technologies quad core APU which purports to outscore the AMD Brazos in graphics performance while having just a 27w TDP. Most interestingly for possible server roles is it continues Via's support for hardware based AES encryption while being pin compatible going all the way back to the C7. So could this be the chip that gets via a place in your server room?"

Comment Re:Another broken marriage... (Score 2) 399

This is very untrue, on almost all levels, even if it is true for the poster himself. I've been a techie my whole life, while my wife on the other hand, can barely work the tv remote. You could go as far to say that I'm obsessed with some things. However, she is also obsessed with something I can't understand; cooking. To me it makes no sense how someone could enjoy cooking so much! I'm sure she feels the same way. However, were both fine with it, because we know it is what interests the other, and makes us happy. If you know who your spouse is before you marry them, you shouldn't have to change who you are.

Project Bifrost: (Fission) Rockets of the Future? 148

astroengine writes "Researchers from Icarus Interstellar Inc. and General Propulsion Science have announced their intention to pursue the development of Nuclear Thermal Rockets and other fission-based space technologies. The aim? To revolutionize space travel, ultimately paving the way to the goal of sending a probe to another star."

Comment ~ 10^9 submissions (Score 2) 605

And here I was thinking I had submitted a great story! Anyways, I use Linux primarily, and skype often with family members. I hope I don't have to re-setup everything as a result of discontinued compatibility. It's doubtful that they would continue to support versions of linux. I can see them supporting apple software as they do for Office, but I'd be willing to bet linux users will be hung out to dry.

Submission + - Microsoft agrees to buy Skype for 8.5 Billion (US) (

KBentley57 writes: While there have been talks of both Google and Facebook entering into some sort of deal with Skype, it appears that Microsoft has swooped in and bought them before either of the two had a chance. BBC News reports that "Microsoft's aim in buying Skype is to improve its video conferencing services". There was no mention of continued compatibility between other operating systems in the article.

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