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Submission + - False CNN-porn report shows how fast fake news spreads

xtsigs writes: No, despite what you read, CNN did not run porn for 30 minutes last night, as was reported by Fox News, the New York Post,Variety and other news organizations, several of which later corrected their stories. — from USA Today .

The story goes on to explain how the story started (a single tweet), how it was quickly picked up by media outlets (without verifying if CNN actually did, in truth, broadcast porn), how it was then retracted by some outlets (but not others).

Other outlets jumped on the story of the story while, as of early Saturday morning some sites are still running the original story claiming CNN did, in fact, broadcast 30 min of porn.

Comment Re:This should be a global effort. (Score 1) 147

While I agree with your sentiment, coal burning power plants are more efficient than solar arrays. Coal plants by themselves often average between 30-40% efficiency. Silicon based solar arrays have a lab-value maximum right now at ~25% efficiency. It gets even lower for the thin-film based solar cells, such as those based on ITO and CdTe, 10-16%.

Comment Re:98 (Score 5, Insightful) 90

I'd say this is a pretty pessimistic viewpoint. If we could eliminate HIV in 98% of patients today, it'd go a long way in terms of eradication. Combined with preventative care, you'd be looking at just over 1 million lives changed for the better in the US alone. Not only that, but the time gained from 2% -> 100% again (worst case scenario) would give needed time for further research.

Comment Re: oh no (Score 2) 297

No, in fact, it's probably worse. As it is guaranteed to not have any meaningful clinical results, the only remaining thing you can get from a bottle is contamination. So, while gaining nothing, you run the risk of ingesting contamination, mechanical, bacterial, viral, etc. So in that regard, homeopathy 0.

Submission + - Author or curl gets tech support emails for random cars 1

AmiMoJo writes: The author of the popular curl utility has been receiving requests for help from frustrated car owners having difficulty with their infotainment systems. It appears that because his email address is listed on the "about" screen, as required by the curl licence, some desperate users are reaching out to him in the hopes of finding a solution.

Submission + - First color images produced by an electron microscope (

sciencehabit writes: Imagine spending your whole life seeing the world in black and white, and then seeing a vase of roses in full color for the first time. That’s kind of what it was like for the scientists who have taken the first multicolor images of cells using an electron microscope. Electron microscopes can magnify an object up to 10 million times, allowing researchers to peer into the inner workings of, say, a cell or a fly’s eye, but until now they’ve only been able to see in black and white. The new advance—15 years in the making—uses three different kinds of rare earth metals called lanthanides (think top row of that extra block below the periodic table) layered one-by-one over cells on a microscope slide. The microscope detects when each metal loses electrons and records each unique loss as an artificial color.

Comment Are linux adverts still bad adverts? (Score 5, Insightful) 535

The summary sounds like an obvious plug for system76. I'm not saying it's bad, because what the summary says, is in fact true. I've compared them myself. I even have a System76 desktop and am pleased with it. However, and advertisement disguised as an article is still and advertisement.

Submission + - Family sues Amazon after counterfeit hoverboard catches fire, destroys home (

tripleevenfall writes: A Nashville family whose $1 million home was destroyed earlier this year in a fire caused by a hoverboard toy is suing Amazon saying the retail giant knowingly sold a dangerous product.

The lawsuit says the seller of the hoverboard listed online, "W-Deals," is a sham organization that is registered to an apartment in New York City that has not responded to requests from lawyers in the case. It alleges the family was sold a counterfeit product from China instead of a brand with a Samsung lithium ion battery they believed they were buying from Amazon.

Submission + - Maserati Chief Says Tesla Ain't Seen Nothing Yet With EV On The Way (

MojoKid writes: Luxury automaker Maserati has avoided the whole electric vehicle (EV) craze that's been driving product design at its competitors, but not anymore. The mandate from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne is to build a Maserati EV as quickly as possible, so that's what engineering boss Roberto Fedeli is now focusing on, though they won't have anything ready before 2019. Fedeli is well aware that Maserati will be last to market with an EV model, but he isn't concerned with that, nor is he intimidated by what Tesla is doing. While acknowledging that Tesla is kicking out some 50,000 EV cars a year, he compared the execution and quality of Tesla's products to that of a German OEM in the 1970s. "Their solutions are not the best," Fedeli said.

Submission + - A design-build-test cycle for the invention of living things (

the_newsbeagle writes: Engineers know how to iterate. Whether they're working in hardware or software, they use the design-build-test cycle to get from an idea to a satisfactory product. Now synthetic biologists are applying this approach to inventing strange new life forms. Ginkgo Bioworks, a hip Boston startup that recently raised $100 million, considers itself an "organism factory." The company's bioengineers use synthetic DNA and a highly automated lab to create novel organisms, trying out thousands of variants as they work toward one that has useful properties—like a yeast that spits rose oil, which Ginkgo is developing for a French perfume company.

Comment Re:And they discovered that Slashdot has gone to H (Score 1) 235

I'd like to offer a counter point to your argument. The tech used here to reveal the text locked into the burnt scroll is amazing, but not necessarily new. MRI decoding of documents has been demonstrated before, and while painstakingly tedious no doubt, doesn't represent a "new" breakthrough. The difference in this case, is that we aren't recovering an 8 year old tax return of Joe the Plummer, we're recovering a document that is of historical significance to a significant portion of the population of the world. Since there is no new technology to debate, we're left discussing the significance of the findings, which is pretty much null since we already have the book of Leviticus. Since there's no new tech, and no new findings, I guess we're left with a discussion of "why is it significant to have these writings at all", ie the debate of whether or not religion is necessary or factual in the first place. So while it's easy to classify all things not related to the discovery of room temperature superconductors as redditt fodder, I think you're missing the point of what /. is in the first place, a place for discussion among tech-minded people, about things that more or less relate to tech.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do you still use optical media?

An anonymous reader writes: I still use optical discs for various backup purposes, but recently I developed doubts as to the reliability of the media to last a reasonable amount of time. I have read a review on Amazon of the TDK DVDs, in which somebody described losing 8000 (sic!) DVDs of data after 4 years of storage. I promptly canceled my purchase of TDKs. So, do you still use opticals for back-up — Blu-Rays, DVDs, CDs? — and if so, how do you go about it?

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