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Comment Re:No, SLS Is Going to Be Moth-Balled (Score 1) 200

I don't think that you're going to find a lot of argument about the cost problems associated with the Space Shuttle program, at least among those that actually think critically about the cost per pound, but bear in mind that if NASA had continued to pursue other launch platforms for the non-man-rated launch of materiel, and used the Shuttle more sparingly for when long-term crew accommodation was actually necessary we'd probably be having a different discussion.

If NASA had such an alternate heavy-launch method, they probably could have designed larger space station modules, could've launched more of them in groups, and sent up crews of astronauts, using the orbiter as crew quarters, to build the station in much shorter order. Instead of using the Shuttle to ferry parts smaller than the shuttle, they could have used it for what its name actually implied. They possibly could've even designed passenger accommodations for the cargo bay, if the space station itself had gotten large enough to be crewed by so many at a time, assuming that permanent emergency escape re-entry vehicles were left attached.

If the Shuttle hadn't been a bus misused as a tractor trailer needing all the weight-savings that could be achieved then they could've kept that latex coating over the main fuel tank and its insulation, such that the insulation wouldn't have been directly subjected to the forces that break it apart and that ultimately led to the destruction of Columbia.

Comment Re: whose fraud??? (Score 1) 166

for example, there's far more murders in usa than there are convicted murderers - and same applies to all other kind of cases.

Theres also an inverse at play with this shocker as well.

Cop decides he's certain the husband killed the wife. No evidence, just "He seems the sort". So they they tell the guy "We're going to get you the death penalty if you dont take the plea bargain". The husband may well be innocent, but at this point it doesnt matter anymore. He's fucking terrified of spending 10 years in solitary hell followed a visit with the grim reaper, so he takes the plea bargain, Manslaughter and fifteen years , out in ten, to save his own life.

And meanwhile the murderer got off scot free, because some other poor sap took the fall.

Comment Re:Simple answer. Dont use SAP. (Score 1) 119

SAP cant scale worth shit, we recently added 4000 people in the call center and it took SAP 8 months to "scale" the stupid garbage pile they call software to handle it.

Then when we wanted to put in a system in the RMA database to track repair RMA data, the SAP experts said it was impossible, so one of the IT guys wrote the system we needed in PHP with a Open source SQL backend. he has a MITM box that will grab info from SAP and then spit it to the RMA server. when you do a query on the RMA page you get the full history of the device from manufacture date, to ship date, to who, to all repairs and even Tech support calls on the device.

SAP was unable to deliver this. Because SAP is really shitty.

Comment Re:too late (Score 4, Insightful) 497

after 8 years of Obama we have more racial tension than ever before

No, we don't. All of that racial tension you're seeing was already there. What happened was that having a black president encouraged black Americans to speak up about the ways in which they're systematically oppressed, which means that you are now more aware of the existing racial tension.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 497

Hillary did exactly that, but the left doesn't seem concerned that they are constantly hypocrites. She had an unsecured device that they told her not to use, and she did anyways. Likely was hacked while she was in Russia.

Yes. That's a terrible breach of security when a Secretary of State does it.

It's about a hundred times worse when a President does it.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 4, Insightful) 497

"absolute proof"? Lol, you loonies are hilariously deluded.

Project Veritas provides proof, ON VIDEO, of election rigging in the DNC and the leftists can't refute it so they just claim its faked even though they can't provide any proof of it being so. Yet, some vague rumor about what Trump is doing comes up, and all of a sudden it's "absolute proof".

Why would I believe a serial liar like OKeefe who keeps getting caught again and again and again fabricating evidence for his shitty witchhunts, when multiple enquiries by people who are actually domain experts have said that no, there is just no evidence at all of it.

Comment Re:Lucky few? (Score 1) 102

I realize that the point of this is to generate buzz, but what's the point of buzz if you're going to follow it up with, "Ha ha, just kidding. We're not actually going to sell you the thing we're advertising."

The thing they're advertising is the shake, and they'll absolutely sell it to you. Now, you may not be interested in buying it if you don't get to try the funky straw, but advertisers know that a lot of people who see their ads won't be interested in buying the product. But some will.

And... would you ever have heard of this shake if it weren't for the straw? I wouldn't have. And neither, I'm sure, would many people who actually might be interested in a chocolate mint shake.

This is pretty much the definition of a successful advertising campaign, at least in nerd circles. We're voluntarily discussing a novelty shake from McDonalds! I can't comment on how it will play to the wider audience, but it worked on you. And me.

Comment Re:The work is more important than the idea (Score 3, Informative) 356

Parallel computing, virtualization, all these things were either developed on paper or implemented in some form long before many of us were born.

And yet none of them were available to me for the majority of my life. Why is that? It's because nobody had gotten around to the hard work of turning into something actually useful.

Available to you. Mainframes have made extensive use of both since the early 80s, at least. The hard work was done, it was just done in an environment that relatively few people interacted with directly.

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