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Comment Re: Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 238

No. He lost because our government requires broad support from across the nation, rather than simply the support of city dwellers and the assorted weird shit leaking out their ears.

Do a little research on "Federal Republic". Then you'll understand why this country is set up the way it is.

And if you don't like it, you're free to emigrate to Canada or some other shithole someplace else in the world that you imagine will be more fair to you and in line with your delusions.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 208

Conservatives have been out of power and influence for so ling, this is stupid. But you're excused,since most assume Republicans are Conservatives.

They are mostly not. And to stomp out the flames in advance, neither is Trump. But he's not part of the Establishment, so we can hope for some minimal changes.

If we had elected any Establishment candidate, we would have no reason to hope.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 208

Oh, dear, let's go to this now.

Computer buying of performance tickets enhances liquidity in that market. Instant sales, the venue and exhibitor are guaranteed sales, the artist(s) are ensured of their fee, all is well. The market then is extended as buyers pile in and buy at markup, and only the original seller(s) suffer in not sharing in the markup.

Or do they? Perhaps there is a raging business in brokered resales, and the venue/exhibitor/performers are the ones most cheated, if none of them share in the markup?

HFT is pure arbitrage. Liquidity isn't the primary feature. Automated ticket purchasing is even worse, in that the systems purport to open sales to buyers at a point in time, but the truth is very few human buyers are *permitted* to purchase - the bots win.

This is a good thing, enhanced only if the law could permit bot sales when disclosed in advance by the original sellers, putting you and me on notice that we are wasting our time queuing up to click and fail. At least be honest, so I won't bother, but will know that those tickets to the concert I want to go to won't cost $65, they will cost $125. Each. No matter.

Than I can make choices in an informed manner. And know that I'm actually enriching the scalpers. Then i can choose.

Comment The Math, aka Big Freaking Deal (Score 1) 36

We have this:

AT&T To Cough Up $88 Million For 'Cramming' Mobile Customer Bills

And this:

Through the FTC's refund program, nearly 2.5 million current ATT customers will receive a credit on their bill within the next 75 days, and more than 300,000 former customers will receive a check.

So, $88000000/(2500000+300000) = $31.43. Thanks guys, I'll try not to spend it all in one place.

Comment Re:"Anonymous platform moving away from anonymity" (Score 1) 68

I think that it was more text based(and obviously included vastly more overhead, being a smartphone 'app' and all); but your summary is chillingly accurate. Take the awesome power of an internet connected general purpose computer and carefully emulate a moderately obscure, insecure, and kind of noisy short range communication medium. I can't imagine why it wasn't more popular.

Comment Re:So.... Yik Yakked? (Score 1) 68

In a sane world, their body would have been cold ages ago; but given how big the hype for "social/mobile" is, and the chatter about "zOMG did Facebook/Google/etc. 'miss mobile???" the VCs probably figured that it was a worthwhile bet just because it had a chance of scaring one of the incumbents enough to get bought out for stupid money(not entirely implausible, given things like instagram and tumblr somehow being 'worth' a billion dollars each).

It's annoying; but a really stupid investment can be sensible if somebody even dumber is available to take it off your hands for more than you paid. In this case, it looks like that won't be happening; but I can see why somebody would be willing to make the bet(as part of a diversified portfolio, anyone who invested more than they could afford to lose in one company, especially something dumb like this, is denser than most rocks).

Comment Re:Entropy. Your only friend. (Score 1) 402

Deaths per 1000 is not a good proxy for life expectancy. If you look at Japan, which has the highest life expectancy, deaths per 1000 is even higher.

If the population in a region increases over several decades because of a high birth rate, deaths per 1000 will be lower even when the life expectancy is 60 years or less. If you have many young people and not many old ones, deaths per 1000 are very low.

Comment home cinema (Score 1) 324

The main reason left to go to a cinema is that the screen is bigger and the sound system is fantastic. Everything else you can have at home.

With a good home cinema setup, you can come close, and you have none of the expensive popcorn, queues, guy next to you getting on your nerves, obnoxious advertisement and other bullshit. Plus you can pause the movie to get a drink from the kitchen and cuddle your cats while watching.

Cinema is on the way out. Once Hollywood understood the lesson that the music industry had to understand, things will get better.

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