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Comment Re:Windows 10 is absolutely crap (Score 2) 190

The kernel (the thing that you call Windows) hasn't been rewritten from scratch with every new OS iteration.

Nobody calls the kernel "Windows". We call the entire operating system, GUI, system tools, system frameworks, file systems, etc, plus the kernel Windows.

Windows 10 is not the same OS as Windows 7. There are subtle and unsubtle changes in the way it works, some for the better, but some for the worse. Responsiveness on critical widgets such as the Start menu has deteriorated - and the Start menu itself is a complete rewrite, sharing no code whatsoever with the Windows 7 version.

Yes, there are similarities and there's a lot of code that's unchanged or marginally changed, but that doesn't mean someone can't compare one to the other. If you couldn't, Microsoft wouldn't have released it. I mean, what would have been the point?

Comment Re:INTERNATIONAL Business Machines (Score 1) 167

Mod parent up! This is exactly the same situation as with International House of Pancakes, who likewise will be letting go millions of waitstaff and cooks this year, instead hiring people in India and China to do the same work, at a fraction of the cost. Sure, you'll have to yell your order a little louder so they can hear you in India, and wait 7-14 days for your pancakes to be shipped to you from China, but the 2% cut in prices will be worth it.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 671

There's a difference in degree only, not semantics.

No, boiling water and an ice cube are the difference of degrees. Your example is completely flawed. In the case of slavery, people can either do what they're told or face physical punishment ( up to and including death ). They have no rights. To family, to property...none of it.

In the other, someone freely enters into an agreement ( which they can leave at anytime mind you ). Their employer can't take away their family. They can't take away their property.

It's honestly a bit offensive to compare the two. It belittles the historic struggles faced by slaves throughout the world, and even today.

Comment Re:You just now started worrying? (Score 5, Insightful) 332

The list goes on...

...of stuff nobody has ever said?

'Islamic terrorism' not being a real thing - I'm guessing this is a perversion of the Bush and Obama administration's refusal to call IS* or Al Qaeda terrorism "Radical Islamic Terror". But neither regime has said "'Islamic terrorism' not being a real thing", they've said that it's unhelpful and likely to help the terrorists' own campaign if you link the words "Islamic" and "Terrorism" because you're implying that IS*/AQ's linking of the two is legitimate, and because many, including Muslims, will take the phrasing as implying we're at war with Islam rather than at war with terrorists.

or like that we can pull out of Iraq and be free of our involvement there - Nobody has ever claimed this, ever.

or like that we can let Russia come in and take control and that won't have a bad impact on the US or our allies - Where? Syria? Because that's not what I've heard at all. Most politicians on both sides of the fence are deeply troubled by Russia's involvement in Syria. Hence the support for a no-fly zone.

or how if we just build schools, hospitals and give them jobs, everybody who would have become a terrorist will instead live a happy productive life without perpetrating any violence, - nobody has ever made that argument in the history of the universe.

or how we should release the bad people from Gitmo because they aren't really bad people they're just misunderstood - nobody has ever made that argument in the history of the universe. The complaint about Gitmo is two fold: one, there are a lot of innocent people there, and two: it's unconstitutional and illegal to hold people without due process (see (1) for the reason why.) Obama was making plans to move prisoners at Gitmo to the US in the early days of his administration, to US prisons, to be processed by constitutional authorities. After Congress effectively made that option impossible, he did the exact opposite of what you claim: he kept Gitmo open, rather than releasing people being held illegally there.

or going back to the Clinton administration how we don't have a problem with terrorists that requires a military solution, we have a problem that requires a criminal justice solution? - congrats, you found something that's correct, but alas, still not something the Obama administration has ever claimed. Terrorism is indeed best treated as a criminal, rather than military, problem. Turning Terrorists from murderous scum into heroic soldiers is the worst thing the Bush administration ever did, and is probably why we've seen an uptick in terror in general, not just in the creation of IS*, but also in groups not associated with Arabs or Radicalized Religious fanatics such as white supremacists.

The list goes on, but you get the idea. All of those 'alternative facts' from Democrat administrations have resulted in the direct and indirect violent deaths of many Americans and other westerners. The Republicans have their fair share, but you can't lay the blame for the problem solely one party.

None of those "Alternative facts" exists. The nearest you got to, that a twenty year old Democratic government might have had a different view of terrorists to the heroic soldiers view you subscribe to, saved lives - it was a conventional law enforcement operation that prevented the NYE attack on LAX from being better known than 9/11. And it was Bush's refusal to take seriously those policies that lead to 9/11.

And, even if any of those alternative facts did "exist", ie Democrats were actually saying them, none of them would ever cause lives to be lost.

Comment Re:Hornby set? Maglev is "new"? (Score 1) 108

I'm of the opinion that Hyperloop is a bad idea, but the Chunnel costs, which are relatively reasonable, isn't one of them. The Chunnel was for three tunnels, two of which were designed to accommodate, with plenty of space around them for walking, air flow, etc, two 20' high freight trains with catenaries two feet above them. The tunnels in the Hyperloop case will be a small fraction of this size - uncomfortably small if you follow Musk's proposal, but hopefully at least 12' if created by a company that doesn't think humans are sardines.

Comment Re:Whoosh... (Score 1, Insightful) 292

They may have voted, but if 65% wanted priority given to alternative energy sources over fossil fuel development, yet half of all the voters, roughly, voted for the candidate who is "Captain Coal", then clearly, a lot of people voted AGAINST THEIR OWN INTEREST.

Right, because Hillary would have totally owned this one <eyeroll>

The Democrats idea for promoting "alternate energy" is giving large sums of money to Democrat donors like Solyndra. It doesn't actually help anybody except the cronies and the party, in case you're wondering.

Comment Re:Why separate by race? (Score 1) 156

If there is an actual medical/statistical reason for separating groups like that, I'm genuinely curious, otherwise whats the point?

Because there are actual differences between the races - both genetic and cultural - that can make a certain disease more prevalent in different races. This is a good example, by the way.

Comment Re: Good bye to Solaris (Score 1) 164

"Systemd is pants-on-head retarded when dealing with Network Manager and waking from sleep. It /never/ reactivates the network."

In over 3 years running a distro using systemd, I've never seen this problem. All network interfaces work correctly on resume (except the 3G modem that needs its driver reloaded, but this is a driver problem).

"It is also pants-on-head retarded when a sound service won't start and it will just fucking /wait/ there while it won't start, instead of just failing it and moving on."

Never seen this one either. Sound mainly just works, including switching streams to my bluetooth headphones when connected.

"These are issues I've personally had to deal with. With Ubuntu"

Ah, Debian/Ubuntu users complaining about systemd. Why is it the Fedora/SUSE/CentOS/RHEL/Arch/Mageia users don't have these problems? Maybe Debian/Ubuntu-specific issues with their systemd migration/implementation?

Comment Re: Good bye to Solaris (Score 2) 164

" x86/Linux just doesn't cut it. I remember I had a Solaris box in a closet that ran consistently I actually forgot to reboot it for 5 years. The only reason I did wind up rebooting it was because it's memory got upgraded because certain functions got a little slower over time as things grew. Quadrupling memory (memory got both cheaper and larger in the meantime) and boom - back to like it was new. x86 Linux systems, at least pre-systemd, were ok but still require some hand-holding. More than 180 days of uptime wasn't really in the cards. No clue on systemd systems, I won't run one until I have no choice."

What nonsense.

The uptime of our production Linux servers running on Dell PowerEdge, HP ProLiant, Sun "Galaxy" amd/intel servers or now Cisco UCS is limited only by the application of kernel or glibc securuty updates.

Some of our Linux servers that are not exposed to any hostile networks and inconvenient to reboot (e.g. monitoring display server that is displayed, along with other stuff, on a 30mx6m video wall) have uptimes of 5 years or more.

We are migrating (more than 50% done) most workloads to VMs running on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualisation, with 90%+ VMs running RHEL7. Systemd has been a total non-issue. I also can't think why systemd would have any impact on uptime ...

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 379

It may be that women who don't get hit on wish they got hit on more, but what does that have to do with what I said? I'm talking about women who get hit on a lot. I can tell that you don't have any sympathy for them, but I didn't ask you to have sympathy for them. I just described how it looks from her side. You can do with that description what you want.

Comment Strawmen attacks (Score 1) 671

It's the height of irony to blame the loss of decent jobs on unions.

Look up the definition of a standard corporation and you'll find nowhere in their charter is to create jobs or make the world a better place. All corporations care about is creating value for their shareholders. If they can outsource, replace employees with robots, poison the air and water (and get away with it) they absolutely will.

Unions are one of the few ways workers can protect themselves from the predatory nature built into every corporation.

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