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Submission + - Privately-funded study to test coconut oil as treatment for Alzheimer's (

Jesrad writes: Following the growing viral popularity of Dr Mary Newport's reported success in treating her Alzheimer's Disease-stricken husband with coconut oil, and some positive results of in-vitro tests, come news of a clinical trial of coconut oil as a potential treatment for halting and reversing symptoms of the neuron-destroying disease.

Submission + - Going from traditional DVD distribution to direct Internet sales and streaming ( 1

Jesrad writes: Independant documentary producer Tom Naughton recounts how going with a traditional DVD worldwide distribution of his movie 'Fat head' almost bankrupted him, and how he turned the situation around by going with direct Internet sales from his blog and with Hulu/Netflix distribution instead. The account shows just how badly middle-men of the movie industry and Hollywood accounting can burden up independant film-makers, and how short-cutting them using the Internet can let them finally get a dime from their own work. Jump to below the photos for the edifying read.

Submission + - Leaked document details ADA's plan for internet nutrition censorship (

Jesrad writes: Using two leaked internal documents, Forbes' Micheal Ellsberg offers a deep look into the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetics Association) plans to stifle competition in the diet counsel and nutritional advice market, up to and including severe internet censorship, in a manner reminiscent of how they had previously treated Steve Cooksey of

The documents outline a detailed policy of surveilling and frequent reporting of citizens who provide nutrition advice publicly, providing continued justification for licensure laws through 'continual incidents to investigate'. The wording makes it extra clear that the goal of their lobbying for restrictive licensing laws is not concern for the public's health or safety, but rather 'adding member value' in order to further and strengthen their practice's scope.


Submission + - Florida man makes saltwater burn like fuel (

Jesrad writes: While looking for away to heat up and destroy cancerous cells using radiowaves, Sanibel Island resident John Kanzius was surprised to see his saltwater sample ignite and produce a big flame instead of just heating up. It seems the apparatus radiolyses water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which can immediately recombine and burn. It's not known yet how energy-efficient the process is, but it could make hydrogen production cheap and fast.

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