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Comment Re:Passwords exist (Score 1) 189

He's talking about an authentication token, not SSO. A real cryptographic token with take a challenge from the website and sign it with your key (possibly after entering a PIN) to prove that you are in possession of the token (and know the PIN). There's no way that this is tied to any one provider, because it's not SSO. (See PIV, OpenPGP card or any number of similar approaches.)

The tokens in use now are all TOTP or HOTP-type tokens where you generate a hash that proves that you and the authentication server both know the same secret. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook's systems are incompatible because there's no secret that you know that they don't. Making them work together would mean sharing the means to log into your account with all of them (and every shady website that you want to use the token with).

Comment Re:Would you rather they SHOOT YOU DEAD? (Score 1) 185

We also realize that that 96% - they are not the ones that end up shooting unarmed civilians.

No, but an overwhelming majority of them seem to be the ones who doctor their reports and lie in court to cheat justice for the 4% that end up shooting unarmed civilians. Most non-police wouldn't participate in coverups to let their co-workers get away with murder, yet every unjustified police homicide seems to have elements of a coverup surrounding it.

Obstruction of justice, perjury, and accessory to murder may not be quite as bad a crime as murder, but the enormous percentage of police who seem to be alright with committing them aren't "almost EXACTLY as honest as your average employed civilian". The police departments are either selecting for people more likely to cover up major crimes committed by fellow officers or they are training them to do so. That behavior is way more rotten than your ordinary person is comfortable with.

Comment Re:VLANs are "suggestions" only. (Score 1) 277

VLANs are suggestions, not security. Devices are free to ignore them and many do.

Wish folks would stop suggesting VLANs like they are any thing more.

He was talking about managed switches, so he probably intended the VLANs to be enforced by the switch (and tagged per port) and not by the shady IoT device. The device is free to ignore them all it wants, but it's not seeing any packets from outside of that VLAN and its packets aren't going anywhere that isn't on the same VLAN.

Comment Re:Am A Noob Too (Score 1) 277

Telling people to put their baby monitor in the DMZ is not going to solve any of their concerns and is also not going to keep them from being part of a botnet.

Most of the devices in their normal network aren't going to be quite so shittily secured by design. You want to protect your internal network from IoT devices, sure, but you really want to protect those IoT devices from the internet at large.

Comment Re:Well, let's discuss ethics then (Score 2) 219

"The correct thing to do isn't as clear as you might suppose. Morally, it may be more correct to pirate their content then buy a t-shirt or something from them, because they'll see most of that money."

Morally it's quite clear, you simply don't consume the content. Justifying theft because of (supposed) shady business practices is not remotely moral.

Not listening to your favorite musician's music hurts them far more than pirating it does, so even that isn't morally quite clear. If you simply don't consume the content, you're considerably less likely to ever buy their merchandise or attend any of their concerts (and financially benefit them) and you're much less likely to indirectly turn others onto their music.

Again, I'm not condoning piracy, but it really isn't as simple as you make it out to be.

Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 1) 65

Your continual use of, "Keep on hating though", to try to dismiss my reasonable complaints as the emotional product of a "hater" is what made you sound like a shill. The fact that you're trying to deflect any responsibility from your industry to the end users as just "hating" is pretty shill-like behavior, you must admit.

From my point of view, I have absolutely no control of my router at all from the configuration pages, but I can see from the logs that stuff is pushed from Comcast. I bought the router from Comcast and it appears identical to the one I was renting before, down to the model number printed on the sticker. They could give me a static IP with the rented modem (remotely, without requiring physical contact with the modem), but not with the modem that they sold me and I need to start paying them $120/year (on top of the static IPs) to have that functionality back. It's a business account and the (surprisingly knowledgeable and helpful) phone techs claim that the policy of requiring a leased modem is an issue of policy and not a technical issue.

But you'll jump in to defend your industry without knowing any of the specifics of this case and call me a hater instead of politely explaining why everything I've observed is not actually true.

Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 2) 65

Yeah, I'm sure it's just people hating on the poor cable companies and nothing that they're doing. Comcast specifically lists which devices they support and to what extent. You can buy the exact same model of modem that Comcast rents for about six months worth of rental fees and you the owner of the modem have the exact same amount of control over secret keys and configuration and whatnot as the rental modems (ie none). They can and do push configuration and firmware updates to your privately owned modem just as they would their own.

But I'm sure it's all just me hating on poor Comcast and none of these actual facts instead. Fucking shill.

Comment Re:Tor exit node = child sex offender (Score 5, Insightful) 241

...never mind the guns in your face.

A nice improvement would be doing away with the "guns in your face" part. Even if this couple had been the perps that the cops were looking for, what part of of "posting child porn" necessitates an early morning armed raid? Do cops not know how to interact with the public at all anymore besides by kicking down doors and shooting their pets?

Comment Re:They do charge for the modem... (Score 1) 65

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Comcast intentionally configured their network to reject connections from DOCSIS 2.0 modems even if they were supposed to still work, in hopes that some people who owned modems would start renting (or just to punish people for having the audacity not to rent). It's just the kind of thing those criminal, corrupt fuckers would do.

They pull the same crap if you try to get a static IP, too. They insist that they can only issue static IPs to modems that they own, even though they are completely capable of managing and pushing configurations to any connected modem (which they regularly do, as you can see in the modem's logs) and you can buy the same model of modem that they rent out.

Comment Re:Wrong decision (Score 1) 86

For that matter, the internal culture of the company is such that employees would call it out if the FCC's auditors didn't.

The internal culture that "decided the performance boost from permanently stored messages was worth giving up privacy benefits of transient storage"? The internal culture made up of people who voluntarily chose to work for the largest personal data-mining advertising company in the world? The internal culture of the company that, as you just pointed out, has to be continually audited by the FCC because of previous privacy abuses?

Yeah, I have a hard time putting faith in the integrity and commitment to privacy of the internal culture of fucking Google.

Comment Re:The Self Reward Syndrome (Score 3) 210

There's a pretty damn easy way to measure fat vs muscle and most people (especially those of the opposite sex) are pretty good at doing so. Even if you're a big lad who still has more visible fat than muscle, any increase in muscle makes a noticeable difference in the way you look and move.

A friend of mine who was pretty big and soft started climbing with me and you could start seeing the difference pretty quicly. Most people can tell the difference between big and soft and big and and strong. You also start feeling better, which helps keep your motivation up. Exercise is only part of a complete weight loss regimen, but it's worth doing on its own, too. It's been the best medicine for my chronic crippling depression.

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