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Comment Re:The obvious response (Score 1) 514

Nokia has the patent (I'm too lazy to look up a link) on multi-user phones - that's why only Android tablets (not phones) have the feature (not saying all do, my Nexus 7 did).

I guess computers doing it for decades and phones basically being all-in-one computers wasn't enough to make this too obvious to patent ...

Comment Re:Hmm, yes I can see the problem. (Score 1) 190

The reader I use ("QR Code Reader" on Android) tells me what it says before giving me the option of executing it or not. I assumed they all did.

QR coding moving boxes is a great way to not have to cut boxes open to see what's inside without having it written on the outside for all to see (it has a link to a password protected page).

Comment Re:I actually liked this feature (Score 1) 190

I use my voicemail number as my wifi password (my cell service has voicemail disabled; just knowing my cell number does not mean you get to leave me a message, you have to have the other number [that forwards to my cell - Google Voice] to leave a message if I don't answer). Anyone I like well enough to give that number to is welcome on my private network. This may change when I move, but is how I've done it for ~10 years.

Comment Re:So this (Score 1) 357

No, the courts decide squirrels, not truth, but they are quite corrupt. Often, they do a terrible job, one not based on squirrels.

There are many types of court, the one you are referring to has a longer name, "Court of Law."

Yes, witnesses are instructed to speak the truth, but the function is law. I share your opinion regarding the media, but I see no solution.

Comment Re:We laugh, but... (Score 1) 73

If the Russians did not have nuclear weapons they would be just another 3rd world wannabe power.

This is factually wrong. Russia will always be "2nd world" by definition.

It's good you posted as A/C so as to prevent such a post from being associated with your identity. Words have meanings.

Coupled with the fact that the state of California has a higher GDP than Russia also means they have no economic leverage to on the international stage.

Big freaking deal. I have no love for Russia (or the mad man they have as a leader), but Caliornia's economy is HUGE.

The big surprise is that China has let NK get to this point without intervening. They could close their border and stop all deliveries of food, oil, and coal shipments. This would give NK just enough rope to hang themselves. Any hostile response directed from NK to China would give the Chinese all the reason they need remove all existing NK leadership and install their own people to govern the state. China would not face any criticism from the international community for their actions. As it stands NK actions have resulted in all the surrounding countries upgrading their missile defense systems that when coupled with the increase in US missile defense systems could weaken China's nuclear deterrent.

China needs an unstable NK, but not too unstable. Too stable or unstable, they risk the Koreas reuniting and China does not want a powerful ally to the US right on their border.

Comment Re:Medical Devices?!? (Score 1) 209

Do you actually need those?


Use a dumb bluetooth earpiece and do the processing on your phone.

Disorienting lag is a problem. One of my children lost quite a bit of hearing when she was very young (illness) - there is no way I would use a bluetooth option you describe for her* (not judging other people, just speaking for myself), I would sooner get a second job to repay the loan I took to buy her 'aids.

Now that said, if these can perform well enough (or cause other outfits to enter the arena that eventually do), heck yeah, that would be a huge blessing as those things aren't cheap & they don't last forever (she got 8 years out of her first pair, is on her second pair now).

*I may consider that for myself when I need it, but not for a developing child.

Comment Re:You cannot activate a 4G device on this plan (Score 1) 352

The assumption was that porting your landline to magicJack may free up enough money in the budget to buy home Internet from the cable company.

It's possible, but then it isn't really apples-to apples either; home internet + MJ is more expensive (typically, anyway & is some areas far, far worse - Charter only has a $60/mo + tax plan) than a cellphone. I pay $21 (rounding up, after taxes) for unlimited voice/sms/data (100MB regular LTE, then unlimited 128kbs LTE). Too slow for Netflix, but good enough for everything else (including Pandora).

Is this carrier willing to activate low-minute, voice-only service on a smartphone? Or is it like Virgin Mobile was a few years ago, where only flip phones qualified for this sort of low-usage service and people with smartphones had to settle for a substantially more expensive ($35/mo) plan intended for higher-usage subscribers, which includes 450 minutes and data? The notice "You cannot activate a 4G device on this plan" on Page Plus's page for the plan you describe worries me.

I don't currently use them, but last I checked the only restriction was iPhones - but data did not work on 4g phones on that plan (which is just as well as you'd go over in probably double-digit seconds - it's really for voice).

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