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Comment Re:My parents would... (Score 1) 267

I was never diagnosed with autism. Everyone just assumed I had autism by my appearance. Never mind that I routinely scored the annual evaluations on the genius side ("statistical flukes"), had a college-level reading comprehension after eight years in Special Ed classes (school officials couldn't call that a "statistical fluke"), and skipped high school to go to community college.

Um, autism is not the same thing as Mongolism (having Down's Syndrome). My uncle had Down's Syndrome; such individuals have physical attributes associated with the syndrome (such as almond-shaped eyes and large tongues). Autism is a mental condition where there is (usually) nothing wrong physically, but their brain is wired differently. I have an autistic nephew.

Comment Re:Cautiously saying yes to this (Score 1) 174

As well as Obama destroying insurance ($5000 deductibles for everyone), Dianne Feinstein becoming a Billionaire *only while* in Congress, and of course the classic "We have to pass the bill to know what's in the bill." That from the bobble-head Nancy Pelosi. Yep. Oh yeah, you bastard!

My plan's deductible is $500 per person ($1500 / family), so I have a hard time believing $5k; $5k is closer to max out of pocket. Of course, I'm paying $500 / month premiums ...

Comment First? Programming Language? (Score 1) 630

In 1985 I was using the DEBUG command to create .COM programs, Does this count as a programming language?

About the same time, I started creating games in BASIC, but this was for a hobby. My elementary school had a course teaching Turtle with simple instructions (pen up / down, turn left / right by certain degrees, change pen color, move forward / backward a certain distance, etc). Was this my first programming language?

My first ISCS class at university used Smalltalk. While I was on my 2-year mission, IS and CS separated and the first CS class used Java. Subsequent classes used C, C++. Eventually we could use any language we chose.

Comment Re:from the biased report... (Score 1) 384

Please see the comment I replied to. GP incorrectly claimed that more Blacks are incarcerated than Whites. I provided hard statistics showing that a larger portion of guests in federal prison at the present time are White than are Black. I purposefully did not address why Blacks (who make up 12.6% of the general population) make up 37.7% of the federal prison population. It seems like there could be many complicated factors (socioeconomic, education level, racial bias of law enforcement). A recent study has shown than racial bias develops as young as six months old (infants don't trust faces of races they haven't been introduced to).

Comment Re:from the biased report... (Score 1) 384

Are you suggesting crime rates are propaganda? Feed the computer the racial background of everyone incarcerated in America. Be shocked when it concludes blacks are more likely to be criminals.

58.7% of inmates at federal prisons are White (statistics as of 25 Feb 2017), while 37.7% are Black. 72.4% of residents self-identified as White in the 2010 US census (12.6% self identified as Black). The debate is over this discrepancy.

Comment Re:I love mine! (Score 1) 178

I haven't been able to convince my girlfriend to get one implanted yet -- but I just love the convenience of always having it with me.

I think you want to wait for a more permanent relationship status than just "girlfriend" before considering something like this. Roughly half of marriages end in divorce; how many girlfriends / boyfriends do people go through before finding "the one"? If your girlfriend gets the implant, you can easily clone it and retain a copy even after you break up, leading to possible security issues for her in the future.

Comment MAY no longer be eligible (Score 2) 352

H-1B Visas were always meant for positions not readily filled by current residents or citizens. As the article and summary state, a computer programmer doesn't get automatic approval; the company must prove why the requirements are not met by people already here. I just expect an updated buzzword BINGO card. I do wonder if USCCIS knows the difference between a computer programmer and software engineer.

Comment Work Mandated Method (Score 2) 247

My work mandates a MDM (mobile device management) system installed on my personal phone in order to access work calendar and email. The company MDM requires a password of at least X characters. Unfortunately accessing work email and calendar plus 2FA isn't a strong enough reason for them to provide a dedicated company phone.

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 321

Since we are primarily interested in trade routes from around the 16th century, I certainly think the Mercator projection is most reasonable map to use today...

We don't need to figure out the absolutely best representation, although I do think it's fair to assume there have been some technological advances in representing globes since the 16th century. And why does wanting to teach students with maps that represent the size of continents fairly accurately cue people to start complaining about PC BS? That's really a pretty crazy viewpoint, and forgive me if I do judge you a bit for it. Why do you want to teach our students with the worst maps which distort the size of our continent. You don't have small hands, do you?

HINT: we're complaining because the biggest reason given for switching the projection used in school is PC. Different maps for different assignments! Not every problem is a hammer, so you should have different tools.

Comment Re:Never had a globe? (Score 1) 321

Huh. We certainly didn't learn about map distortions in middle school, nor in high school either, for that matter-- maybe that must be something that was added to the middle-school (we called it "grade-school" when I was a kid, shows how old I am) curriculum since I grew up.

Division of grade levels into schools varies from school district to school district. I've heard of elementary (grade), middle, intermediate, junior high, and high school. My school district had elementary (k-6), intermediate (7-8), and high (9-12); of course my intermediate and high school shared the same campus...

Not all classrooms have globes: our grade school didn't.

I think it makes sense to use a better standard map in classrooms-- the Mercator projection is just plain misleading. I don't see why should it be "PC crap" to use a map that's not vastly distorted in area. I'd call that just common sense.

I learned to use the best map for the situation. I remember seeing 4 or 5 projections for the whole world, though we never learned the names of the projections. This also highlights why you want local maps when planning a road trip.

Comment Re: all comes down to taste. (Score 1) 162

If they didn't, we wouldn't need words for anything beyond "medium rare" (27 year veg here and even I know that's the only way you cook a steak). :)

My grandfather was a butcher and people came from 30 miles away to buy meats from him. Every cut of beef is different. Extra lean meats need added fat (bacon wrapped filet mignon, anyone?) and just seared on all sides leaving it rare to medium rare inside. I like meats marbled with fat medium well so the fat has a good mouth-feel. My wife (a Brazilian) takes all meats beyond well done so I have to purchase the right cut.

Comment Re:Not true I bet. (Score 1) 162

Um, 50 years old and yes I would. Whats more, if it were decent and the texture was close enough I would integrate it into my diet and a normal thing. We already have soy based meats as part of our diet as it is. In the case of a couple of the products I would defy you to tell the difference of it from meat. The product is that good. In the case of the case of the IVM, I like the idea of it far more than an animal being put through what they are only to be killed in the end for my burger. IF there is an option like the IVM that is close to the taste/texture and even double the price we are there. I sure as hell hate the idea of what animals go through to end up on my plate.

My biggest concerns are cost, taste, and texture. Farm-raised salmon (and other fish) have the same genetic composition as their wild-caught cousins, but the different diet and lack of the same exercise creates a different taste and texture. How will vat-grown meat develop the flavor and texture we experience in farm-raised or wild caught animals? Currently the texture is passable for ground meat applications, such as burgers.

As a male, I avoid excess soy as it is proven to mess with hormone levels.

I wonder how many vegans / vegetarians avoid meat for the moral aspect (the deplorable quality of life of the animals and often inhumane methods of harvest) vs health reasons. IVM would appeal to the first group, but would have similar nutrition as animal-raised meat.

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