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Comment Re:Sprint (Score 1) 194

Expensive, but the point was that it works.

I believe it was something stupid like $2 a minute.

With AT&T, I pay $3 / minute when roaming outside the US / Canada / Mexico :( On the plus side, once I pay off my phone I can unlock it and put in a pre-paid SIM from OI or another local provider.

Comment Re:Truly (Score 1) 544

Well my mum and dad finally began to use computers and the internet. And they both have an iPhone as their primary computer. They never ever tried to use a computer in any form before smartphones. They were kind of computophobic and refused to come near a computer, whether it was a desktop or a laptop. Now when they are retired and nearing their seventieth birthday they are swiping the whole evening instead of watching television and even text each other before they talk (because they have to learn how to text, is the excuse).

My Grandma was 90 when she started using email and Facebook; her main computer is an iPad.

Comment Re:Define main computer? (Score 1) 544

Seriously, what does constitute the main computer?

The one I use longest in a day? The one I work on? The one I most often reach for the console? The one I ran software on 24/7 but rarely touch they keyboard? The one that stores most of my data? The one that I use for gaming? The one that I use for internet? The one I use for banking?

Which one is the main computer?

This, 1000 times over! My work laptop has Windows 7; our hundreds of dev environments run RedHat, as do our clients' servers. I try to avoid computers at home, though I run a media server on Ubuntu.

Comment Re:More like (Score 1) 43

You apparently don't read. THE SUMMARY says that he bought online ads.

I did read the summary; I know that he spent $18k on advertising, but I still fail to fathom how he could have got thousands of people to legitimately sign up for the trial without resorting to spamming (eg. buying email addresses) or other unethical practices.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 704

... it shows that they did not want to play by their own rules when determining their candidate.

To sum up: Trumpistas are now concern trolling the Dems with material that a hostile foreign secret service dug up for them.

I am not a Trumpista. Come election day I will vote for a 3rd party candidate (still looking for one which matches my views and values).

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 704

Lol at the concept that Liberals are the racist ones. You should really pull your head out of your ass and take a look around some time. Things look different out here when you're not covered in your own shit.

There are racists (and sexists, and other bigots) on both sides of the aisle; neither party has a monopoly on prejudice and bias.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 1) 704

If we consider the global political scale (and not the screwed up US centric one).

The Democrats are center right, the Republicans are right to far right. There is no center left, left or far left parties in the US at the current time. (Now if they had chosen Senders instead of Hillary, the president might have been center left instead of center right but still would not be too far to the left).

At last I understand these comments calling the Democrats center right! It's relative to the global stage and not limited to what is considered left, center, and right within the US. It's relative morality all over again. Sorry, but most of the world is too far left for American tastes.

Comment Re:So that makes it OK then (Score 5, Insightful) 704

What crimes would those be? Seriously, I'm curious. What crimes have been revealed by the DNC emails that were released? Staffers at the DNC didn't much like a number of members of Sanders's staff. Some of them preferred Clinton. Good policy? Maybe, maybe not, but not a crime by any definition of the term.

I haven't read the emails, but I don't believe they expose any crimes committed by the DNC; instead it shows that they did not want to play by their own rules when determining their candidate. It's dirty pool which may disenfranchise some Democrats.

Comment Re:Party breakdown (Score 1) 93

It needed lots of republican support because so many democrats were against it.

The "Democrats" you are referring to were what was colloquially known as "Dixiecrats" who were conservative by every measure. They were assholes who simply could not join "The party of Lincoln" but were today's conservatives nonetheless.

It's a shame when people make assertions without taking the time to understand the situation, as you have done here.

Nice use of the "No true Scotsman" argument. Funny how Republicans get called out when disavowing the Tea Party...

Comment Re:The Republicans want to make everyone work (Score 1) 1145

The country was founded almost 300 years ago, when automation meant horses and mechanical clocks. The longer the pols believe there's a magic formula to create more jobs to keep people busy, fat & happy, the more suffering there will be as jobs simply go away.

The US declared independence from England in 1776. 2016 - 17776 = 240 years. Not quite the "almost 300 years ago" you claim. European settlers arrived in North America during the 1630s, but it wasn't yet the US.

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