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Comment Re:Neat! (Score 1) 163

I've heard the vulgarity of our entertainment defended with the claim that it reflects society - I wonder, then, why those in charge of Hollywood fight so hard against our desire for cleaner entertainment?

Because, why YOU think you're special and righteous in your desire for "no naughty words". The fact is, NO ONE ELSE CARES. Either they like gore and naughty words (like myself) or the just don't care. Your "fight" is one sided, Hollywood is driven by profits, and no matter how important you think you are. The blunt fact is you and those 5 people like you make up a miniscule part of the "viewers" that it is not even worth their time money wise. In fact you're so insignificant, it is not worth their time to put out "edited" versions of popular movies for you. (hint: if they thought for a second they could increase profits, it would exist)

So basically, you thinking their "fighting" against is akin to the Ants in a mound thinking I'm fighting them when my boot lans on them while I walk through the woods.

After the tech bubble burst and I lost my job, I had to work in the call center for a studio which produces family friendly entertainment. I was given a list of people "probably interested" in the product, as referred by friends and family. My job was to raise awareness of the company and obtain names of more people to contact. I was not in sales. I didn't stay there for long, but that's beside the point. Your rant brought to mind some of the abuse and misunderstanding I suffered at that position.

That particular company I worked for provided MORE choices for those interested without removing options for those not interested. No one at VidAngel wants to shut down studios or prevent studios from creating PG-13, R, or NC-17 movies. Same goes for the company I worked at. Both provide a service / product they felt was missing / underrepresented in the marketplace. I have my own standards (that I'm not forcing on you). When watching movies alone or with my wife I'm more tolerant of some content than when my 2-year-old is in the room. OTOH, I have walked out of movies when confronted by 10 f-bombs in the first couple minutes.

Comment Re:Good legal argument, but not a bonafide sale (Score 1) 163

I live in Utah (raised in Hawaii) and have been LDS my entire life. I never used VidAngel because I thought this lawsuit was coming. I see a better legal argument for ClearPlay; they send you a patch file to apply to their proprietary player. You need the physical disc to watch the edited version. This has allowed ClearPlay to exist since the 1990s.

Their legal argument is better than I expected it to be. However, there are two big problems with their argument:

As another commenter pointed out, they claim to sell the video for $20, then immediately buy it back for $19, they also stream it the customer (bandwidth costs) and edit it (server farm / cpu costs). It's quite obvious they're charging $1 to stream it to you, the "sell it for $20 and buy it back for $19" is a gimmick, it's bullshit. Nobody is buying movies from them, they're paying $1 to stream it.

It is a way to try skirt copyright / broadcast rights on a technicality. Customers do think of it as $1 to stream the movie, and VidAngel highlights this net cost to customers. I have not searched, but I doubt there's a way for customers to keep the filtered (or even unfiltered) movie (eg. buy the moie for $20 w/o sellingit back). This inability to refuse to sell it back may be legally significant.

Comment Re:Because Use Cases (Score 1) 766

Also, I open windows for separate "tasks" and tabs for related information to those tasks. (For example, one window is personal tabs like YouTube music and Gmail.) By time I end a work day, I've had over 180 tabs open.

You well said that you've had over 180 tabs open over the course of a work day (still seems high to me), but how many are open at a given time? Don't you close the tab when you are finished with it? Do you keep all windows open until the end of the day, even when you finish that "task"? I can easily see a use case of a few dozen, but 180 at once???

Comment Re: I don't want to hear your call (Score 1) 164

Driving down the correct lane on the roads and obeying traffic lights aren't good manners. It's a safety issue. Where are the rules for queue jumpers? That may be in a country of which I'm familiar. There should be no laws for smoking areas. Don't like it? Don't go there.

Libtard detected? So says the all around idiot.

Your rights end when they infringe on mine (and vise versa). Second hand smoke has been proven to carry serious health consequences. You are free to smoke in your home and car. If i visit you, I'll abide by your rules. In public, smoking should be limited to designated areas. There should probably be an exception for vaping unless studies show significant side effects for second hand vaping.

I highly doubt there are laws against queue jumping, but many places have RULES. If you queue jump at Disneyland, you will probably be kicked out of the park.

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 328

How about artificial sweeteners (stevia isn't artificial to my knowledge, it comes from some plant in South America I think)? Saccharin, aspartame, sucralose?

Artificial sweeteners in general leave a bad aftertaste. I can mostly overcome that by adding a little real sugar. That's why I like the 10 calorie sodas more than the so-called zero calorie ones.

Comment Re:Good dark chocolate does not contain sugar at a (Score 1) 328

you can use honey or orange concentrate, or whatever. This so called "Chocolate obsession" of some people is *imho* more or less a sugar obsession.

I hate to break it to you, but all those things also have sugar in them, just not table sugar.

Comment Re:Maybe NOW we can have Nestle chocolate back (Score 1) 328

I remember some chocolate bar from when I was a kid, it was called '100 Grand' or something. It was a bar of chocolate with honey-flavoured rice crisps in it. One day, it just vanished.

I can still find 100 Grand in the variety bags, but it's getting increasingly harder to find by itself. I also remember when we had both Mars bars and Milky Way in the US.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

Anybody who's a least a bit chocoholic should try Belgian chocolate. We may not be a chauvinistic country, but we all agree that we've got some of the best beers, and definitely the best chocolate. According to Belgian law, US chocolate cannot even be called chocolate. It has be labeled 'cocoa fantasy'. Chocolate can only be made with cocoa butter - no cheaper fatty substitutes allowed. And of course, to mask the shitty flavor of those ersatz fats, more sugar has to be added to US 'chocolate'.

US law also requires a certain percentage of the fat to come cocoa butter if it is to be labeled chocolate. Many products are required to use a term such as "chocolate flavored" (eg. chocolate flavored confection).

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 328

Yay, another chocolate snob. Dark chocolate is horribly bitter with a disgusting aftertaste that can only be washed away with bourbon.

Maybe I'm weird, but I like white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate. 75-80% is my personal preference because darker can be bitter unless paired with another flavoring (ever try it with extra sharp white cheddar?).

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 328

No. What you're missing is that different people taste these things differently.

As an example, what do you think of cilantro? Do you like it, or does it taste like soap to you? There's a genetic difference in people who think it tastes like soap, and those people are a significant minority of the population, not just a few mutants. It's very likely the same thing is going on with these artificial sweeteners.

I have the "super taster" gene. Raw broccoli florets are bitter (I love the stems raw and the florets cooked). Stevia has a bitter metallic taste. Cilantro tastes like soap to me.

Comment Re:Why not just use Splenda? (Score 1) 328

I used to love Sierra Mist but then then they replaced some of the HFCS with stevia and now the soda tastes horrible. I sent back two glasses of it before asking for a different drink thinking that something was really wrong with the soda fountain, it was days later that someone mentioned to me that the formula had recently changed.

Some people appear to be "lucky" in that they somehow can't tell the difference. To me all of the artificial sweeteners taste terrible compared to regular sugar and corn syrup (which I don't consider artificial as it's still made of actual sugar molecules).

Stevia leaves a bitter metallic aftertaste in my mouth. Indeed, most sugar substitutes have a weird aftertaste. To combat this, on the rare occasion I drink soda, I will get a diet soda with a finger or two of the real deal (cane sugar if possible). I like the 10 calorie version of sodas more than the "zero" calorie ones.

Comment Re:I wouldn't work there. (Score 2) 392

I have, and I still turned down positions that weren't what I was looking for because I knew the importance of choosing a place that I actually wanted to work at.

When I was on unemployment insurance (shortly after the 9/11 attacks), I had to answer a questionnaire every week before getting my check. One of the questions was if I refused a job offer. Refusing a job offer would disqualify me for unemployment for two weeks. I would preemptively say something at the end of the interview about it not looking like a good fit before an offer could be extended.

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