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Comment Re:Nibiru (Score 1) 99

Why are they still covering up NIbiru?

Nibiru!?!? Pah!! Fantasy!

Everyone knows it's "Planet X"!

There were documentary films made in the 1950s about it when the war started! It was so important that they showed the films to large public audiences by having them simply drive into parking lots facing a huge screen with sound provided by window-hanging speakers provided at a kiosk at every parking spot.

I can't imagine how people could not rememb...!!!

Oh no! They used the mind-ray!

We're doomed.



Comment Re:Next up O'Google (Score -1) 179

Oh, so this is theft and actual violent removal of private property by the state under the name of 'taxation' is not theft? The actual theft happens when the violent means of a state are used to forcefully take property of a person or his business regardless of what the name is. A rose by any other name... Ireland is the best thing that happened in this insane world.

Comment Re: see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 1) 283

You're using an anecdote to counter my anecdote? Strikes happen. For a while, you could use UPS's strikes to tell what time of the year it was. Verizon was the same way, and Fairpoint is now carrying on that tradition. Our local school teachers even threatened and prepared for a strike even though it's forbidden by law in my state. The supermarket's warehouse people went on strike and were publicly ridiculed at the end of the supermarket's parking lot by the people trying to get food. Strikes are hardly rare. These are things that I've seen in my town firsthand. I was even a member of the AFL-CIO at one point, I feel fortunate to have left it for greener pastures.

I've been bullied by union labor in the past so I'm not terribly keen on hearing how great you think they are. Try to run a small company in a big city with union thugs threatening to "f you up" if you don't hire them to do the work. Utterly disgraceful. The unionized police are no help either. It's all thuggery and mob mentality. If they don't get what they want then they make threats. If the threats don't work, they break stuff. If breaking stuff doesn't work, they strike. I've never had non-union labor behave like that, not ever. The labor unions breed a sense of entitlement and fill their members with the type of worker party "the company can't run without us" bravado that's simply not so.

Of course, that's my experience in the US. China obviously isn't there yet. But they'd best be careful if they want to keep their economy running.

Comment Re: see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 1) 283

Investors have investments in the company. Everyone else just works there. What you're saying probably sounds great in front of a roomful of union members or people thinking about unionizing, but it doesn't really help solve anything. Unions do not provide stability. When a union strikes, the company grinds to a halt. If that company tries to service its customers by bringing in replacement workers, the union does everything possible to interfere, with violence on occasion. I used to work in telecom and I always knew when the "talks broke down" because the circuits would start failing. Those oh-so-vested workers would go out and sabotage the network as they walked off their jobs knowing the entire community would be harmed, all to gain an unfair advantage in their hostage negotiations. Those strikes can go on for a long, long time, regardless of how well the company is run. You're dishonest if you're suggesting that only the leadership of a company can be greedy. Unions go bad over time. They use thuggish behavior and the threat of strikes to make increasingly absurd demands. The workers end up no less greedy than the management, perhaps more so because they're entirely willing to let the company fail.

China has its share of problems as does any developing nation. The problem is that they're caught in a catch-22 situation. When their protections of workers, students, and the environment catch up with those of developed nations, the cost of doing business there will have caught up with developed nations. Once that happens, they're going to need some way of convincing companies to stay, or have companies of their own to take up the slack. The global corps will just move on to the next low-cost-country, or bring the work back to its origins if there's not enough of a savings to make it worth moving elsewhere. I doubt that any company's leadership at any point in history has ever said "hey, I'm thrilled that our workers just unionized because this is going to make everything so much better."

Comment Re:Foreign? (Score 1) 155

Call me a paranoid conspiracy theorist but wouldn't this be more likely to be at least sponsored domestically?

Foreign hackers could be hired by domestic US political interests. Just because the actual attack originated outside the US does not preclude the attack having been funded and ordered by some person/group in the US.

Maybe that's why Hillary Clinton has been so determined to scrub her email history from her stint as SoS. She would have been in the perfect position and had the perfect opportunity to make the necessary foreign contacts and arrangements to set something like this up.

Maybe this is part of what Julian Assange has promised for Wikileaks' "October surprise" data release.


Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 388

Ah, so you were deliberately picking a "bad" example. And when that's pointed out, you get all aggressive. In a free market, one could choose whether they want to import Canadian, UK, or Somalian drugs. A "free market" doesn't mean you can only buy the cheapest supplier, but that you have choice.

Learn what "choice" means, then try again. Or is that the real reason the conservatives hate a free market? "Choice" is a bad word, so any "choice" must be ended at all costs.

That there will be choices is exactly what I was pointing out. People would be free to choose Canadian or Somalian, Indonesian, Pakistani, or any other nation's pharmaceuticals. The point is that it's a pretty good bet that not all those nations' pharma regulations & standards will meet or match those in the US. As a matter of fact many drugs would be imported which are restricted or banned in the US on top of bad batches of low quality pharmaceuticals. Even with current restrictions regarding importation of pharmaceuticals, literally tons of both 'legitimate' prescription-only and 'illicit' recreational pharmaceuticals are illegally shipped by foreign suppliers to people in the US from online orders every year and results in many overdoses, poisonings from bad batches, and deaths/crippling disabilities.

There has to be restrictions on importations of pharmaceuticals because all the various national standards are not the same and neither are laws regarding banned/restricted drugs. Opening foreign online drug purchase will also throw the door open wide to recreational designer-drugs with little or no quality standards or safety testing.


Comment Re:free choice (Score -1) 283

Yeah, they're perfectly free to go back to dire poverty and hunger if they want.

- correct, the key word in your sentence being *back*. Back is where they would have to go in order to get away from these 'horrible companies' that are giving them something they never had before - a choice of not going back, from where they came.

I guess they are making their own choices every day regardless of what you think they should do.

No one is holding a gun to their heads to force them to feed their kids and have basic shelter.

- precisely, nobody is forcing them to eat and to feed their kids. They are choosing to do so by working for the companies that are offering them these jobs. They can go *back* of-course, back from whence they came.

Comment Re: see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 1) 283

Companies aren't going to look at the costs of resolving each grievance. That's not the problem. The real issue is that unions pose an unknown risk in terms of production and cost. If workers do walk out and the production process comes to a halt, that creates a long list of problems for the company. That's why some companies shut down operations when a union gets voted in. It's not worth the risk to them versus moving the factory elsewhere. Those costs in moving production can be reduced by getting other countries to compete for the business. They'll get lured in with tax cuts or other incentives. Either that or they'll automate the work. The US serves as a perfect example of how ridiculous union demands can get over time. They served a purpose in the beginning, but become a liability to the point where companies sent the work to places like China. Yes, the unions weren't the only reason for the move, but they certainly had a role in it.

Comment Re: see what the Union free work place get's you! (Score 2, Insightful) 283

The only thing a labor union would do here is to drive the business elsewhere. Either some other Chinese company would get the work, or they'd find someplace outside of China with even fewer legal protections. The old school checks and balances don't work with global mega-corps.

Comment Re:Big data is gonna kill small crime (Score 1, Informative) 85

Might as well just go ahead with actual eugenics, just approach it from a positive reward system rather than a negative.

Done and done!


78% of PP clinics located in predominantly black neighborhoods, blacks ~12% of total US population but ~35% of total PP abortions. Margaret Sanger gave talks at KKK gatherings and was highly praised for her work by the KKK.

They seem to want to cover all the bases.


Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 388

Indonesia? Why that?

Because you wanted foreign competition? That 'free market' you were on about the conservatives fearing?

Wait, do you now want to pick and choose who gets in? What happened to 'free markets'? In a 'free market' US pharma would compete with Canada and Somalia...and Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Turkey, Israel, Russia, etc etc.

Don't want that? Maybe 'them evul conservatives' are onto something in opposing it?


Comment Re:Ban drug ad's like most developed nations do! (Score -1) 388

'Most nations' do all sorts of crazy shit (and so does the USA) however drug ads to me are not different from shoe or car or food ads, drugs are a business, the only problem is government involvement, be it fda or medicare or medicaid or any form of government taxation and spending on anything related to healthcare or any form of business regulation beyond fraud. Ads are fine.

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