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Comment Hollywood (Score 1) 104

I care less and less about what Hollywood has to offer, endless reboots of movies and tv entertainment filled with shameless product placements to pay for the insane paychecks.
Maybe it is just that I am getting old and have seen most of what they have to offer before, just in another wrapping.
I like youtube now and all the amateurs videos you see around their(not the professionel "youtubers" so much).

Comment What happens when porn sites start using SSL/TLS? (Score 1) 208

If this law passes, I can see it already:

- Porn sites decide to move to SSL/TLS.
- 16 year old "children" keep watching porn.
- Politicians "denounce" that people are circumventing the system, and Jesus is unhappy.
- Crypto gets the blame! Child molesters are using cryptography to expose our kids to porn!
- Crypto is evil! Let's ban crypto, or "control" it better.

Comment Re:#BlackLivesMatter (Score 3, Interesting) 983

You are drawing a false equality/similarity. The majority of police shooting are NOT directed at homicide suspects. So it would not be surprising to find that if one broke down the distributions of citizens killed by police to find a racial disparity in homicide suspects being killed and, as you point out, this wouldn't be surprising. However since the majority of police do not involve homicide suspects it is hard to say. It is even harder to say because the Republican controlled Congress has blocked funding to study police violence.

Man Builds Giant Homemade Computer To Play Tetris ( 127

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BBC: A man has finished building an enormous computer in the sitting room of his bungalow in Cambridge. James Newman started work on the "Megaprocessor," which is 33ft (10m) wide and 6ft (2m) high, in 2012. It does the job of a chip-sized microprocessor and Mr Newman has spent $53,000 creating it. It contains 40,000 transistors, 10,000 LED lights and it weighs around half a ton (500kg). So far, he has used it to play the classic video game Tetris. Mr Newman, a digital electronics engineer, started the project because he was learning about transistors and wanted to visualize how a microprocessor worked. The components all light up as the huge device carries out a task. Mr Newman hopes the Megaprocessor will be used as an educational tool and is planning a series of open days at his home over the summer. You can watch a video demonstration of the monstrosity here.

Comment Not all is bad. (Score 5, Informative) 209

I had an issue with being double-charged for an app from the app store about 5 years ago. Went to Apple's support site, wrote a description of the problem, then was asked if I would like THEM to call ME. Not the other way around. Clicked yes, a calendar popped up in which I selected the time window in (IIRC) 10 minute increments when I wanted them to call me.

Within a couple minutes of the 'start' my phone rang and I was chatting with a nice guy (said his name was Daniel in Texas). He already had my records up and he called to ask me if I wanted a credit on my iTunes account or refund to my card. He then said he'd call me back when it was done. About 10 minutes later he called me back and said the credit was issued.

That is exemplary customer service and one reason their customer satisfaction is always rated so high.

Comment Amusing (Score 4, Insightful) 95

We hear people say they don't care about sharing their information or "meta data", sometimes even with the classic remark that they have nothing to hide.
But recently we have started to see stories about people being surprised when social media sites and others have started using their collected data better, it is kind of amusing.

I don't think that any of these companies all of the sudden have gotten better at mining their collected date, but rather that they choose to "turn up the dial" slowly because they need to get people used to it first and perhaps they have been a bit too quick about it recently. :)

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