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Comment So what is fake news? (Score 3, Insightful) 333

Does it include the big media news sources that takes something that is a rumor and runs with it?
Does it include the omission of fact? When it is not a lie, but it is also not the entire story but they omit something because it doesn't not fit their narrative?

Or is it just those stories that shows the government doing a piss poor job of running the country?

Comment They are so fucking expensive. (Score 3, Interesting) 113

I have had many iPhones and have been happy with them so far, but I am not going to pay $1000 for a fucking smartphone(my local price for a 7 with 256GB, converted to USD). My iPhone 5 died, so I got a SE for $550, and that's a lot of money too. Like the new MacBook Pro, the latest price hike just became too much.

I am not using any apps now that does not exist on a android system, so I might as well switch. The MacBook Pro is too expensive, they lack a good upgradable workstation for video editing. Well, it has been a good 10 years since I switched from Windows, when the next computer replacement comes around, I am taking a look at switching back to Windows again.

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