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Journal Journal: Moderation 6

Oh god... Every time I have mod points I wish there was a "Painfully Ignorant" moderation. Not to punish, but to keep the stupid from potentially infecting others. Like the poster earnestly commenting that a hydrogen economy would deplete all the water in the oceans because H2O would be the source of the hydrogen. Sigh... What if children were to accidentally read crap like that?!?

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Journal Journal: Your troll mind-tricks won't work on me.

I'm sick of seeing posters with ignorant opinions throwing up a smokescreen by arguing that if they're modded down it's unfair and only because the moderator disagrees with them. No, it's because you're an inane dipshit spreading FUD and stupidity, pretending that you know more than scientists and others qualified to have an opinion, or you're just using /. as a vehicle for petty political attacks. The fact that you need a sig. line with insulting head games to defend your ideas is damning proof that you don't have any.

Your troll mind-tricks won't work on me. I'm still modding you down.


Journal Journal: Signal to Noise

So I've been wasting a few minutes looking at people's journals and saw several that suggest a Foes list is some sort of juvenile way of pouting and saying you don't want to be friends. Sure... Maybe it is for people with a five-year old mentality, but most of us just use it to control the D/U ratio by filtering out Foes comments.

I read my news on /. because I like to read interesting articles and commentary by intelligent, educated people. If you're on my Foes list, it's because you're missing the mark. Chances are you've made a very stupid comment that betrays your ignorance of science or suggests you put ideology before honest discussion.

As they say... "Opinions are like assholes; everybody has one." But I don't want to listen to assholes.

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