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Comment Re:Spying? (Score 1) 102

When I had AT&T U-Verse, running a VPN from the St. Louis area to the west coast was *faster* with lower latency and more reliable than the native path. It was even faster for contacting endpoints in the local area.

As far as I was able to tell, AT&T runs various transparent proxies and maybe routes all traffic through a central location for easy government access. The encrypted VPN traffic would be too obtuse for this.

Comment Re:Playing X-platform FFXIV (Score 1) 56

You can be sure that even if there were not technical reasons under control of Sony which would prevent this, part of the agreement allowing games to be made for the PS4 includes requiring Sony's approval for such a feature.

Like the other poster said, cross platform play is only an advantage to the console with less market share. It does not matter if Sony would gain from this even if they gained more than Microsoft; what matters is that Sony has all of a smaller market. To Sony, good will means fucking their customers.

Comment Re:The "so what?" heard around the world! (Score 1) 351

Milktoast centrist put in vice president status. Courage required: 0

WIkipedia entry

At least the guy is well educated and experienced.

Not a dramatic choice - but a solid guy all the same. Would be justly called pretty conservative most places outside the US.

I'd have much preferred an Al Franken or Elizabeth Warren emotionally - but see the virtue in a low-key centrist technocrat.

Perhaps he's exciting by virtue of being boring in this environment. Get the guy training with some comedians before the debate, and a few good lines with low expectations could have OK results.

In other news: No news is news, in this news cycle. Which isn't news, with 24 hour news.

I think it's fine, do you think Franken or Warren would really bring that much influence over Hillary? She'd most likely put VP Franken or Warren in an closet to twiddle their thumbs for four years.

Kaine is probably on the same page so can act as a surrogate in office, and if Clinton died in office then Kaine would probably be fine to govern more or less how she would have governed.

Comment Re:String theory is just that: a theory (Score 0) 139

Um, you do realize that scientists do have experimental evidence that dark matter exists indirectly, right?

So, um...indirect experimental evidence is not actually empirical. It is absolutely, completely un-the-same as experimental evidence.

The case for dark matter is more inductive or abductive reasoning. Given certain premises based on our current understanding of gravity and our observations of the universe, dark matter makes sense. However, our observations could be wrong, or our models could be incorrect.

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