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Comment Re:Obama is to blame (Score 1) 1097

Now, do Trump supporters show more racial biases than other people? Yes. Whether you call them "racist" is just a question of where you draw the line on using that particular label.

I think you desperately wish that to be true. Didn't the democrats have "the taco bowl"

No idea what you're talking about.

and didn't Clinton show up to meetings "on black people time"?

So Clinton is racist because SNL wrote a bad joke?

I have seen so many racist anti-Trump statements, supporters and actions than I have ever seen of Trump supporters.

I seriously don't even know what you're talking about.

Comment The *real* question... (Score 1) 44

The real question here, which shouldn't even need to be asked but does...

Which of these plans is the least-limited version of "unlimited"? I've already discovered that Verizon won't offer their plan for 4G access points (even though I can buy a five year old sacrificial phone and tether to it 24/7). AT&T apparently doesn't allow tethering at all (which I thought the FCC had previously spanked them for, but, no surprise they went for a "Hail Mary" pass after this past January).

So, which of these plans really will let you use it as close to unlimited as possible? I have no delusion any of them will actually give me the upper possible limit of a solid 42.8Mbps for 13TB/month, but will any even realistically let me use 3-5Mbps sustained for a few hours a day, with 50+GB/month total?

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