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Comment Re:Is other news... (Score 1) 165

I've noticed a growing portion of slashdot articles are basically flamebait/choir preaching or things that are otherwise designed to cause maximum bandwagoning and outrage in the comments.

The stories might technically be relevant or "stuff that matters", but it's really starting to get blatantly obvious.

You must be new here! ;)

Comment Firefox aka "the java applet browser" (Score 4, Insightful) 130

Although the world has largely switched to Chrome, the remaining use for Firefox is as the one browser that is still willing to support Java applets. Lots of people who work in IT have a VM or a jumpbox whose only purpose is to run Java applets inside of Firefox (for example, to do maintenance on some piece of equipment with a Java-applet-based configuration tool -- I'm talking to you, EMC) -- and *never* *run* *updates* because changing the browser or java version even slightly will break the whole thing.

Comment Some things just aren't wanted. (Score 1) 399

In the 1960's, the "obvious" future was "picture phones." In the 1980's the "obvious" future was "picture phones." Now everyone has a video-capable telephone, but do we use them? Sometimes, yes, but we never got to the "obvious" future where every single phone call was a video call. 3D Television is the same way. The technology exists, anyone who wants it can have it, but it's just not something the mainstream market has any interest in.

Submission + - How to make IOS's Find My Friends to use Google Maps rather than Apple Maps?

xmas2003 writes: Find My Friends is a very useful app on the iPhone but has a major weakness when one is snow skiing ... all you see is relative locations on National Forest Land. This is because Apple Maps does NOT show the location of the ski lifts ... whereas Google Maps has had this for ~4 years ... which allows you to easily see where you are relative to your friends.

While ideally Apple Maps would add ski lift mapping information (hint, hint to any Apple'ers reading this), does anyone know of a workaround to get IOS's Find My Friends on the iPhone to use Google Maps instead of Apple Maps?

Comment Re:Correlation between Antibiotics and Obesity? (Score 1) 256

On a hunch I decided to see if there's a correlation between obesity and antibiotics (which are known to kill both the good and bad types of gut bacteria)

Here's a map showing antibiotic prescribing rates.

Here's a map showing obesity rates:

Correlation is not causation, but in my unprofessional opinion, these maps look eerily similar.

I blame it on lightning.

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