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Comment Re:Aetna is still a thing?! (Score 1) 150

This might just be the last straw. My family has been on Aetna for several years now, despite their dumpster fire of a website and the unmanaged mess they call member services, they're still often the best option we have available.

If they subsidized fitness trackers generally, or even offered an Android and iOS option, it would be great. However, partnering with Apple to exclusively subsidize Apple products is extremely offensive.

Thankfully they announced this just before open season, let the exodus begin.

Submission + - Libraries in Washington DC Promoting Privacy with Tor

ArcRiley writes: According to a recent article on Vice, libraries in Washington DC will be hosting a 10-day series on government surveillance and privacy titled Orwellian America.

One of the main events is a free workshop on using Tor and helping patrons install Tor Browser Bundle on their laptops. Seems those radical militant librarians are at it again!

Comment Re:WTFPL (Score 1) 134

Its worse than that - of all the software I can imagine warranty disclaimer to be useful for, this would be one of them.

The authors could be easily sued if this ever got used for medical purposes and a bug they introduced led to harm or death. Not to say they couldn't be sued anyway, but the license would at least provide a bit of protection.

Seriously, if they wanted a permissive license use Apache.


Superflares Found On Sun-Like Stars 50

astroengine writes "Scientists have found superflares more than 1 million times more powerful than flares generated by the sun occurring on sun-like stars being studied by NASA's Kepler space telescope. The finding, culled from 120 days of observations of 83,000 stars, is the first to detail how often and how energetic flares on other stars can be. The discovery, however, raises a question about how the massive outbursts, believed to be caused by complex magnetic interactions, can physically occur."

Comment Re:Locked Bootloaders (Score 1) 282

HTC and Samsung are having no trouble selling phones with unlocked bootloaders.

Of course carriers would prefer to have complete administrative access to your phones, control what you can do with them and bloat them with software you can't remove. Clearly market pressure is pushing in the direction of freedom.

Comment Facebook does this too (Score 4, Informative) 560

Lets not forget that Facebook has been deactivating user accounts on the suspicion that they're using an alias for many years, they have a small dictionary of banned names to do this automatically. Have a unique first name like "Husky Smithson"? Too bad.

Only difference is Facebook accounts are not also used for email and other essential services.

Comment Re:Linux drivers (Score 1) 79

They never claim that the board will be supported entirely through freely licensed software and drivers. Much of the hardware on the board is only supported through proprietary firmware/drivers. It would be great if Linaro could change that, but I doubt they have that kind of leverage (or interest). What we'll likely get is a board that requires an "evaluation SDK" filled with proprietary drivers compiled for the specific development environments they support while they parade their board around saying "isn't it great you can run Linux on this?"

Until they make a public announcement to the contrary we have no reason to believe otherwise.

Comment Buying HTC (Score 2) 261

I currently own an HTC phone, and due to the bootloader being locked down I swore I'd never buy another. The recent announcement about future phones bootloaders being unlocked actually had me looking at the phones they'll have available in a few months. We're already paying roughly $10 a phone for all the media codec licenses; MP3, h.264, etc (none of which I actually use on my current phone), but paying Microsoft an extra $5 feels dirty.

Comment Was it worth it? (Score 4, Interesting) 189

The real question is whether it would have cost them $170 million to leave the OtherOS feature alone. Lets not forget Sony started the fight with the community by removing a feature originally provided on the hardware that was used heavily by researchers and programmers at home. Then the community found a way to root the PS3, then they patched it, then the root keys were found, then they started blocking rooted consoles from the network, then the network was taken down for everyone.

The community is big, Sony is small, and there are enough fringe elements in the community to make us dangerous as a whole. Hopefully they've learned their lesson and begin behaving in a more cooperative manner with the community, but I have a feeling they're just going to raise the stakes even further.

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