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Comment Re:Why federal law? (Score 3, Interesting) 171

Speculation: because the local governments have already signed their souls over. If they can't install municipal broadband due to their current agreements, there is little incentive for them to install conduit that they can't use. And why run the conduit for Comcast or Verizon, who has possibly already been paid to do the job and neglected to do so?

Comment Re:I don't know, are they? (Score 3, Insightful) 89

This is a common enough writing technique that I'm surprised that anyone would have a hard time understanding its use...

Yes, yes, but that's pretty much been the viral clickbait trend that won't die.
"You won't believe how THIS asshole got 1 million viewers on his website!"
"Lose 100 pounds by eating THIS! {picture of unidentifiable fruit}"
"Wow, Nintendo fixed their new console with FOAM!"

God forbid you put the word "conductive" in front of foam, lest you make things sound intelligent and scare away readers!
Tomorrow I get to hear dumbass radio jock tell the world about fixing electronics with foam. And then I'll get to hear my coworkers talk about how they wonder why nobody used foam to fix things sooner, because foam has been around forever, right?

Comment Re:Searching for racism (Score 0) 429

Without it a naive searcher would believe racism is a thing of the past.

As opposed to a creation by the liberal leftist machine? Because if my racist news playground was suddenly the top google hit for racism, I would probably plaster articles all over the place about Liberals being the source of the problem etc. It seems like people generally can't be bothered to investigate their sources these days. I don't think hypothetical racism googler is going to fare much better.

If Google actually starts censoring unpleasant realities from results

I think the concern is less about the unpleasant reality of holocaust deniers, and more about the spread of more fake information. We've been living in the peak of the misinformation age, and people are misinforming themselves left and right.
I think we often taken it for granted how much "common knowledge" is actually common. I suppose this is 12 years ago now, but recall Prince Harry wearing a Nazi costume to a party? People really are this stupid.

Comment Re:Everyone keeps geting it backwards (Score 1) 228

But then you will have noon at 1pm every day, and midnight at 1 am.

We already have noon at 1pm and midnight at 1 am for 8 months of the year.

But if you want DST all year, then what you really want is a shift in work hours etc. in relation to natural cycles. That is something you can fix without ruining time itself.

That sounds easier said than done. Do we tie schedules to sunrise? "I work for 8 hours, 90 minutes after sunrise." "Do you want to catch a movie at 10 hours after sunrise?"
Variable work schedule? "I work 8 hours a day on the equinox, 6 hours on the winter solstice, and 11 hours on the summer solstice."

Comment Re:Thought crime (Score 1) 164

You make an interesting argument, but I think back to a study done on the effects of legalizing prostitution on sex trafficking. The study found that legalizing prostitution, while it may have made things better for the women working legally, caused an increase in demand for prostitutes. This caused an increase in sex trafficking.

People have desires they want to act on. Perverts don't have to be created, they already exist (and perhaps we are all perverts on some level or another). When you lower the effort required for them to consume whatever it is they desire, you will truly see how many people also desire that thing. As others become aware of that thing, they may decide they want that thing for themself, having not thought of it themselves previously (You mean I can have THAT? Well, don't mind if I do!). And maybe that last bit is an argument that porn creates perverts, or at the very least, reveals perverts.

When 50 Shades of Grey came out, Pornhub searches for BDSM shot up. You could argue that these were all people already well aware and into BDSM, and the movie just raised a desire in them. I seriously doubt that, however.

Humans are curious, and we wonder what various things are like. Some things are naturally, instinctively repulsive to us. Some things neutral. And some things we find appealing, often times not until we are exposed to them. It is true naivete to think that increased availability to such materials won't cause an increase in consumers.

Comment Re:waste of money (Score 1) 117

I guess you're too young to ever had played with an Intellivision controller. Your list would be quite different.

While that may or may not be true for the parent poster, the Intellivision was my first game console, and despite the fact its controller was likely the worst designed ever, that still doesn't change the fact nearly every other Nintendo designed controller is also very bad.

Comment Re:You don't need it in a browser. (Score 1) 207

Having it in a browser only "means" something if the DRM code is freely available, unpatented, and can be implemented by anyone.

Which is exactly what we are talking about, unlike the rest of your post.

Just like I can install a freely available and implementable by anyone SSH client, which does not include the key files to access your data, this very discussion is on freely available and implementable by anyone DRM encryption that similarly does not include the key files to access just anyone's media.

So unless your complaint is that OpenSSH is not open software due to not including a private key to access my servers, I fail to see why you would object like you are to open DRM standards that work the same way.

Again I refuse to run Flash in my browser due to the choices and desires of people like you, and will continue to refuse to do so.

Comment Re:Astroturfing Trolls (Score 1) 917

Did you read any of the sources you offered?

Nothing in our analysis suggests that gender discrimination doesnâ(TM)t exist. In fact, the experts we consulted agreed that no matter how much you adjust the models to equalize for outside factors, a difference in pay between men and women remains, and itâ(TM)s one that canâ(TM)t be explained away.

Here's the slightly deflating caveat: this reverse gender gap, as it's known, applies only to unmarried, childless women under 30 who live in cities. The rest of working women â" even those of the same age, but who are married or don't live in a major metropolitan area â" are still on the less scenic side of the wage divide.

Chung said it "would be totally incorrect to imply that these women outearn men with similar jobs or similar educations."

The Hay Group study, which does conclude that pay disparity is little to none for men and women with the same position, does not cover the United States. They strangely have little to say about the existence (or non-existence) of a pay gap in the US.

To be sure, this data did not cover the United States. But in many countries, men and women doing the same job, in the same function and company, get paid almost exactly the same, the firm finds.

So for whatever reason, this company, headquartered in the US, found it inconvenient to include the US data in their project.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 209

The point is that it is probably easier and more effective to get rid of the antiquated laws that lock us in this cycle where drug makers, smugglers, and DEA all make profits off of addicts.

Decriminalize hard drug use and have the government sell/give away safe, vetted drugs to addicts (or administer doses in government run centers). Making drugs hard to get enslaves addicts to dealers and causes the situation we have now. Legalize marijuana, sell it like alcohol and tobacco, tax it, make money off of it, let a bunch of people out of prison for stupid marijuana offenses.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 1) 920

If the police get to decide the crime being committed, and the police are biased, and the police are the ones who ultimately write the reports that were evaluated for the study, how would the study detect that bias?

It really does not follow to come to a conclusion that police use excessive non-violent force against blacks, but not excessive violent force. Sure, it's possible.
But then, consider: in the past few years we have been presented with videos of officers shooting unarmed blacks, in which the blacks would have been found at fault had it not been for the video evidence. Samuel DuBose and Walter Scott, for instance. How many unarmed suspects have been "upgraded" to armed and dangerous suspects? As long as you're killing (and framing) them in the right ratios, it doesn't matter if they were actually guilty of something?

Are DuBose and Scott rare cases? We hope so, but we do not know without bodycams, and with bodycams cops and suspects alike exhibit better behavior (so we may never know). At present, I don't see how anyone can say "Clearly, blacks are not being wrongly killed."

As for cops vs blacks and blacks vs blacks, I see no reason why we can't strive to improve both situations.

Comment Re:Professional attention whore strikes again (Score 2) 920

There is a disconnect here: There is evidence of Felix repeatedly making fun of/with Jews/Hitler/the Holocaust, but that's okay because he doesn't come across to you as anti-Semitic? That's a little like saying "My grandpa isn't racist, he's just old fashioned."

I understand your feeling that people seem to be a little over sensitive right now. But personally, I'm starting to see the darkness creeping in where I thought there was light. My friend, with a bachelors in comp sci, who I normally regard as intelligent, is starting to repeat things that sound like alt-right fake news headlines. He tells me that even adjusted for population, fewer blacks are killed by police than whites. That all Indians smell like curry (granted, probably not an alt-right headline).

I wonder, is there really a problem here that up until now has been invisible to me? That xenophobia is more prevalent than it seemed, and it is gaining champions (whether they choose to be or not)?

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