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Comment Re:Let's Play (Score 1) 110

Thank god for Let's plays on Youtube. If I happen to find that the reviewers are right, I don't need to buy it and if I find that I disagree, I can order it after having watched a bit of gameplay. In that case, sure, I have to replay already viewed scenes, but it doesn't top the amount of frustration I get from having spent good money on yet another crappy game...

No wonder game companies are trying to get let's play videos taken down with DMCA claims.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 320

Maybe not, but at least eSports don't artificially limit the potential performance of participants that don't happen to have the magical combination of freak athleticis genes that conventional sports require to make it big.

Comment Re:Original Game (Score 1) 131

That may be the case, but they allow plenty of broken cards to be printed; cards that end the game by sending the rules into an infinite loop,

I don't think you've actually played Magic in the last 15 years.

or cards that end up in nearly every deck for a given color.

That's not an indication of the game being broken.

I think the real reason Magic wins the card game race is simple momentum. When your choices are playing a new game that no one else is playing, or playing an established game with an enormous player base, there really isn't much of a decision to make.

When you're at the top, the top is there to lose. And yet there's currently a CCG boom, with Magic at the helm, well in progress. (Some may call it a bubble and I wouldn't immediately disagree.)

Comment Re:How about R9 290 then? (Score 1) 111

Looking at some pictures of the stock 290X heatsink, you will be well served by removing, lapping, and replacing the thermal grease with some decent stuff. Even more if you decide to spring for an aftermarket heatsink, but you may have to do a little leg work to figure out which ones will work and which ones won't.

Comment Re:And why do you think they are? (Score 1) 188

Funny how iPhone battery falls 20-30% faster and the phone runs substantially hotter when running 'official' benchmark apps, but xcode apps by lone developers that try to hit the hardware as hard don't have anywhere near the effect. Apple betrayed by the only thing they can't control, the laws of physics.

Can you source any of that? I would like to know more.

Comment Re:Liberty is the only thing in danger here. (Score 1) 550

The really interesting thing here in my opinion is why all of those things have been ineffectual. It seems to start when the anti-gun lobby proposes a law with the intent of doing nothing other than hassling gun owners (safety is almost always given lip service but never actually intended). Then the pro-gun lobby shows up and strips the teeth out of the law, even if by sheer random chance it happens to make sense. The end result is a mess of really stupid and confusing gun laws that don't actually accomplish anything other than confusing everyone.

It's not actually very interesting at all. Every compromise between "shall not" and "may" initiated by "shall not" is always a win for "shall not" and always a loss for "may".

It doesn't matter if it's gun rights, abortion rights, voting rights, or anything else, really.

Comment Re:Pinball (Score 1) 283

Which is a mistake of the poll. Six options refer to actual games, and one option refers to a genre. A potentially interesting poll is completely ruined.

How I would vote depends on WHICH pinball games where there. Faced with Black Knight or F-14 Tomcat the choice between whether to hit up the pinball or the video side is pretty easy.

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