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Comment Re:will we be able to buy it? (Score 1) 94

They made a novelty collectors item with limited entertainment value.

I agree that they made a desirable item, and that, from a sales perspective, it is a successful product. However, they missed an opportunity to come out with a much better product, and the limited availability has driven up awareness of RetroPie.

Its as if Apple came out with an iPod that has the top 100 albums of 2016 programmed into it (and can't be changed without modifying it), and the fanboys bought out all of the product.

Comment Re:will we be able to buy it? (Score 1) 94

Nintendo built an entirely unnecessary product, and now they're doing it again.

I don't need a collectors item with 30 games from one system.
I don't need a second collectors item with 30 games from another system.

I need a device that plays games from multiple systems, and the games I want to play. They should have created a system that covers every Nintendo console that a RetroPie does (or at least up through N64, which is 20 years old at this point.) So what if it doesn't make sense that you can play Nintendo 64 games on a device that looks like a classic NES? That's the added functionality that would make the product a hit.

I also don't need this 30 games crap. I need a proper marketplace, similar to iTunes, that keeps track of my ROM purchases, so I don't have to jump through hoops to migrate my roms from one unit to another.

Comment Re:Revolution (Score 1) 130

Personally I want to develop a monopoly in my market, to take 100% of everybody's business.

Let's say I run a 100% efficient business, where I am making only enough money to survive ...

If you're running a monopoly, and you're running 100% efficient, in what world would you be "making only enough money to survive"?

A path to survive for people has to come through freedom from all forms of government regulations, so that new business ideas can be executed without red tape and without the added artificial inefficiency of regulations and taxes.

If you failed to achieve your monopoly, but have managed to collude with the other corporations to jack prices up anyway, tell me again why that is a good thing?

Overall, it sounds like you idealize a world where the corporations replace as many humans as possible, your facilities will be sabotaged by humans in order to create jobs for humans (repairing factories), and the next step on your side up is automated turrets to protect your automated facilities from sabotage.

Comment Re:Just plain wrong (Score 2) 85

Decisions based on where to offer services are based on demographics, target market, legal landscape, logistics, potential profits and so on. Chances are senior leadership is already going to be aware of their target market and probably doesn't need to do in-depth market analysis to realize certain countries don't make sense. In other words they can dismiss a country with half a second in thought - and be right.

How "senior" can a 25 year old CEO be?

And why poach a growth lead from Facebook if you're going to flat out ignore him when he tells you the company is missing an opportunity?

Comment Re:You have that very, very wrong (Score 2, Informative) 136

...was resolved after the new rules came out, but when the OP shows that it was before...

Well, no, it wasn't resolved before.
Netflix decided that they stood to gain more money than they lost by paying off Comcast, so Netflix paid Comcast, despite Comcast being in the wrong for throttling traffic.
It is not an industry standard to throttle traffic on a per website basis, and this is traffic that has already been paid for by the consumer.

Amazon doesn't have to pay Comcast for me to use their site, Slashdot doesn't have to pay Comcast for me to use their site.
If Netflix and Comcast customers are both paying for access to the internet, why should Netflix be paying an additional Comcast tax on top of that?
Especially when there was evidence of Comcast throttling connections (Netflix access through VPN was unaffected, while access through Comcast was throttled.)

Comment Re:My first thought was "why?" (Score 1) 30

But I can see some limited use cases - like when we visit my wife's folks, who have cable TV but no internet service. They're out in the sticks where the only wireless data coverage is Verizon... and those guys charge you through the nose for prepaid data, something like $30 for 5 gigs if I remember our last trip. Since we are mostly at their house during our visits, this might be a viable alternative.

I guess maybe if their cable provider is already Comcast. Still, seems like a hassle if you aren't going to consume tons of data. It seems like this gets you a standard RF modem that has wifi built in, so it probably won't work on a competitor's cable lines. You might be able to sign into one of the Xfinity wifi access points, though, if you can find one in that rural environment.

Comment Re:The solution is also a problem (Score 1) 208

Something Awful requires a one time payment ($10) to post on the forums. Getting banned costs another $10 to reinstate your account. You can get put in forum-hell/time-out, where you can only communicate with other shit posters. You can get permabanned, where your account is not eligible for recovery, and your future accounts will be banned if the mods find out they belong to you.

I haven't been active in years, but when I was, this was very effective at weeding out/discouraging bad behavior.

Comment Re:Traffic Normalization (Score 1) 130

One of the main causes of traffic jams, at least in heavy traffic on interstates and major four-lanes, is somebody simply touching his brakes. Then the car behind him, not knowing how hard the car ahead is braking, has to hit his brakes.

Well, he has to hit his brakes if he is tailgating. If you have sufficient distance to the car in front of you, you can eat up that distance while you make a determination on whether or not to brake.

Comment Re:Intel Marketing Incorrect (Score 2) 109

The way Intel plans on using Optane memory, yes it will most certainly improve the speed of HDs by caching but to say it will always outperform an SSD is an outright lie.

Also worth noting that there are SSD's that can exceed the 1.2GBps read / 280MBps write of the Optane.
For instance, Samsung 960 Evo claims 3.2GBps/1.8GBps. (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147595&cm_re=pcie_ssd-_-20-147-595-_-Product)
Requires PCIe 3.0 x4. I work for neither Samsung nor Newegg.

Comment Re:Why federal law? (Score 3, Interesting) 174

Speculation: because the local governments have already signed their souls over. If they can't install municipal broadband due to their current agreements, there is little incentive for them to install conduit that they can't use. And why run the conduit for Comcast or Verizon, who has possibly already been paid to do the job and neglected to do so?

Comment Re:I don't know, are they? (Score 3, Insightful) 90

This is a common enough writing technique that I'm surprised that anyone would have a hard time understanding its use...

Yes, yes, but that's pretty much been the viral clickbait trend that won't die.
"You won't believe how THIS asshole got 1 million viewers on his website!"
"Lose 100 pounds by eating THIS! {picture of unidentifiable fruit}"
"Wow, Nintendo fixed their new console with FOAM!"

God forbid you put the word "conductive" in front of foam, lest you make things sound intelligent and scare away readers!
Tomorrow I get to hear dumbass radio jock tell the world about fixing electronics with foam. And then I'll get to hear my coworkers talk about how they wonder why nobody used foam to fix things sooner, because foam has been around forever, right?

Comment Re:Searching for racism (Score 0) 429

Without it a naive searcher would believe racism is a thing of the past.

As opposed to a creation by the liberal leftist machine? Because if my racist news playground was suddenly the top google hit for racism, I would probably plaster articles all over the place about Liberals being the source of the problem etc. It seems like people generally can't be bothered to investigate their sources these days. I don't think hypothetical racism googler is going to fare much better.

If Google actually starts censoring unpleasant realities from results

I think the concern is less about the unpleasant reality of holocaust deniers, and more about the spread of more fake information. We've been living in the peak of the misinformation age, and people are misinforming themselves left and right.
I think we often taken it for granted how much "common knowledge" is actually common. I suppose this is 12 years ago now, but recall Prince Harry wearing a Nazi costume to a party? People really are this stupid.

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