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Comment Re:Only its "Prime" customers come first... (Score 1) 109

- Not that long ago items purchased using "free shipping" arrived at my door 2-4 days after order; now its 2 weeks.
- Free shipping orders seem to sit in a queue for up to 10 calendar days before being shipped now.

Amazon has always given extended projections on their free shipping. So, you can look at it as:
1) They baited/conditioned you with faster than advertised shipping and switched to slower shipping (now that they've destroyed the competitors/developed a competing service), or
2) They've been giving you better service than stated, and now they're scaling back on it to cut costs.

I do agree that the whole thing stinks of "offer exceptional service, drive out competitors, drop quality of service, offer the old level of service for more money."
But at the same time, nobody made an agreement with Amazon that they would provide faster than advertised free shipping.
(For the record, my packages come in 4-7 days, in the suburb of a major city. They've pretty much always come in that time frame.)

As for customer service - I ordered an item (silicone pot holder assortment) from a third party. It was packaged incorrectly, and had 2 of one size and none of the other. I couldn't figure out how to contact the seller to request a replacement pot holder, so I used the customer service chat. After explaining my issue, he responded with something along the lines of "I'm sorry this happened. Would it be acceptable for me to credit your account with the price of the item?" Just like that, full refund for the third party item, got to keep the extra pot holders. That was in May of this year.

I'm not an Amazon fanboy (Disclaimer: I do own an Echo and a Kindle.) I think it was lame that they upped their free shipping threshold. Selling Prime only items seems like a shitty buisness model. Prime Pantry seems unnecessary/expensive. Their music app is clumsy, their online music library management is clumsy, trying to tell Echo to play music from my library can be clumsy, trying to find streaming video content is like navigating a god-damn Escher maze.

At the same time, they are doing things right. I've found music I had bought years ago on CD magically available for me to stream. Prime benefits keep getting...not necessarily better, but more diverse. They fill sort of a jack of all trades role. The money I was spending on Spotify or Pandora One (neither perfect) can go towards Prime. The online video content might keep me off of Netflix and Hulu for an extra month or two (if I can find anything worth watching). There is free Kindle content, and soon free Audible content (though I'd much sooner just pay for what I want before I let Amazon curate for me). For $99, I'm not excited about it, and I've been putting it off. But considering a Pandora subscription of around $60/year, to Spotify's $120, it starts to look attractive on its own - and that's before all the other junk Amazon is throwing in with it.

Comment Humane? (Score 1) 429

'We are seeing 60% fewer burrows in areas where we are using the dry ice,' said Charles Williams, Chicago's streets and sanitation commissioner. 'It's more environmentally friendly, and it's very humane on the rodents as well.'"

There is ongoing discussion over whether or not CO2 is humane for euthanizing rodents. It is not lack of oxygen that causes distress when holding your breath, but excess CO2. It is thought by some that lab and feeder rodents are put through unnecessary stress by using CO2 instead of an alternative gas/method.

Comment How about being able to do this on all phones? (Score 3, Interesting) 120

After the article about Sony boosting battery life ( ) I started looking for a way to stop my phone from charging past 80%. I was hoping to find an Xposed module that covered it, but no such luck. There don't seem to be any apps to do it, either.

Its interesting that Samsung cobbled together something to do it. I wonder if it is hardware specific, or can be exported to other devices.

Comment Re:Possible (Score 1) 308

You can get relatively small polypropylene caps with 1KV ratings, and even surface mount caps with 400V ratings (which you could then put in series). Once you initially exceed the breakdown voltage of the connected device, the supply voltage probably does a lot of the work for you (now that you've created an alternate path for it).

Comment Re:rotten at the top (Score 4, Interesting) 341

So... if I have a business unit that's losing money and I tell it to either turn a profit or they'll be laid off, am I responsible when the employees cheat and break the law to save their jobs because there's no other way?

If you give the employees an unreasonble goal with insufficient tools to reach it, and tell them that they will be fired if they cannot reach it - I think that makes you responsible for their actions. In fact, that sounds like the definition of coercion.

Now lets say your business isn't losing money, and the stock price has increased steadily since the fourth quarter of 2011 (like, say, Wells Fargo.) In this case, you have misrepresented the health of your company for the purpose of eliciting bad behavior. You don't have much of a defense in claiming ignorance because you have needlessly and intently set up the environment for this to happen. I would say that is absolutely criminal.

Comment Re:IB Times Refuses Content When Ad Blocker Enable (Score 1) 89

I feel like this is turning into a blood feud. One side blocks the ads, one side circumvents the blockers. Some members of the first side realize that ads are needed for some sites to thrive, some members of the second side realize they've gotten too intrusive with the ads. But mostly, both sides are too entrenched to make progress.

On a side note, I recently became aware of metered paywalls - after allowing so many visitors, they throw up a paywall. So, for example, someone submits an article to /. that they don't believe to be paywalled, but it becomes paywalled shortly after the rush of traffic.

Comment More info? (Score 1) 180

This article doesn't tell you much, and most of the other articles are copy/pastes of each other (and in turn seem to be copy/pastes of a press release).


The results from the first study showed that Android users are perceived to have greater levels of honesty and humility, agreeableness and openness personality traits but are seen as less extroverted than iPhone users.

The results from the second study showed that most of the personality stereotypes did not occur in reality, as only honesty and humility was found in greater amounts within Android users.

I couldn't find the study. One article referenced source "Shaw H, Ellis D, Kendrick LR et al. Individual differences between iPhone and Android smartphone users. British Psychological Society. 2016."

Comment Re:Girl Power! (Score 3, Informative) 74

How much of the hype behind this company centered on the fact that its leader was a young, attractive, blonde woman from Stanford?

I would say not much. Theranos was promising drug tests that would be significantly cheaper than current tests. According to Theranos pricing, Basic Metabolic Panel for about $6 bucks, Lithium level for $5... Together those might cost $200 (without insurance). I couldn't give two shits about who is at the helm if that's what they're promising.

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