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Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

The email Larry sent credits Autopilot, and Elon Musk credits Autopilot. Nowhere does Larry's email assert that autopilot was disabled. If Larry is going to portray Autopilot as his guardian angel, then he should accept his dunce hat. Electrek makes an assumption that autopilot was disabled, without actually contacting any of the parties involved to verify that assumption.

Comment Re:Public Admission of Stupidity (Score 1) 219

It's also prudent when trying to locate the siren to slow down a little regardless. Emergency vehicles do drive recklessly on occasion. You can't rely on the emergency vehicle to stop at the mouth of a side street. They may pull in front of you and expect you to respond to it. You may also be approaching a dangerous scene before the first responders.

It is likely this guy was blowing down the road in autopilot when he should have had control of his car. Given that the Tesla isn't made to respond to emergency vehicles lights and sirens, this guy is a bit of an idiot. "Here is a situation in which I should have been in control and driving cautiously, but wasn't."

Comment Too long to handle? (Score 1) 42

The internet tells me that human genome weighs 3.59 x 10^-12 grams.
1 gram of dna * 1 complete strand of dna / (3.59 x 10^-12 grams) = 278 x 10^9 strands = 278,000,000,000 strands of dna.

Length of human dna stretched out: about 2 meters
(278 x 10^9 strands) * (2 meters / strand) = 554 x 10^9 meters

I can't conceive of how you can organize that in order to read it.

Then again, I don't know the length of a blu-ray, if you could unravel it and stretch it out straight. Or that of a record.

Comment Re:Alleviate bandwidth concerns (Score 1) 94

I think you are right that it could help ease network congestion. Leaving torrents/games/anything to download overnight is popular, as in the late hours there is less fight for resources where the network is oversold, and because you have your content downloaded for the next day.

I also think you are right that it will save bandwidth consumed. If the video device has sufficient storage, you would be able to save things that you might watch multiple times. For example, a TV series you and your partner/friend/roommate both watch. Or consider the kid that wants to watch Frozen for the 10th time in a row.

Comment boo-hoo (Score 1) 250

The problem is that no matter how many people Blizzard sues, the cheat still exists, and more cheats will come.

Blizzards solution has to be to find and eliminate the exploits.

That said, I don't have much sympathy for Blizzard "losing sales". Even with the Field of View slider they implemented, they have the FOV maximum locked low enough that people with motion sickness can't play the game. Reading through forums on Overwatch, it seems that the FOV settings might even be over-exagerated, with 103 being more equivalent to a setting of 90 in other first person shooters.

Comment Re:No he Shouldn't (Score 5, Insightful) 383

A previous article covers whistle-blower Thomas Drake being denied protections for trying to use the proper channels. John Crane, who was to protect the whistle-blowers, became a whistle-blower himself when it became evident the Pentagon was abusing their power in order to punish Thomas Drake.

The article quotes Snowden, "Name one whistleblower from the intelligence community whose disclosures led to real change - overturning laws, ending policies - who didn't face retaliation as a result. The protections just aren't there"

Comment Re:Y Combinator experiment (Score 1) 1052

One caveat I do have, personally, is that people should not get extra money just for having children. We don't want to encourage procreation for the sake of money. The world is overpopulated world, people should not hve children unless they can cover the cost.

How much procreation can the system support before it breaks down?
How can you prevent people from procreating? (Incentivize birth control with more free money?)
Should only the rich be allowed to procreate?
Should people with only a basic income, and no other income, be allowed to procreate?

Will the welfare class breed a larger welfare class, making the system unsustainable?
Would that happen without Basic Income, anyway?

Comment Re:FB Search (Score 1) 235

Even more likely: On numerous occasions, Facebook has suggested people who I have no correspondence with online. These are people I had never thought to look up profiles for. However, these are all people I have had telephone correspondence with. I suspect the Facebook app, or third party apps, of skimming phone contacts and uploading them to Facebook. In this case, the mugger probably, using the victim's phone, 1) called his own friends, or 2) went on his own personal Facebook page. From there, Facebook took the data and connected the dots as possible acquaintances.

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