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Submission + - Mac OS X 10.8 Limited to App Store/Signed Apps by Default (

I(rispee_I(reme writes: The newest preview release of the Macintosh Operating System is configured to prevent applications from running, unless they are signed by Apple. This includes applications found on the App Store. While this setting is optional, it is enabled by default. Is this the latest step in a series of restriction on using Apple platforms for general-purpose computing?

Submission + - Google Hides Cached Search Results (

I(rispee_I(reme writes: Google has moved the links to cached web pages in its search results, hiding them inside the new "instant preview" JavaScript popup, which requires mousing over search results and a brief loading time to view. As a side effect, disabling instant preview also removes your access to cached web pages. Over at Google Support, the reaction to the change is less than enthusiastic.

Submission + - Steve Jobs Dies (

I(rispee_I(reme writes: Ex-Apple CEO Steve Jobs died of cancer just minutes ago. No need to recap his biography on slashdot, surely. He will be missed.

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