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Comment Re: Who is doing the building? (Score 1) 97

K. S. Kyosuke, We don't know how humans solve problems

True, it's one of the mysteries of the universe. If only I could sneak into a university and observe math students solving problems, then maybe I could write a program that mimics the process to solve my problem. Alas, this is too a radical an idea for sure. :-p

so how can we know anything about the fidelity of so-called AI?

What the hell is "fidelity of AI"?

For example, how does a human look at a chess board and evaluate positions to determine the next move? Nobody knows. Computers do an exhaustive search of available moves to a certain depth, which humans are incapable of, so that disproves your claim straight off.

That's a non sequitur right there.

Comment Re:Tell that to (Score 2) 87

New Super Mario Brothers for the Wii was big on multiplayer both co-op or in my case usually one good player and a bunch of others flailing about. If you watch some of the in-game videos you can see great examples of co-op working out with Yoshi's passing a player around and some pretty amazing feats pulled off.

Comment So, if you turn the phone off, (Score 1) 180

Then plug it in - will it charge? On some of my older HTC phones I would turn them off when I charged them when I had some place to be because it was significantly faster.

Then, sometime during all of this, install a non-standard ROM. I've used Cyanogen Mod and Fresh Evo in the past, I'm sure there's a non-Samsung ROM you could put on the thing. That way you have plenty of opportunity to have the thing explode on your own terms.

Comment Re:Who is doing the building? (Score 1) 97

I've already considered the possibility of search-driven algorithm and data structure selection for a certain system I have in mind. After all, why try a large (combinatorially exploding) number of options/programming decisions manually when they can be tried and scored automatically?

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