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Comment Re:Suicide happens, (Score 1) 566

It's a choice that is generally significantly biased by an underlying mental illness. When you aren't in a rational state, you can't properly evaluate the consequences of that action.

I wanted him to stay alive because I cared about him. He needed help. I highlighted the aftermath so that others could see the aftermath, which is rarely considered or talked about.

It is the most selfish decision a person can make. However, they're usually not in the position to properly evaluate the consequences.

Comment Re:You can't show suicide (Score 1) 566

I would think ratings is the bigger driver. It's been 10+ years, so they only cover the wars when something "major" happens.

I would prefer it being shown every night primetime just to keep it in the forefront of everyone's mind. Just or unjust, we as citizens need to be held accountable for those we elect.

I'll not get into the debate(s) about elections, voting power, corruption, etc. That's its own set of topics.

Comment Re:Shocking to watch live (Score 1) 566

I'll agree with something like a gunshot to the head, but most deaths are not immediate.

I've never seen a human die, but I've seen one in a tragic accident that was very lucky to live. The screams and cries still make me shudder.

Animals have evolved to hide pain, as they are more likely to become prey when injured. In general, they are quiet yet aggressive in a traumatic accident and close to death.

Source: My wife is a veterinarian.

Comment Re:Suicide happens, (Score 1) 566

Nice name. We must be /. siblings.

I used to not think so until a friend of mine did it. The emotional impact was staggering. I was sad, but then I saw how his wife reacted, and I'm still mad at him for doing it. It's been 3+ years, and she still posts on his Facebook page as a way to cope. He did it at work, too, and it really had a major impact on everyone who worked with him. He was well liked, but there was still the normal gossip and jokes. Everyone was ever said anything felt guilty for a long time.

The thing is that everything about it is irrational. The act itself, and the stream of grief and guilt that follows.

I have to also mention that his life insurance policy didn't cover it. His wife had the funeral costs, credit card debt and 100k+ in student loan debt she now has to cover.

It's the most selfish act that a person can do. Even with mental illness to consider (he wasn't diagnosed with anything to my knowledge, but I have to think there were some issues), it's hard to forgive what he did to his wife and family(and he was a friend of mine).

Comment Re:Calm before the hyperbole (Score 1) 566

If you take the time to look, I was logged in for that post. You spent alot of time on personal attacks based on that one error, so you really are starting to sound like the news company that you hate so much.

Please re-read my post. As low as your reading comprehension seems to be, it's only 3 direct sentences. Let me break it down for you again:
  • You take any opportunity to let people know you hate Fox News, even if you have to take someone out of context to bring it up.
  • This adds nothing to the topic which is being discussed.

I seriously have no idea what orifice you pulled those assumptions about me out of three simple statements. I'll assume that anyone who disagrees or calls you out on something gets the same treatment of personal attacks and diarrhea of the mouth. No one cares about your opinions, so seriously- grow up.

Please go see a doctor. You have a bad case of being a total fuckwad.

Comment Re:IN OTHER EARTH SHATTERINFG NEWS (Score 5, Interesting) 513

WTF happened to the trolls here? I used to kill time reading Adolf_HitTroll, the GNAA, etc. Love 'em, hate 'em, they filled that gap until the real content came in.

Now there are hippies in my trolls!

Not cool.Not cool. Vegetarian trolls can't even make dick jokes, so it's really just a waste of time.

Comment Re:poker (Score 1) 221

Well, I know better than to go off based on a single response on the internet as well. Its too hard to get context.

After your clarification, yes- that's some good advice. Inside and outside of recovery, I've seen alot of people fall with internet gambling. And online cards is an easy way to kill some time. Add in a bit of money, and bad things always seem to happen.

I also see your advice was based on your experience. It looks like we both live full lives, and it is a nice thing to wish others the same thing.

It looks like we both came across wrong, and I was the one who took out alot of my frustration on you. I'm going through a hard time right now, and its easy to lash out at a stranger. I don't mean that as an excuse, just a sort of explanation that I'm not normally like that. My apologies, and I wish you the best.

Comment Re:Why use any hands? (Score 1) 221

Very cool information. I'm also epileptic, so I'm fairly familiar with EEG's (at least from having them done on me).

I've read that ECoG's are being tested in prosthesis, which is very cool. I would think that a less invasive alternative (BCI is one, correct?) would become available before "brain implants" would be offered to the general public. The challenge as I understand it is regarding the sensitivity of the sensors, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio. Is there alot of development in this area, or is it limited to NASA?

Comment Re: Ask Slashdot users aren't replying. (Score 1) 221

Ha! I appreciate the token of honor. I'm actually spending more time on my IPad, as it's much easier for one-handed typing. Also, I had to have surgery on both my arms 3 years ago while working on my MBA, so I had some decent practice. I'm trying to look at the bright side of things, so I'm glad I got the practice then, else I'd really be lost. :)

Thanks for the tips. Outside of another device, I think keyboard remapping will be the most useful. The number pad is close to the mouse, so I can map common keys there. My mouse has extra buttons, so I'll see if I can remap those.

Good talking to you!

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