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Comment Re:I find your lack of faith disturbing... (Score 1) 389

That is basically the God fallacy that many engineers fall into. You think because you wrote it, that it has no bugs, and that it's fully understood?

I find it can be highly instructive to run a debugger even on working code, that is not cludge code.

I generally find it doing all kinds of crazy, inefficient things that I probably could not have predicted, even if I'm the one that actually designed and coded it!

Humans are very, very bad at writing robust systems; we never understand our software fully.

Comment Re:Regulation (Score 3, Insightful) 168

As a rider, I don't give a fuck WHY it's cheaper for me. Cab companies here flat suck. I suffered permanent injury because of one stranding me, forcing me to walk several miles in bad conditions before Uber.

In general it's less than half what the cab companies charge here (south florida). Not counting tips.

Comment Doesn't ring true. (Score 2) 168

Now I normally take shorter rides, but I've never once seen the proposed/priced route be anything other than I would expect. The price has (unless I absolutely had to get a ride at peak) been anywhere near excessive.

I have had drivers (mostly Haitian cabbies moonlighting or trying to switch) that do not use the Uber provided guidance (or any at all since they're using their phone to talk to their families in Creole) and take typical cabbie routes instead (way too long for the trip). Those drivers get a 1 to get them out of the pool as fast as possible.

Comment Re:The solution is also a problem (Score 1) 208

Identity verification is not necessary for moderation. It is simply necessary to give new users a probation period during which their posts are invisible until cleared by a moderator. This -- and moderation in general -- is labor-intensive, but labor is the difference between a forum and a dumpster fire.

The echo chamber effect happens when moderation goes beyond preventing abusive and uncivil behavior. Most community moderation systems tend to fail in this way, especially on political blogs. There's an old saying about management that a fish rots from the head down, and this is just as true for moderators as it is for any other kind of management.

Maybe AI will eventually automate this but, for now, if you want a fair, unbiased forum full of polite, well-informed participants, you need human moderators with those same qualities putting in time and effort. It's not magic, but it is hard work, so we rarely see it.

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